Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who Sarah Palin Really Is

Thanks to Eric Dondero for posting a piece of mine at his site:

That must have been one amazing trip from Anchorage to Dayton. You leave good old "Northern Expousre" and, fly five hours with a baby (Trig) and a 7-year-old (Piper), and then when you land, the Secret Service is there to protect you. Only in America.

At 2 a.m. Friday, when Sharon in OK told me what was going on, it seemed like a dream, even an out-of-body experience.As you'll be hearing, Sarah became Govenor by defeating former Senator and then-Governor Frank Murkowski, in the primary. She then took on Democrat Tony Knowles, a former Governor, and beat him badly.

She started to get endorsements for V-P from: Les Kinsolving of WorldNetDaily, Fred Barnes of FOX, William Kristol of the The Weekly Standard, and from Jack Kelly in RealClear Politics. Bogger Emily Zanotti also gave an important endorsement..

Cindy Reidhead of our NoBama Blogger Group wrote an important piece called "Why Not New Mommy Palin for V-P?" Then, Lawrence Kudlow on CNBC endorsed her. She and McCain apparently had one or more secret meetings. Then, McCain's vetter Arthtur Culvahouse was spotted in Anchorage. Sarah said innocently that she had merely "sent some paperwork" to Washington, DC.

The Palins are NOT well-off, unlike almost anybody else that's run for Presdient or V-P in modern times. They are one of the first truly middle-class families to be in this position.

Trig Palin, the baby: Sarah was delivering a keynote speech in Texas, and she started to go into early labor. She finished the speech. Then, she hopped on a plane to get back to Alaska. She made it barely and give birth to her son in Anchorage.

After Trig was born, she issued a press release that began, "God has blessed us . . ." She doesn't mention "God" much or really talk about her religious faith, but the God has blessed us remark is who the Palins are.

She and her husband seem to believe intensely that things happen in life for a reason, although sometimes we're darned if we can figure out what it is. She and Todd had Trig because that was in fact their choice. It was a choice informed by their beliefs regarding what life is all about.

One reason libertarians like her so much is that, in the Alaskan way, she believes strongly in providing people the liberty to make their own choices and conduct their own lifestyles. It's certainly not her style to go around berating people who disagree with her.

Yeah, she is SuperMom, but she has a tremendous support system from her husband, her parents, her sister, her husband's family, and her older children. Like many Alaskans, she and her husband go fishing. How else are you supposed to have enough fish for the winter? Like most Alaskans, she loves hunting.

Guns are not an issue in Alaska. Heck, they're not an issue in PA either. Everybody has one (except me).

She has made statements (you'll see them soon) about life and the purpose of life that are profound. She believes that politicians who go along to get along and cut moral corners are in violation of any sound ethical code. [More about that tomorrow]

She has been to Kuwait to visit soldiers there, and she's in charge of the Alaska National Guard. She's an expert on energy and a strong proponent of drilling in ANWR.

Unlike almost any other political figure, she sees American military life from the perspective of a soldier's mom.


Lord of Logic said...

Are you kidding? I would conceder this an insult. Of all the republican candidates that McCain a cancer ridden, bodily abused 72 (oldest man ever nominated for election.) could have chose, he chouse Palin. She has never put a thought into healthcare, couldn't find Georgia (the country or the state) on a map, Was "Miss Congeniality” for Alaska, and is for big business, pro-life and pro-gun. She has a 3 month old Down syndrome child. I don't know if you have kids, but at 3 months, all that I worry about is a bowel movement. Outside of that the world could have come to an end and I would have known it.

Do you really think she knows what it is like to be a single mom in the inner city? The fact that she has never been there is apt to make her decision based on the facts as she knows them. “I did it, so everybody else should be able to.”

This should be an insult. This is what he thinks of Hillary and her supporters? She can be replaced with a air headed bimbo with secretarial, oops I am sorry "executive experience"? Is this really the person you want to stand up to King Abdullah who we just gave 20 billion dollars in arms to? Is she really gat the gumption to stand up to people like Hummus at the negotiating table? Are people so jaded that you are willing to risk your families lives at a time when only 3 weeks ago people were talking about possible WWIII, in the hands of a cheerleader?

America is starting to really scare me.

stamptherapy said...

Question: Why have I not heard one media report on ANY station mention that Nancy Pelosi has 5 children? Yes, I know they're all grown now. But she's been in politics since 1977... Why has this not been brought up?