Saturday, August 2, 2008

Obama Uses Mind Control, Hypnosis

Obama on way to Denver's Invesco Field to accept the Democratic nomination for POTUS -- Also, see C4M BTR button on sidebar to right. Click on it to hear Saturday's (yesterday's) provocative radio show.

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What are the nasty, hidden tricks politicians will use to get your vote?
Blog Talk Radio, Clintons 4 McCain
August 2, 2008: 5 PM EST

Think you'll cast your vote in November based on careful review of theissues? Think again! Chances are, you've already been influenced by mind control tricks the cagey candidates have
used to snag your vote!

Clintons4McCain Invites mind control expert Dr. Will Horton to reveal: what a candidate's hand gestures really mean, how politicians use hypnosis during their speeches, how to know which office seeker is telling the truth, and how to keep from falling under Obama's spell.

Also, Find out who the Man Behind the Mask really is... Andy Martin asks whether the Washington Post was "duped" by the Obama campaign. Was Danielle Allen violating federal law by using tax-exempt facilities to do Obama campaign research? What are Allen's links to Obama and his campaign? The Washington Post is silent on these critical questions.

ANDY MARTIN Executive Editor of He's on both Blogspot and WordPress.

Steve's note: I'll write more about the program, which I'll co-host, later today (Saturday)

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GenerosityMarketing said...

yes mind control and hypnosis would really indicate a candidate that has no respect for Americans and did not trust them to make up their own minds.

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