Sunday, June 29, 2008

President Palin? Obama a Loser

Hi, I'll have a new column up here Wednesday evening. In the meantime, I hope you'll visit my national blogs (1, and 2,, which will have material up about the woman, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who could just become America's first female President. There's a possibility -- and not just a slim one -- that she could run in 2012 against Sen. Hillary Clinton for the nation's top office.

This blog is a proud member of the Nobama Network and strongly supports PUMA ("Party Unity My A-s") in all its activities. I am not financially compensated or instructed by any politician or Party. I encourage all Americans who love their country to support Sen. John McCain for POTUS.

An active duty military person sent the above comparative graphic -- a devastating one -- to Larry Johnson, an expert on military matters and security, who blogs at: I urge you to acquaint yourself with Larry's online work; he's as good as it gets. Beneath this paragraph I have an excerpt from Larry's column entitled "Barack Obama Folds on General Clark." On my other blogs today I'll be talking about Gov. Kathleen Sibelius' ridiculous comment that people who call Obama "inexperienced" or "too liberal" are using code words for racism. Kathleen, that dog won't hunt anymore.

Kathleen, Obama is not only inexperienced and wildly liberal, it is he who is the racist. As Larry Johnson says in the following graph, Obama is also a coward -- a man who kicks his surrogates under the bus when it's to his political advantage.

"Judging from Barack’s behavior in the aftermath of [General Clark's] comments [critical of McCain] Clark may be having second thoughts. The North Vietnamese tortured John McCain for years but he resisted until he was physically broken and scarred for life. What did it take to make Barack crack? Some pointed criticism from Republicans. Barack was not hung by his arms and beaten by bamboo. Nonetheless, in a quintessential display of cowardice as a leader, he sold out Wesley Clark. Note to Clark–nice try General, but it is time to realize that Barack does not stand and take the fire. He cuts and runs. He is a coward. "

The following comments are from yesterday's column:
The McCain Campaign, as I learned today (Sunday) on a conference call consisting of 80 groups backing Hillary Clinton (and a handful of GOP activists, including me), is making major efforts to reach out to Hillary Supporters. These Hillaryites and friends share a common goal: exposing and defeating Barack Obama.

[Major Bulletin: On my national blog ( I take about a major effort under by thugs from the Obama Campaign to suppress free speech on the Internet, particularly by shutting down blogs critical of Sen. Obama. I hope you'll visit the site and take action against this threat to American's rights and values. The Obama Campaign apparently will stop at nothing to get their candidate elected.]

The effort is generating national -- and even international -- publicity. Some of the most significant activists in American politics participated in the Conference Call.

The McCain Camp has its most senior campaign people, including Carly Fiorina (a possible V-P choice) talking -- and mainly listening -- to Hillary Supporters. I've said on this blog that wthout significant support from them, there will be no victory, and I believe that's also John's view.

Today on the call, the head of Women for Fair Politics said that she feared "the train (the possible nomination of HRC) had left the station. She also said she hoped everyone would do what, in their own hearts and minds, is the right thing. She noted, in essence, that will be different strokes for different folks.

The Group on the conference call all pledged to help Mrs. Clinton to pay off her campaign debt (more about that later). The goal is to get her out from under the thumb of creditors and Barack Obama.

The moderator of the call was Cristi Adkins, an activist and media guru, who should be writing soon about today's activities on the following web site: I'll have up soon other web sites and e-mail addresses you can use in this "JustSayNoBama" effort.

I'll write more about today's striking developments tomorrow morning (Monday). Please scroll down to read Betty Jean Kling's heartfelt letter to Senator Clinton. Betty Jean was very much a strong presence on today's conference call.

Speaking Truth to Hillary Supporters

It's now put-up-or-shut-up time for Hillary Supporters for McCain. Visitors will want to scroll down to see the previous column, which focuses on Betty Jean Kling's powerful letter basically denouning Sen. Clinton for her "Unity' message. It's worth reading.

Tell us, Hillary, which one is it: Country or Party?

We hear a lot about "talking truth" to power. Well, I've been talking truth to (some) Hillary Supporters that want to rationalize Mrs. Clinton's recent "Unity" Speech strongly endorsing Barack Obama. The Hillary Supporters I'm referring are ones who don't want Obama to gain the presidency.
Few of them believe Hillary really wants Obama to win. They believe she wants to run again for the presidency in 2012 or perhaps 2016. A few of them believe (fear?) that Sen. Clinton is angling for the vice-presidential nomination.
The defense of Hillary is that she did it to preserve her political career. Some of the rationalizers say she did it as a way to reduce her huge campaign debt (in excess of $20 million). My response was that for a family with the vast wealth of the Clintons was "pocket change."
A phrase you may hear a lot is that she "did it with a gun to her head." If you "Google" the words "gun to her head," my guess is you will soon find tens of thousands of hits. Actually, the "gun" was, if anything, imaginary -- all in Hilary's head.
Betty Jean Kling, perhaps the staunchest Hillary Backer during the primaries, doesn't agree with any of the rationalizations. She wrote a passionate letter comparing Hillary's "Unity" message with the actions of Rosa Parks, who refused to go to "the back of the bus." I agree completely with Betty Jean's sharp criticism of Sen. Clinton.You can read herexcellent e-mail by scrolling down one column.
Here's what I wrote today on one of the Hillary sites (ClintonDemsAgainstObama on Yahoo): Betty Jean, as a teacher of modern English literature, I used to quote the poet T. S. Eliot who said, "Humankind cannot bear very much reality." I thought I knew what he meant, but now I'm certain I do.
It is NOT a justification to say, "Well, she did it for her career!"
Let me be very blunt, please: When our favorite Senator from Arizona became a co-sponsor of Kennedy-McCain on comprehensive immigration reform, he alienated powerful forces in his Party. He risked his career and almost ruined it. He has done the same thing many times -- and years ago (in the Veitnam War era) he made choices that risked his life and sanity.
That is what a leader does. He (or she) leads. When someone puts a gun to their heads, they resist. They don't fold like a two-dollar tent.
My mother, now long-deceased once told me, "Steve, your standards are much too high." Maybe they are, but I hope not. She was trying to prepare me for life in a world where most people -- but not all --are thoroughly self-serving (but will not admit as much).

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hillary Breaks Supporters Hearts

I'll clean this up later, but it's a powerful statement from Betty Jean about the sense of betrayal many Hillary Supporters feel about Sen. Clinton's so-called "Unity Speech";

Hillary Supporters 6/28/08
Free US Now

Rosa Parks risked her life but would not move to the back of the bus. So Hell No Hillary - We won't Go NOBAMA!I imagine this letter is going to rile a few readers - so be it - perhaps it needs to be said - If I lose a few - I lose a few- But I thought we were in this for the real deal not for a party not for a person but for Democracy and for fairness.

I have posted Our Mission at the bottom of every newsletter and I believe what I have written below fits appropriately within that mission statement -- it is an open letter to Hillary Clinton's Director of Women's Outreach. We have been in contact for some time and I have been very candid about my opinions that while I support Hillary, our mission is for democracy above any candidate or party our allegience is to our country.. Free US Now

E-mail sent to:
Dana E. Singiser
Director of Women's Outreach
Hillary Clinton for President
Cell: 202-297-7588

Dear Dana Singiser,

Hillary was my hero, she promised to fight for what was right. I thought she was our Rosa Parks who risked her life but would not move to the back of the bus. What in the world is Hillary allowing herself to be used for? Have you no idea how many women are hysterical today? Have you no idea how far back this puts our cause? How many of us have visualized ourselves stronger because she fought for us and can not believe what we saw and heard today?

What an insult to our intelligence to stand there and try to sell us the notion that because of her – women can do anything? ANYTHING? Just what anything is that? Run strong, win more votes but be forced out but the good old boys (and don't bother to try and sell us the fair election story- we are not that stupid) then grovel at the feet of a lesser candidate for money and for the party that all but destroyed her and now expects her be made to look the fool in front of the whole world?

My God what has happened to the woman we believed in? How can anyone expect us to stick with her now? How can anyone expect us to believe in her now? We the women she gave hope to and the men who admired her were all set to pay her debt in full on July 4th. ! We would have paid the total bill in one day!

And for (2) $2300.00 checks she kissed his ring in front of the whole world. Tell me is he going to be expecting her to kiss it weekly while he doles out payments over the course of the next few months ?

This is where we part ways Dana, She was going to fight to the bitter end but yesterday's show in Unity NH show was disgraceful. All those supporters in the audience did not fool the rest of us at all watching in horror at home. We know what we feel and how badly this hurt us and humiliated us as proud women who watched our hero reduced to a common abused women following three steps behind her man because she believes has no where else to go! How sad.

If you are still in charge of Woman's outreach I must tell you this is one hell of a way to reach out to women, since when is it ok to pimp out our first viable female candidate for a primary debt and for a party that sold her out? This was the worst possible message Hillary could have sent women of any age and I would be ashamed to have my young daughter see that spectacle today.

I can not help but wonder how Chelsea feels inside?Shame on the DNC, shame on her friends including Lanny, Harold and her family but the greatest shame today belongs to Hillary herself. Why go that far only to completely dissolve into nothing more than a battered woman?

Forgive me Hillary for being harsh on you today but this sets our movement back seriously and we can not falter and we do thank you for that part of the speech that reminds us to go on with out you. Free US Now

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Communist China For Obama?

Tonight about 8 p.m. ET I'll put up a new column titled: "Hillary Broke Supporters' Hearts," about her so-called "Unity" speech in New Hampshire. It will feature a letter from one of Hillary's strongest supporters basically breaking ties with Mrs. Clinton. What I recently said about the Senator's Unity remarks is this: "She basically tried to establish an 'alternative universe," where everything her Supporters had seen, heard, and learned over the last 18 months ceased to exist." I hope you'll come back to see the column. (I only have two hands and two arms and both are very tired now.)

The material about Communist China rooting for Obama -- and the call for donations to John McCain appeared on one of the best sites on the Internet: It's a site with nearly 1700 members (and perhaps 10,000 visitors per day), and it's an essential part of the NoBama! Network. I have urged everyone who supports John McCain to join and participate in this organization. They're former supporters of Sen. Clinton who now strongly back Senator McCain. Their material is hard-hitting, as you'll see below. [On my national blog as of 4 p.m. Friday (ET), I have a piece about life for a Republican (me) among the Hillary backers. It's called "Hugged a Hillary Supporter Today?:" and it's at:]

Communist China Protecting Obama

Add to the list of people who love Obama -- the despotic, Communist regime of China.
We received information which we verified that the Chinese government has our site, and several other NOBAMA-type websites, blocked in their country. That's right, the despotic communist regime there in China doesn't want its people reading what we write here.

They love Obama and all far-left people such as his buddy George Soros, because they represent what China and all other enemies of this country hope is the future of America -- despotism and total government control over the lives of the populace.

It's easy to see why, with today's extreme-leftist Democrat party leadership trying to re-install the "fairness doctrine" in media, installing their anointed, empty-suit puppet nominee over the will and the votes of the people, doing all they can to hinder and cripple business and commerce, and chomping at the bit to raise taxes all they possibly can, to promote economic enslavement of Americans.

We wonder if Obama gave China and other countries a call, asking that our site and ones like it be blocked. We use stat-tracker here, and there's never been a hit from China recorded. How DID they find out about us? Who informed them of our content since clearly no one IN China has ever read the site? Well, we consider it a high honor that the Chinese government saw fit to block little ole us -- the mouse to their terrified, trembling, massive, all-powerful elephant that the rest of the world is afraid of -- and we invite other cowardly despotic and terrorist regimes to follow suit!

You're seeing in this the future of our country folks, if we allow Obama and ones of his ilk to have power. They must be stopped, while we still can. Vote McCain come November. Defeat evil in our time.

Rain for McCain -- July 4

We encourage all readers to send donations to the McCain campaign on July 4th for the "Rain for McCain" event. Make your donation with 44 cents on the end to show you're a Clinton supporter for McCain. Whether it be just 44 cents, $5.44, $100.44, whatever amount you choose will be appreciated. Let's make an early showing of our voting power and help Senator McCain defeat Obama. BHO will have dead people, nonexistent people, minors and people voting multiple times counted come November. McCain doesn't need fraudulent votes -- Just say Nobama! Tell your friends, family members, co-workers, Rain for McCain day is July 4th! Click >here< to donate and let your voice be heard.

Steve Adds: Congratulations to Cristi Adkins and others at Clintons for McCain for being political grown-ups who are thinking first and foremost about protecting their country.

Obama: Creating Racial Divides

In Obama's latest campaign ad directed toward white voters (he already has the Black vote), he says of his grandfather (someone he once called a man who "never saw combat") and grandmother (whom he once called a "typical white person") and mother (whose race he began to keep secret): "They taught me values straight out of the Kansas [i.e., almost all white] heartland." That was the heartland presumably where, in his autobiography's words, "the farm boys stank like pigs." His mother, Anna Dunham, was an athiest whose main goal in life was to have as little to do with Kansas as possible. C'mon Barack, we read your book (Dreams From My Father), so tell us how you really feel -- or do we have to rely on Michelle for that?

In my daily forays into the large portion of America dominated by Hillary Clinton Supporters who now lean toward John McCain or outright support him for President, I've discovered a sad reality. The Obama-bots are describing the Hillary-ites as racists. The point seems to be that no one could support McCain for other than racial reasons.

In my humble opinion, Barack Obama (and his wife) have consistently made statements that are racist. When Obama called his grandmother -- now featured in ads in mostly white areas -- "a typical white person," he was making a racist statement.

If John McCain had ever called someone "a typical Black person," media types would be engaging in non-stop primal screams.

Of course, some leftists will proclaim that a Black person (or a mixed-race person like Obama) cannot be racist. That's a designation they would restrict to white people.

In fact, a racist illustrates various behaviors. The main one is that he or she generalizes about people of one race in such as way as to denigrate them. Calling anyone "a typical white person" would qualify, as would many other statements Obama has made.
On my Hillary Supporters for McCain web site on Tuesday (scroll down) I cited many statements Obama has made that I would classify as either racist or otherwise highly offensive. If there's another way to interpret them, I'd love to hear it.

In recent mailings from the McCain Campaign, I see a willingness to take the gloves off when it comes to Obama's falsehoods and misrpresenations. On FOX the other day, former PA Gov. Tom Ridge (McCain Supporter) showed a willingness to beat Tom Daschle (Obama Supporter) like a rented mule.

I believe Obama, following the lead of racial politics guru David Axelrod, is very willing to play the race card. In fact, he's willing to throw every card in the deck at McCain and his supporters.

For example, in his comments about Pennsylvanians being a bunch of gun-toting religious fanatics consumed by intolerance, it should have ended his campaign. Why didn't it?
Nearly half the Democrats voting in PA, WV, and KY believed Obama shared some or all the views of Rev. Wright.

Does he? Perhaps some of our "courageous" journalists who look at the Illinois Senator with such adoration should ask him.

Frankly, it's time for a free press to stop giving Obama a free pass. When he makes outrageous comments unworthy of a serious presidential candidate, he should be condemned.

And the American people should ask: what is such a deeply flawed human being doing running for President?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama's Deceiftul New Commercial

Barack Obama keeps telling (Black) audiences that his being "Black" is a disadvantage. In fact, Obama is a man of mixed-race, white and Black, and he uses that fact creatively: he campaigns as a Black in Black areas . . . and as a white (showing lots of pictures of his white relatives) in white areas. It's a fascinating, if ultimately deceitful and dishonest, approach. Read on.

In Obama's latest campaign ad directed toward white voters (he already has the Black vote), he says of his grandfather ("never saw combat") and grandmother ("typical white person") and mother (whose race he began to keep secret): "They taught me values straight out of the Kansas [i.e., almost all white] heartland." That was the heartland presumably where, in his autobiography's words, "the farm boys stank like pigs." His mother, Anna Dunham, was an athiest whose main goal in life was to have as little to do with Kansas as possible. C'mon Barack, we read your book (Dreams From My Father), so tell us how you really feel -- or do we have to rely on Michelle for that?

Barack Obama's Solution to the Problem of High Gas Prices . . .

"I have a lifetime of experience. Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience. Barack Obama has a speech [against the Iraq War] he delivered in 2002." (Senator Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Primaries)

Many years ago, an author named Robert Musil wrote a book called "The Man Without Qualities." It might as well have been about Barack Obama. He has no real legislative record, so he feels called upon to invent one.

The following is from National Review Online:

"Barack Obama released his first general election ad on Friday... It’s a well made ad, but it also offers an example of the kind of brazen padding of the resume that Obama will inevitably need to engage in, and which will carry serious risks for him.

"About 46 seconds into the ad, we are told that Obama 'passed laws' that 'extended healthcare for wounded troops who’d been neglected,' and in the usual manner of these political commercials we are given a little citation at the bottom.

"The citation reads 'Public Law 110-181 1/28/08.' That law is the only federal legislation cited in the ad — the other two items mentioned were from the Illinois legislature and referred to otherissues raised in the ad."Public Law 110-181 was the 2008 defense authorization bill.

"It passed the Senate by 91 to 3 in January, with six Senators not voting.

"Among those six absentees was Barack Obama. So he cites a bill he didn’t even vote for."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama's Rhetoric of Racism

Barack Obama and his pastor of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright

The national media wants to have it both ways with Obama. They want to portray him as the consummate political wordsmith, but they also regularly insist that "he didn't mean what he said." Obama has made some of most racially incendiary comments ever heard in modern American politics.

"We need more white people!" The words of an Obama campaign event organizer callling for a better racial mix of the people placed behind the candidate at a CMU rally in Pittsburgh.

The following quotes are both from Obama's campaign and his first autobiography, Dreams From My Father. The quotes all appear in an important web site: If John McCain had made any statements remotely resembling the following, his campaign would have imploded. It's sad but true: the national media generally give Obama a free pass. The statements that follow are Barack Obama in his own words:

"My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join me as we try to change it."

Barack, that's just what most of us fear you will do.

"I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites."

But Barack, why is it okay to start ingratiating yourself with whites during the presidential election?

"I found solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s [white] race."

Barack, there are probably many better ways to find "solace" than by becoming an ardent racist.

"To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists."

Barack, I don't know exactly what "structural feminists" are, but I bet one of them was Michelle. Perhaps if you'd known a few more white people, you won't be so awkward now in soliciting their votes.

"I learned to slip back and forth between my black and white worlds. One of those tricks I had learned: People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied; they were relieved -- such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn't seem angry all the time."

Barack, being courteous and well-mannered are not usually thought of as bad things

"I had learned not to care. I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years. Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though. ..."

"...I've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby."

Barack, believe it or not many people regard having a baby as a blessing -- not a "punishment." Are the "values and morals" you'll teach your daughters the ones you learned in 20 years of attendance at Rev. Wright's church?

"I can no more disown (Jeremiah Wright) than I can disown the black community." --UPDATE: Barack Obama decides to "disown" him on Tuesday, April 29th after he realized his campaign was in severe turmoil due to his association with Mr. Wright.

Barack, dissociating yourself from a single Black racist and America-hater is not the same thing as disowning "the black community."

"The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn't. But she is a typical white person..."

Barack, isn't this same white grandmother you're now featuring in commercials designed to attract white voters? Also, what is "a typical white person" like?

"That’s just how white folks will do you."

Barack, what is it that distinguishes "white folks" from Black folks? Isn't it just your tendency to use racial stereotypes?

"You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Barack, if someone -- say John McCain -- made similar comments about Black people in America's inner cities, what would your response be?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama: Racist in Word/Deed

Anything people are looking for in terms of Hillary Supporters and John McCain, they can find here. My latest effort -- below -- is about Obama's blatant use of race -- his and others' -- in search of votes. Read on . . . and please tell your friends and family about this site, which was really the first one up and running on the subject of Hillary Supporters for John McCain. On my Pennsylvania blog (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday), I'll be writing about a woman -- Deborah Honeycutt -- who could be not only the nation's first female President but also the first Black President. Thanks for visiting.

"The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn't. But she is a typical white person..." (Obama in Dreams From My Father) This is the same grandmother Obama is using in commercials to solicit white votes. This is not a good man. The father who abandoned him and his mother become more important than the grandmother who never did.

Obama giving the fish-eye to a fellow Chicago politician (Jesse Jackson)

You bet your bippy he is. David Axelrod, Obama's campaign manager, has become legendary for using the race card whenever it will give him political advantage. Candidate Obama himself -- a man of mixed-parentage -- uses race regularly when it helps his cause.

In his current commercials -- directed toward white voters in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio -- Obama shows a picture of himself as a young man with his white grandparents. Those are the same grandparents he makes fun of his first autobiography (he has two), Dreams From My Father.

In commercials and campaign speeches, he salutes the grandfather as a man who "served in Patton's army." In Dreams, however, he dismisses grandpa as "someone who never saw combat." His grandmother -- now 85 and appearing in at least one commercial to help establish Obama's Caucasian roots -- he slurs in the book as "a typical white person."

When the grandmother was accosted by a large Black man demanding money, Obama acts as if it were her fault.

That's the same grandmother he referred to in his Philadelphia speech on "race," surely one of the emptiest political statements made in our lifetime. He implied at the time that his grandmother had been perhaps as racially insensitive as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He said he could no more "disown" the race-baiting, America-hating preacher than he could his "own grandmother."

Later, of course, he did disown Wright for "disrespecting" him -- Obama! The disrespect for the nation and for Senator Clinton apparently didn't matter.

In the current commercial -- the one aimed at white people who voted mainly for Hillary -- he talks about what a "loving" family his grandparents and (Caucasian) mother were. Apparently, he wants to have it both ways.

Obama won the Democratic primaries in states like South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana almost exclusively because he was Black. In those states, large proportions of the Democratic electorate, and Obama got roughly 90% of their votes. That happened even though Mrs. Clinton has a long record of championing Black causes.

When Geraldine Ferraro raised such facts, she was maligned by Obama's surrogates and his media sycophants as a racist. Her reputation as a civil-rights champion was ignored. Her reputation remains in tatters.

Now that Obama has the nation's Black vote in his pocket, he's becoming -- at least metaphorically -- a lot "whiter." The comic, supposedly insensitive grandparents re-emerge as symbols of his connections to the white world. His previously volatile wife, Michelle, who wasn't proud of her cuntry, has now re-surfaced as a Black version of Laura Bush. The next time we see her on TV this formerly militant Black woman probably will be baking cookies.

At the same time, Obama's online wrecking crew is going around calliing McCain supporters racist. After all, what reasons other than race could they (we) have for not supporting "St. Barack?"

On Clintons4McCain, an organization I've urged all McCain supporters to join, Cristi Adkins, one of the founders, talks today about the charges against her organization. Here's what Cristi, a true heroine of political decency, says:

"[At Clintons4McCain] we're . . . getting emails asserting that the only reason anyone WOULD vote for McCain is because they're racist. . . . [Such] questions/statements have the same source -- blind partisanship and built in excuse-making and blame-shifting. Both assume simple motives, and both assume everyone's a puppet, parrot-robot like the writers of these emails obviously are."

This is not going to be a "fun" campaign. Obama and his surrogates are going to do more than play the "race card." They're going to unleash every card in the deck. As they did with Hillary Clinton in the primary, they'll going to hurl great loads of mud at McCain and his supporters. Obama will continue to be either white -- or Black -- depending on his immediate political goals.

I'm ready, and I hope you are also. Obama and his racial game-playing must be defeated.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama: Larry Sinclair Scandal Brewing

Questions: (1) Why are Hillary Supporters Angry? (2) What is the significance of the Larry Sinclair press conference about Obama's drug use and sexual proclivities?

Answers: (1) They're angry because Howard Dean and the national Democrats stole the nomination. (2) As for Larry Sinclair, he is absoutely Barack Obama's worst nightmare. (See the columns below)

Who is the woman pictured? She's Deborah Travis Honeycutt, M.D., a GOP candidate for Congress in Georgia. Many people are starting to believe she'll be both the first Black President and the first female President. A "two-fer." I'll be writing about her on my Pennsylvania blog Saturday and Sunday. She has already raised a whopping $2 million-plus for her campaign. You go gal!

Note: Thanks to the more than 2,000 people who have visited this site since it started operating in early May. It will be operating until at least Nov. 5 (the day after the election -- and probably longer. I hope you all keep coming back. :-) Do I believe Larry Sinclair? Given Obama's track record (imaginary uncles and the like), Sinclair may very well be the more truthful of the two.

On my Pennsylvania blog Friday night I put up a column entitled "Democrats' Gas Prices Destroying America." Frankly, it's time to take off the gloves on the gasoline crisis. Please visit.

I do hard-hitting commentary on political issues and figures. I don’t do smear tactics.

However, The “Larry Sinclair” story has been brewing for some time. Basically, Sinclair, an “out’ gay man, claimed he snorted cocaine with Barack Obama in 1999 and also performed oral sex on him.

(Obama has stated he hasn’t “done drugs” since his school days. His admission of cocaine (“blow”) use in his autobiography is widely seen as a preemptive strike to deflect criticisms during the presidential campaign.)

Cristi Adkins, one of the founders of the Hillary Supporters for John McCain movement – a large and growing one – covered the recent Larry Sinclair press conference in Chicago. It’s the main posting on, and you can read about the details there. Onliners are flocking to the site and the story.

Yes, Larry Sinclair is a sleaze. But ultimately his story doesn’t have to be one of those “he said, he said” deals. What he says is either false, true, or partially true. But in today’s world, we really can’t rely on the national media – or even the Chicago media – to help us make a determination.

I asked several online friends whether I should refer to the Sinclair story at all. One – Cindy in New Mexico – said essentially, “Go with it.” Another friend (Mary, below) had a complex answer, which I reprint.

On a fine blog – – Kathy from Georgia is also wrestling about what to do with the Sinclair story. Her response is understandable. It’s a sordid story, so she mentions it without going into detail.

However, I also have a hunch this is a story that won’t go away. One reason it won’t is that Barack Obama remains “the man about whom we know almost nothing.” Forexample, does Obama share the views of Rev. Wright, which many Democrats believe? How can we know with any certainty. Has Obama used hard drugs during the past decade? Search me.

My friend Mary M., a Californian and brilliant critic of Obama, sent me the following assessment of the Sinclair story

I [have] watched almost all [the Sinclair charges]. Most of this has been around more than once. One thing that bothers me and why I will not spread it around is the ack of supporting evidence. I, personally, have all the evidence I need to know beyond a thread [of doubt] that I will NEVER vote for Barack Obama.

I'm not a politician but think it is unwise to put too much emphasis on what looks like smears (fellatio, etc) when there is ample blatant evidence right out of his mouth to not want him in the Whitehouse. I was not a supporter of Clinton either but did not have the visceral reaction I do with Obama.

[In politics], I am more faith based and as a Conservative my political views are mostly shaped by my Conservative Catholic faith. Contrary to what MSM and my fellow Californians would believe I do “vote Catholic.” In recent years that does favor the Republican Party but not always. Here in CA they're all a bunch a bums!!!

Perhaps in time people who are in the know and have the investigative resources will uncover some great misdoing such as Larry Sinclair claims. It is risky business given the Obama back alley machine. I know he talked openly about using cocaine in his own book (so the MSM says - I haven't read it).

What he may have done while under the influence is less impressive to me than what he has already done clean and sober in the Senate. I also believe that there is a very big and powerful force propelling Obama and selling him [so he can] carry the American people down the river to drown us in one big cesspool.

There is more than politics as usual at play here. Change is in the making for sure, just like sudden death - a real change of sorts.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama Scandal Brewing?

Note: Cristi Adkins is a media guru and a founder of the Hillary Supporters for McCain. She blogs -- and rabble rouses -- at She attended the press conference by Larry Sinclair, a man who makes truly explosive charges about Barack Obama. You can read Cristi's take at Clintons for McCain. Currently, I'm "agnostic" on Larry Sinclair. He may be lying. He may be telling the truth. Or he may be doing some of both.

What kind of people visit here? People who enjoy Clinton4McCain, JustSayNoDeal, ClintonDems, Swingcrats,, and a whole host of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Hillary Supporters for McCain is a large and growing phenomenon.

Me, Myself, and I -- very much at home in Pennsylvania's Beaver County, which on April 22 voted for Hillary Clinton by a margin of 28,000 to 12,000.

The following is the start of a column that appears today (Thursday) on my national blogs: and If you're interested in an extremely candid take on the many red-hot congressional races in PA, you can find a column on said subject at: Most of the people who visit these sites are either not know or little known. I think about you all a great deal and value your "company." The excerpt that follow is part of "The Conscience of a Conservative."

A liberal reader of mine from eastern PA (I live in western PA) wrote me a long, mostly autobiographical e-mail asking why I -- living in a supposedly semi-distressed area of Beaver County -- believed generally in conservative principles. He (?) also asked me if I voted for GWB and Rick Santorum (our former Republican Senator). I replied at length, focusing mainly on why I oppose Obama and support McCain. In case you've been wondering about similar things, here's my reply [go to one of the above sites if you want to read it].

The moment I liked best in the Democratic Primary occurred during the Pennsylvania Primary -- but it occurred in Crown Point, Indiana. It was when she hat a "shot-and-a-beer" at a bar full of . . . shot-and-beer drinkers. Yes, it was a classic political act, but -- like many Rust Belt residents -- I loved it. It's not an outrage for politicians to do political things.

Was anyone amazed when Barack Obama took a shot at a favorite Rust Belt sport: bowling? And was anyone surprised when he rolled a gutter ball? To most of us in Pennsylvania, he's a gutter-ball kind of guy. If Hillary had tried it, God would have smiled on her, and the result would have been a strike.

People who have disagreed with Mrs. Clinton politically for 20 years or so grew to respect her capacity to campaign in what was clearly a hopeless effort. She soldiered on when lesser being would have quit. Dennis Milller admiringly compared her to a Monty Python scene, saying, "If you lop off her arms and legs, she'll keep coming at you, using the muscles in her belly button."

Being a good President (or perhaps a good-anything) requires toughness. John McCain is tough, as proven by his surviving five miserable years in a Vietnamese prison camp. Hillary Clinton is tough (as John McCain recognized). Barack Obama? He's a classic wuss, a person capable of rationalizing nearly everything (including Rev. Wright).

As the Iraq War has faded as an issue -- mainly because the U.S. is winning -- we tend to forget the early days of the Democratic campaign. Sen. Clinton was under attack for not "apologizing" for her vote authorizing the use of force in Iraq. Senator John Edwards, "the Haircut Man," quickly apologized for his vote, although he never apologized for irritating us every four years.

Senator Clinton never apologized. Why? I believe it was because she didn't feel she had done anything she needed to regret. One of the reasons she lost the nomination was that Obama was relentlessly demagogic in his use of the War Issue against Mrs. Clinton.

At the end of the Democratic "primary season," I still disagreed with Hillary Clinton on many of the issues. But like so many members of what she once called "The vast right-wing conspiracy," I had developed a new-found respect for her. Barack Obama is not someone you want next to you in the proverbial foxhole. Hillary is welcome any time in my foxhole.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pelosi, Murphy Fiddled, America Burned

Obama backer Nancy Peolosi and one of her key allies in Congress, Rep. Patrick Murphy of PA's 8th congressional district. Murphy's district voted for Hillary Clinton by an almost two-to-one margin, but he has been one of Obama's most ardent supporters. His opponent in PA is Tom Manion, who needs your support. Manion, whose son died in Iraq, has significant backing from Hillary Supporters. Murphy and Pelosi are just two of the legislators who have fiddled while American burned.

Many Hillary Clinton Supporters now backing (or leaning toward) John McCain realize that there is something radically wrong with their Party -- the Democrats. In fact, the Democrats' mistreatment of Hillary Clinton is only part of the story. Especially since the election of 2006 -- but tracing back almost a generation -- the Party's positions have done great harm to our country.

Facts are facts, and sometimes good intentions can have disastrous consequences. Beginning in 1982 -- the year Barack Obama's buddy, Dick Durbin, entered Congress -- Democratic legislators began blocking offshore oil drilling in the U.S. That is one of the causes -- a major one -- why gasoline prices are soaring above four dollars. If legislators continue as they have in blocking exploration and refinery expansion, four-bucks-a-gallon gasoline may soon look like "the good old days."
By the way, Sen. Dick Durbin has significant opposition in his race this year. Dr. Steve Sauerberg is mounting a furious campaign against Durbin. Of course, Durbin's favorite for the presidency, Barack Obama, thinks the rise in gas prices is a good thing. Obama believes it will reduce demand for oil. Of course, $6 or $7 gasoline would reduce it even more.
Malia Nash (Sanity102), a native Hawaian and American patriot, sent me the material in the following paragraphs. If GOP candidates run on these points alone -- all of them factual matters -- they will rout their opponents. Being in Congress is about providing leadership, and the Democrats have provided none -- period. Every Republican candidate -- challengers and incumbents -- should be running on the following points.
Just two years ago, remember the election in 2006? Two years ago:

1) Consumer confidence stood at a 2 1/2 year high;
2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon; and,
3) The unemployment rate was 4.5%.

However, since voting in a Democratic Congress in 2006 we have seen:

1) Consumer confidence plummet to historically low levels;
2) The cost of regular gasoline soar to over $4.00 a gallon;
3) Unemployment is up to 5.5% (a 20% increase);
4) American households have seen $2.3 trillion in equity value evaporate (mainly stock and mutual fund losses);
5) Americans have seen their home equity drop by $1.2 trillion dollars; and,
6) 1% of American homes are in foreclosure.

America voted for change in 2006, and we sure got it!
Remember, it's Congress that makes law -- not the President. He has to work with what's handed to him, and Pelosi, Reid, and their cronies have stripped America's cupboard bare.
Note: The above material (with some distinctive additions) is appearing on all my blogs today, because it's very important. I'll add some more comments today about Dems' role in skyrocketing gas prices. Thanks for visiting.

Toni Gilhooley supports a real energy policy aimed at lowering skyrocketing gas prices. The simple plan is in stark contrast to the inaction taken by her November opponent, Tim Holden, and his Democratic House leader, Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi’s 2006 campaign promise that Democrats would provide, “a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices (4/24/2006 – average gas price at the time $2.33 per gallon),” has never been revealed. Since that time the average price per gallon has ballooned to near $4 ($3.95 5/29/2008) per gallon.
To date, no “commonsense plan” has been introduced by Pelosi or the Democrats to combat escalating fuel costs. The only way to reduce prices is to increase the supply of energy. Pelosi and Holden have stood against drilling for oil in the barren Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and offshore. Their inaction has cost Americans dearly at the pump and in the pocket.

Toni Gilhooley, as one of many measures in a comprehensive energy plan to be released in the coming weeks, supports drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and in American coastal waters. China has been given permission by Cuba to drill less than 50 miles from the coast of Florida.

“If we had taken measures to drill in ANWR and other areas ten years ago when Tim Holden voted NO and President Clinton vetoed a bill to allow it, we would not be experiencing the highest gasoline prices in history today. These extraordinarily high prices are affecting working families adversely in everything from food to transportation. We can no longer afford Tim Holden and his policies,” said Toni Gilhooley.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PA Superdelegates Trashing Hillary Clinton

I've been asking everyone who visits my sites to join a very important group, Clintons for McCain. It consists mainly (although not exclusively) of Hillary Clinton Supporters who now back John McCain for President. To win the election, McCain will need the backing of millions of Hillary Supporters. Clintons for McCain -- and there are many similar groups -- are a critical element in Sen. McCain's quest for the presidency. Please join today.

Hillary Supporters know that the Obama Campaign portrayed their candidate as a warmonger, a liar, and a racist. They also remember Obama surrogate Samantha Power calling her a "monster." They reject Obama's hypocritical call for their support. Their motto is "NoBama!"

Many Hillary Supporters have been active in Democratic causes. However, they're learning that the Democratic Party neither values nor respects their views. They're finding out that Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid want their votes (and money) but not their participation in the real workings of the Democratic Party.

To their dismay, they're discovering that all the talk about SuperDelegates "reflecting the will of the voters" was just so much chatter. In my Pennsylvania blog especially, I've been talking about Democratic congressmen -- Jason Altmire, Patrick Murphy, Tim Holden, and others -- ignored the fact that their district went strongly for Hillary Clinton.

Murphy's district, the 8th, went almost two-to-one for Senator Clinton. However, he was one of the first Superdelegates to back Barack Obama. Any Hillary voters who support Murphy are ignoring the dirty dealings that went on in the 8th district. Murphy has no business remaining as a congressman.

Other Superdelegates, including Altmire and Holden, are behaving like the ultimate political weasels. Altmire (PA's 4th district) insisted on June 5 that he remains "undeclared," but he added that he "supports Obama." He really appears to believe he can have it both ways.

As for Tim Holden (PA's 17th district), he said months ago that "the candidates" knew which one of them he favored. Sadly, the voters had no way of knowing what was in Holden's head. Now, rather than declaring, he says the issue is "moot."

Are people like Murphy, Altmire, and Holden shameless enough to continue asking for the votes of Hillary Supporters? You betcha. They believe their bizarre actions have no consequences. They can ignore their districts' voters, but the electorate is not supposed to ignore them.

Altmire, Murphy and Holden have Republican opponents. Holden and Altmire have female challengers -- Toni Gilhooley and Melissa Hart. Murphy's opponent is a career Marine -- Tom Manion -- who lost his son in Iraq.

I admit we Pennsylvanians usually love to vote for candidates who proclaim themselves -- falsely but persistently -- to be "cosnervative Democrats." Altmire, Murphy, and Holden do that. But the odor from the Democratic Party's Pimary Debacle is strong enough that PA voters are set to provide Democratic turncoats with a big surprise.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hillary Supporter: Obama Stirred Racism

Note to all visitors (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents): Please go now to the above web site -- -- and join as a member. The group's goal? "We will vote for Sen. John McCain not out of anger, not out of spite, but because he is an honorable American who may not speak the most eloquent words, or give the greatest speeches, but when he does speak we can believe him. "

On my national blog(s) today, I have a piece about the shafting of Hillary Clinton by a group of Pennsylvania "Superdelegates." The column below is reprinted from one of the best-blogs-you've-never-heard-of, Jean Avery's It provides an in-depth view of why one former Hillary Supporter is now backing John McCain. Thanks Jean! (Also working with Jean and me is Beverly Perlson, the heroic founder of an important web site called:, an organization for moms of American servicemen and servicewomen. If you're a Hillary Supporter who now supports John McCain, you should join:

Q&A with a former Hillary Supporter: Why She's Voting McCain

My [Jean Avery's] CafeMom boards are full of Hillary supporters who are now supporting McCain for President. Randa, a mother of 5 from Fort Walton Beach, Florida, took a few minutes to share her perspective. To all other Hillary supporters who have been made unwelcome by their party and their nominee, I invite you to check out Citizens for McCain and McCainNOW .

Jean: Tell us about yourself.

Randa: I'm a SAHM [Stay-at-Home-Mom] with 5 kids. 29, 21, 18, and 9 yr old twins. (insert applause for Randa here!)

Jean: What is your involvement in politics? Has it changed this election compared to past years?

Randa: "I've been a Democrat for my entire adult life. I've always been an active supporter of the party.Last year, I felt the party was sitting pretty. I thought that it was great that we would have two strong candidates to choose from. While I have always admired Hillary Clinton and looked forward to the day that she would run for the presidency, I kept an open mind about Obama and at that time felt that I would be able to support him as the party's candidate should it come to that. So I guess to answer your question, while it started out to be the same as years past, it has certainly morphed into something that is not typical for me."

Jean: "Why did you support Hillary (did you support Bill)?

Randa: "My main issues for supporting Hillary are healthcare, the economy and our standing in the world community. While healthcare and the economy are not something that are a main concern to my husband and I, we do have children that it will directly affect in the near future. We are concerned about the livelihood and well-being of the younger generation.I feel that Hillary would be seen in the global community as a strong level-headed leader. She has shown that she is not an emotional thinker, rather she depends on logic when making decisions. I would feel safe under a Hillary Clinton administration.I did support Bill Clinton. I still do. "

Jean: Why do you now support McCain? What about him and his policies appealed to you (besides NOT being Obama?)

Randa: "While McCain's stance on the war is quite different than Clinton's, he has shown that he will make decisions based on logic. When he says we may be in Iraq for 100 yrs, I don't think he means that we will be at war with Iraq for 100 yrs. While Obama may bring the troops home from Iraq, I fear that his administration will only lead to more war in the long run. He will be seen as a weak leader on the global front. My big reasons for supporting McCain and not Obama are experience and moral character."

Jean: Are there any specific issues you’d like to comment on?

Randa: "I'd love to have a candidate that is strong on foreign policy and the economy. It seems to me that this time around, we have a candidate (McCain) that is strong on foreign policy, but weak on domestic issues. I respect the fact that McCain has admitted that economic issues are not his strong point and that if elected, he would surround himself with those who are strong in economics. I don't see Obama as having any strengths in either area. "

Jean: What do you think of media coverage of each of the 3 candidates?

Randa: "McCain: mostly they point to his age as a negative. Clinton: she's been treated with a greater lack of respect than I ever thought possible. She could do nothing right as far as the media was concerned. She never stood a chance. Obama: the media in general has seemed as if they have had a school girl crush on Obama. He could do no wrong and if he did, it was somehow Clinton's fault. Only now that he has secured the nomination have there been some negative reports.

Jean: What do you have to say to former Hillary loyalists who are now pro-Obama?

Randa: " I would remind them that nothing has changed about Obama. He is still inexperienced. He is still a senator with a less than effective record. His candidacy has been one of half truths. Statements such as 'I was against the war and Clinton voted for it.' He fails to mention that no one asked for his opinion at the time. Hind sight is always 20/20.I would remind them that Obama has embraced sexism in his campaign. Obama has stirred the pot of racism at every corner. I would remind him that Obama is the exemplification of dirty politics. He has so often made the comment " that's not the______ I knew!) you may insert any of Obama's racist / criminal friends in the blank. He is either a liar or the worst judge of character in the world!I would hope that all Clinton supporters remember that in supporting Obama, they are supporting a party that has ignored the will of the voters and failed to protect the rights of Florida and Michigan Democrats. They will be supporting a party that has had a predetermined candidate for a long time. By voting for Obama it sends a clear message that democracy is no more, and we're okay with that. A vote for Obama says that women are to be held to a different standard than men and we're okay with that."

Jean: Anything else you’d like to share?

Randa: "As a mother of 3 young ladies, I feel that as their mother, I must take a stand. I see every insult hurled at Senator Clinton as an insult to my girls. I've raised my girls to believe that with hard work and determination, they can accomplish anything. I will not support a party that tells them otherwise through its actions."

Thank you to Randa for sharing her candid feedback. America deserves courageous, proven leadership and our answer is John McCain.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Foreign Nationals: Contributions to McCain?

On my blogs, I get many visitors from "overseas," paticularly Australia, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, New Zealand, and Portugal, and Eastern Europe. I even had one from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. One of my loyal visitors is pro-McCain (and pro-Palin) Australian Jim Fryar. You can find his blog at: I very hope you'll visit Jim's site regularly.

Many of my non-U.S. visitors want to support John McCain, and I get asked if they can make contributions to

For example, I got the following comment from a French Canadian, Tym, who blogs at:


"Is it legal for Canadians and people from other countries to financially contribute to the John McCain campaign?

"I see that Barack has managed to gather 3 times more money than John did. Does that do him any good to his tarnished image?"

The short answer to Tym's question about people from outside the U.S. contributing directly (key word) to McCain is: No. It's against U.S. law for non-U.S. citizens to donate to political campaigns (key phrase) under the control of candidates.

However, if a committee or group is outside the control of a presidential candidate, foreign national can contribute. Such donation would be similar to ones made, for example, to the American Red Cross or a U.S. church.

In my previous column, I strongly urged all people supportive of John McCain -- Republicans, Democrats, Independents, foreign nationals, and U.S. citizens -- to join one of the (many) groups of Hillary Clinton Supporters for McCain.

I specifically mentioned That's a group (nearly 1300 members and growing fast) that opposes the election of Barack Obama -- and backs the election of John McCain.

Why can foreign nationals send contributions to Clintons for McCain? Because it's a group not under the control of McCain's "official" campaign. Donating to that group (which I urge you to do) would be no different than donating to me (which I urge you NOT to do).

Clintons for McCain is not a group fixated on debating the pros-and-cons of Mrs. Clinton's views. In fact, it's a group where most members -- although not all -- agree with Sen. Clinton on her political positions. Instead, Clintons for McCain is dedicated to preventing the election of Barack Obama and encouraging the election of John McCain.

Thus, I urge what we call "foreign national" to contribute as much as they can to such groups. I'm sure a $10 contribution (which I've made) would be welcome. I bet larger contributions might be even more welcome.

CNN noted today (what took them so long?) that there's tremendous interest outside the U.S. in this country's presidential election. I hope a lot of that interest will translated into contributions to organizations supportive of McCain -- but not under the control of his campaign. Clintons for McCain would be a great place to start.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Clintons for McCain Deserve Support

The web site -- a critically important one -- is called Clintons4McCain. I'm going to ask everyone who comes here (or to my other blogs) -- Democrat, Republican, Independent -- to go there right now, register, and participate in it. ( I did.

I'm also going to ask you to contribute $10 or more. I did.

The site now has about 1250 registered members (including me). That's a lot for a web site, but it shows every sign of continuing to grow rapidly.

What exactly is Clintons for McCain? It's a site for MAHHS ("Mad as Heck Hillary Supporters). They are now committed to supporting John McCain for President. To overtures from the Democrats' presumptive nominee, they say: "NoBama!"

They think Obama used race and gender improperly to win the nomination. They also believe the national media dumped endless truckloads of garbage on Sen. Clinton.

I agree with them. But even if you don't agree, go and join (and contribute a few bucks!) anyway. If you're not an American national, you can still contribute, because Clintons for McCain is an independent group not subject to FEC regulations. Heck, send them a tiny chunk of your stimulus check. (And if you're in generous mood, do the same for John McCain.)

No, it isn't a site where you should argue the fine points of the abortion issue -- or the merits and demerits of Mrs. Clinton's health care plan. It's a place to be respectful and supportive of people with the same primary goal as yours: Remember, joining this group does not mean you need to "worship at the altar of Hillary."

Will you feel welcome there? Yes, because here's their basic message: "Welcome to the official website of the Clintons for McCain movement. We're still working on it and it will always be a work in progress. We welcome contributions and suggestions, and of course volunteer help!Please create an account and participate in our forum. Unlike what we have seen with the DNC and the Democratic party of late, we welcome all and no one's disenfranchised. Join us and help stop the home-grown terrorist sleeper cell Obama and help instead elect an honorable, trustworthy and honest man -- Senator John McCain -- to our nation's highest office."

Bingo, there's the link -- the common thread: the election of a "trustworthy and honest man -- Senator John McCain -- to our nation's highest office.

I've asked three trustworthy and honest congressional candidates from Pennsylvania -- Melissa Hart, Toni Gilhooley, and Marina Kats -- to join Clintons4McCain. After they get over the initial shock, I think they will all join. I also asked them -- as I am you -- to make a small contribution to the group. The women cited here CAN win their congressional races, but they can't do it by appealing only to Republicans. (I write regularly about the Hart, Gilhooley, and Kats races on my Pennsylvania for John McCain blog.)

For just about any Republican -- from John McCain on down -- to win this year will require boldness and imagination. It will also offering a hand of friendship to Democrats profoundly dissatisfied with their Party.

The people of Clintons4McCain already are receiving a stream of vitriol from and the Daily Kos, both pillars of the "Hate America" movement. The Clintonites want nothing to do with those unsavory groups.

As elements of the McCain Campaign, let's give them our praise and support. Join now. Contribute now. I did, and it made me feel very good.

Pennsylvania's Despicable, Desperate Democrats

"The best way for a Democrat to get elected in Pennsylvania is to pretend he's pro-life and pro-gun -- and never explain why he's in a Party that's neither." (Note: At the bottom of this column is some important news about Barack Obama's place of birth.)

Some of Pennsylvania's most prominent Hillary haters -- including Bob Casey, Jr., Rep. Patrick Murphy, and Rep. Jason Altmire -- did it. So too did Cong. Tim Holden. I write about them today (Friday) on my Pennsylvania blog, and I urge you to visit. Pennsylvania went massively in the Primary for Hillary Clinton.

So why are all those elected officials drooling over Obama? Answer: Because they obviously believe the voters in the Keystone State are a bunch of nitwits.

I'll have more on this site later today.

Cindy Reidhead of has been searching Hawaii records to determine that Barack Obama was in fact born in the U.S. (Hawaii). Here's the bulletin Cindy sent out Friday afternoon. (She's located in Hobbs, NM and was a protege of Republican political genius Lee Atwater.)

"It is entirely possible I have found something rather interesting. I chucked out money to locate Barack Obama's birth certificate in Hawaii. From what I found, there is no such record. It is entirely possible that I am completely wrong, and probably am - but here is what I found. Knowing the secrecy of Hawaiian records, I probably am wrong,. But - it's a for what it is worth. it is possible . . . " Here is the URL"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How Howard Dean Shafted Hillary

On my Pennsylvania blog Thursday afternoon, I put a posting about the last undecided Democrat Superdelegate in America -- Pennsylvania Rep. Tim Holden. Some compare Holden to Prince Hamlet, although I actually see a resemblance to Harpo Marx. In any case, he's a new figure for Hillary Supporters to dislike -- and rightfully so.
Under the Category of People Who Shafted Hillary: HOWARD DEAN

Well said by Jean Avery at Moms4McCain: "Last week, Howard Dean and friends gave delegates to someone who wasn't even on the ballot and took half the delegates from a candidate who was. And, by the way, she was also the first woman with a serious shot at the Presidency. Suddenly millions of American women who hung their hopes on Hillary are the Desirable Voting Bloc. (Sure, Hillary had male supporters, but because many women's motives differed, their response to her rejection may differ too.)"

Last holdout among Democrat "SuperDelegates" confronts Obama warily . . .

The lovely lady above marks the launch of my "Odd Picture of the Day" series. Please send odd picture to me and Ill (1) post them; (2) gtive them a caption. All blogs every day.

Has any political party ever come up with a more undemocratic, elitist concept than SuperDelegates? I'm hearing from Hillary Supporters who are saying it's "payback time." (See my previous column.)

They're not just intoning the words "Just Say NoBama" and "Just Say No Deal (to Obama)." They're also targeting for defeat so-called "SuperDelegates" (not really super but delegates nonetheless) who basically pushed Mrs. Clinton under the bus.

Is there any political concept you've ever heard of that's less "democratic" than the idea of SuperDelegates? They aren't really "party elders." They're party big shots who get their seats at the convention without having to appeal to voters.

Consider my home state of Pennsylvania, where junior Senator Bob Casey, Jr. came out early and often for Obama. Clearly, Casey was carrying out an ancient family grudge (his pro-life father was prevented from speaking at the Bill Clinton convention in 1992).

Of course, there are decent people on both sides of the abortion issue. But Casey, who ran as a staunch pro-lifer endorsed the most pro-abortion candidate ever to run for President. What's wrong with that picture? Did Casey change his mind and support Hillary when his state went massively for Hillary? Of course not. He continued his anti-Clinton vendetta. When he runs for re-election, Hillary Supporters -- who pride themselves on their long memories -- may teach young Casey the era of his ways.

What about the state of Massachusetts, which the Hillary carried by very big numbers? The state's three best-known SuperDelegates were early endorsers of Barack Obama. They include Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry (up for re-election this year) and Gov. Duvall Patrick, a major cheerleader for Obama. What about the state's "popular will," as expressed by the voters. Frankly, these SuperDelegates assume they're unbeatable so they can pursue an approach that says, "The public be damned."

What about influential Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller. He of course endorsed Obama. The fact that Rockefeller's state of WV gave HIllary a huge victory (41 percentage points) didn't seem to register with John D. Rockefeller's grandson. He has a safe seat, so why worry about offending a few hundred thousand people?

And how do we interpret the actions of Rep. Patrick Murphy from Pennsylvania's 8th district? He was one of Obama's earliest supporters (last August) of Barack Obama. Gee, how did Murphy's home county of Bucks register its its views in the April 22 Primary. It went for Hillary Clinton by 70,253 to 41,791. Again, any second thoughts on Obama Rep. Murphy? Surely, I must be jesting.

(See my Pennsylvania column for more on Rep. Patrick Murphy, a true piece-of-work.)

Murphy's opponent is Tom Manion. He's a thoroughly good man, something Murphy assuredly is not. Tom Manion and his wife lost their son, Travis, in Iraq. If you donate to and support Manion, you won't have to take a shower afterwards.

In my own congressional district (PA 4th), Jason Altmire is a Democratic SuperDelegate. He remained (supposedly) undecided, although he following Obama around like a puppy dog. What reason did Altmire have to come out for Hillary? Perhaps the fact that his district went for Hillary by West-Virginia size margins? (My own country, Beaver, west of Pittsburgh) went for Mrs. Clinton by 28,000 to 12,000. Several of those Clinton votes came from members of my own family.

Nevertheless, Altmire remained undecided until Obama "clinched" the nomination. Of course, he wouldn't have clinched anything if enough SuperDelegates like Altmire, Murphy, and Kerry had come out for Sen. Clinton. Somehow the Altmires of the world were okay with Obama and his surrogates portrayed Hillary as a warmonger, a liar, and, of course, a racist. There was glacial silence from Murphy, Kennedy, and others when Samantha Power, Obama's foreign policy advisor, called Hillary "a monster." When Rev. Wright trashed both Hillary and the nation, where oh where were Teddy Kennedy and Jay Rockefeller?

How should Hillary Supporters "handle" someone like Jason Altmire, who's running against a very strong and decent woman (Melissa Hart)? I'll leave that up to the Hillary Supporters.

I've just talked about a handful of people whose districts or states went heavily for Hillary -- but who backed Obama anyway. There are dozens of them across the nation. Some, like Nancy Pelosi, were technically undecided but nevertheless delighted in throwing sand in the gears of the Clinton candidacy.

Vote for the best person -- the best human being.

Don't vote for people who are incarnations of the concept of betrayal. Don't let people like Casey, Murphy, and Altmire spend the rest of their lives making deals in the halls of Congress. Remind them of the old saying, "Sin in haste, reprent at leisure."