Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bill Clinton Backing John McCain?

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Bulletin: Rasmussen: McCain Trusted More Than Obama On 9 Out of 14 Electoral Issues And the tide continues to turn . . .

I have a report from a credible source that Bill Clinton at the end of the Democratic primaries was talking enthusiastically about "President McCain." I'm trying to get permission to reprint the material I received. The problem is that it could possibly compromise a political operative who's now working hard to defeat Obama . That's all I can say right now, but I'm sure there will be more in the coming days.

Frankly, as part of an Obama Campaign strategy, Bill Clinton's reputation was serious tarnished in the Democratic Primaries. He obviously wants to speak his mind on that subject. Holding him up on doing so is his desire not to anger the current poohbahs (Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi, and others) in the Party. Frankly, Bill needs to stop pretending that all is well in the Democratic Party. (He might start by scrolling down and reading my piece about how the historic Democratic Party no longer exists.)

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Bill Clinton has said that Obama -- and the Obama Campaign -- used the "race card" against him. He's also suggested they used it against his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In that assessment, the former President is right on target. Obama is now obviously trying to use race against John McCain -- the remarks about his [Black] face on the currency being the latest example. The Obama Campaign has long been trying to spread the idea that a vote against him is a vote for racism -- something they believe will scare Democrats into voting for Party rather than country.

It's time -- and it's almost past time -- for Bill and Hillary to step up to the plate. They need to renounce Barack Obama before the Denver Convention. Bill has said he'll be ready to speak out on November 5. That may be too late. Bill needs to speak NOW from his heart and head.


Hillary would be shunned by the Party if she came out against Obama. Many years ago John F. Kennedy wrote a book (with Ted Sorensen) called "Profiles in Courage." I want HRC and WJC to earn a place in such a future book.

My argument has always been that there the Party of FDR, JFK, and HST does not exist anymore. Of course, Harry Truman knew that by going into Korea to stop the North's invasion that he would be vilified and probably could not win re-election in 1952, by which time not 4,000 American had been killed, but rather 50,000.In 1952, Truman's "approval rating" was much lower than Bush's is now. The nuns at my elementary schools made an (unprecedented) announcement that President Truman would not run again.

As for Roosevelt, he came near to risking impeachmnet by going against Congress to assist Great Britain prior to Pearl Harbor. It is now the Party of Donna Brazile, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Claire McCaskill, John Kerry, Robert Casey, Harry Reid, Richard Durbin, and Barack H. Obama.

There is not some other idealized, Platonic (Democratic) Party that exists apart from such people. Right now, it is able to do harm -- as in blocking any sort of decent energy policy -- but it is not yet able to dominate every aspect of American society. That will of course change if Barack H. Obama is elected President and then of course re-elected by an increasingly dependent society in 2012. "I would rather lose an election than lose a war." (John McCain)

I believe there some Democrats -- Mary Landieu of La is one, Joe Lieberman of CT is another -- who would say something similar (not on the War perhaps but on anything), yet there are not enough.

Some of my dear friends in Beaver County (pro-life, pro-God, pro-guns, the ones Obama despises) are preparing to vote for a candidate because he -- Obama -- is "the Democrat." They persist in the illusion that the Party of JFK still exists. It doesn't, and it shows no signs of reappearing.

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