Friday, October 31, 2008

Elect Sarah Palin President 2012

The Palin Family aims high, as Piper demonstrates in this photo.

In about a week, this election-specific blog basically will cease to exist . . . in that there will be no more posts. John McCain will either have won Pennsylvania (and the presidency), or he won't. Starting today. I will be blogging basically at two sites: and I urge you to visit both sites and bookmark them.

I also ask you, if you're a blogger, to join the ReadMyLipstickNetwork, which I've already done. The purpose of that network -- and the purpose of my blogs -- will be to ensure that Gov. Palin occupies the White House as soon as 2012. For that to happen, we're going to need a million-plus activists and organizers, and I certainly hope you're one of them. I'll have some other activities, which you'll hear about soon.

I very much appreciate the tens of thousands of people who've visited this blog. I especially appreciate the tens of millions of Americans who are going to cast their ballots for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

In the meantime, please contact friends, neighbors, and family members to ask them to vote for John and Sarah, two outstanding Americans.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Volunteers Urgently Needed for Philadelphia!

Elizabeth Hasselbeck of "The View" and Gov. Sarah Palin make a dynamic duo on the campaign trail!

Andrea Snell sent me the following; it's is a great opportunity for NYC and northeastern volunteers...

** Anyone who is interested in this please email, tell her Jean referred you. Trip is THIS Saturday; it's now or never!! **

Hey Jean, We have a bus ready to go to NE Philly on Saturday and need people to fill it! PA is the make or break it state & the Philadelphia office has been needing more people for awhile. There are a large number of McCain supporters and we need to make sure to maximize turnout. (I went out & phonebanked yesterday and had an all Democrat call sheet- 3/4 of the people I spoke to are voting McCain)We have had a lot of volunteers going out but they have tended to go to other areas.

The campaign will be sending us to targeted voters (Soft Republican or Moderate Dem) that are likely to vote McCain but may need a little push- so we will not be wasting time going to hard core liberals.Will you post to your boards and contact your Princeton connections please?? (I know you must be swamped)We will be leaving at 8:30am from 34th St & 10th Ave, NYC (though an earlier NJ pick up could probably be arranged) and getting back at 8p. Have people contact me to confirm.EVERYone is saying PA is much closer than public polls suggest.

Important Study Needs Your Participation

I received the following request from Benjamin Cross, a psychology professor at NYU. I believe this is an important undertaking, and I'm going to participate. I hope you will also.

"I am writing you on behalf of a research team from the Psychology Department at New York University, in the hopes that you might be able to help us with our timely and important research about the cognitive bases of electoral decision-making. We would be very grateful to you if you could possibly help us recruit politically inclined respondents to our survey by posting to your blog the link to the online survey we are conducting as part of this research. We began data collection in September, after the Vice-Presidential candidates were announced, but we are particularly interested in how people respond to the candidates when Election Day is around the corner."

Here is the link to the survey:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sarah Palin: First Woman President

"Will Sarah Palin's time come next week? I don't know. But her time will come." (Elaine Lafferty, feminist and campaign adviser to Gov. Palin)

Sarah Palin's a Brainiac, By Elaine Lafferty

Elaine Lafferty is a former staff correspondent at Time magazine and the Irish Times of Dublin, features editor at MORE magazine, editor in chief of Ms magazine. She has covered everything from the OJ Simpson trial to the Unabomber case, natural disasters in Central America, and conflicts in Kosovo, the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The recipient of numerous journalism awards, she co-authored My Turn At the Bully Pulpit with Greta Van Susteren.X Close The former editor in chief of Ms. magazine (and a Democrat) on what she learned on a campaign plane with the would-be VP.

It's difficult not to froth when one reads, as I did again and again this week, doubts about Sarah Palin's “intelligence,” coming especially from women such as PBS's Bonnie Erbe, who, as near as I recall, has not herself heretofore been burdened with the Susan Sontag of Journalism moniker. As Fred Barnes—God help me, I'm agreeing with Fred Barnes—suggests in the Weekly Standard, these high toned and authoritative dismissals come from people who have never met or spoken with Sarah Palin. Those who know her, love her or hate her, offer no such criticism. They know what I know, and I learned it from spending just a little time traveling on the cramped campaign plane this week: Sarah Palin is very smart.

I'm a Democrat, but I've worked as a consultant with the McCain campaign since shortly after Palin's nomination. Last week, there was the thought that as a former editor-in-chief of Ms. magazine as well as a feminist activist in my pre-journalism days, I might be helpful in contributing to a speech that Palin had long wanted to give on women's rights.What is often called her “confidence” is actually a rarity in national politics: I saw a woman who knows exactly who she is.

Now by “smart,” I don't refer to a person who is wily or calculating or nimble in the way of certain talented athletes who we admire but suspect don't really have serious brains in their skulls. I mean, instead, a mind that is thoughtful, curious, with a discernable pattern of associative thinking and insight. Palin asks questions, and probes linkages and logic that bring to mind a quirky law professor I once had. Palin is more than a “quick study”; I'd heard rumors around the campaign of her photographic memory and, frankly, I watched it in action. She sees. She processes. She questions, and only then, she acts. What is often called her “confidence” is actually a rarity in national politics: I saw a woman who knows exactly who she is.

For all those old enough to remember Senator Sam Ervin, the brilliant strict constitutional constructionist and chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee whose patois included “I'm just a country lawyer"...Yup, Palin is that smart.

So no simple task then, this speech on women's rights. For the sin of being a Christian personally opposed to abortion, Palin is being pilloried by the inside-the-Beltway Democrat feminist establishment. (Yes, she is anti-abortion. And yes, instead of buying organic New Zealand lamb at Whole Foods, she joins other Alaskans in hunting for food. That's it. She is not a right-wing nut, and all the rest of the Internet drivel—the book banning at the Library, the rape kits decision—is nonsense. I digress.) Palin's role in this campaign was to energize “the Republican base,” which she has inarguably done. She also was expected to reach out to Hillary Clinton “moderates.” (Right. Only a woman would get both those jobs in either party.)

Look, I am obviously personally pro-choice, and I disagree with McCain and Palin on that and a few other issues. But like many other Democrats, including Lynn Rothschild, I'm tired of the Democratic Party taking women for granted. I also happen to believe Sarah Palin supports women's rights, deeply and passionately.

Many of those—not all—who decried the sexist media treatment of Hillary Clinton have been silent as Palin has been skewered in the old ways that female public figures are skewered, as well as a host of sexualized new ways as well. Some feminists have weighed in; “Even the reportedly clear glasses she wears to play down her beauty queen credential and enhance her gravitas can't make up for experience,” writes my heroine Suzanne Braun Levine, former editor of Ms. Oppose her on policy? Fine. But how sad for feminist leaders to sink this low, especially when Palin has worn glasses since she was 10 years old.

Last month a prominent feminist blogger, echoing that sensibility, declared that the media was wrongly buying into the false idea that Palin was a feminist. Why? Well, just because she said she was a feminist, because she supported women's rights and opportunities, equal pay, Title IV—that was just “empty rhetoric,” they said. At least the blogger didn't go as far as NOW's Kim Gandy and declare that Palin was not a woman. Bottom line: you are not a feminist until we say you are. And there you have the formula for diminishing what was once a great and important mass social change movement to an exclusionary club that rejects women who sincerely want to join and, God forbid, grow to lead.

But here is the good news: women, citizens of America's high and low culture, the Economist and People magazine readers, will get it. They got it with Hillary even when feminist leaders were not supporting her or doing so half-heartedly. Yes, Palin is a harder sell, she looks and sounds different, and one can rightfully oppose her based on abortion policies. If you only vote on how a person personally feels about abortion, you will never want her to darken your door. If you care about anything else, she will continue to intrigue you. As Time's Nancy Gibbs noted a few weeks ago, quoting bioethicist Tom Murray, “Sympathy and subtlety are seasonings rarely applied to political red meat.”

Will Palin's time come next week? I don't know. But her time will come.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton: No Sarah Palin

I was honored to be at Sarah Palin's Rally, which drew a huge crowd, in Beaver County, PA. She was splendid. She compared "Joe the Plumber" with "Barack, the Wealth Distributor."

The following is an e-mail to many hundreds of my political allies -- some of them closer allies than others.

Right now, the election boils down to this: If John McCain prevails in Florida, Ohio, AND Pennsylvania, he has a fighting chance to win the election. If he doesn't, he won't. That means we need tens of thousands of people to go to, use the Online Phone Bank, and call into those three states.

After Nov. 5, no matter what happens the day before, I intend to work with kindred spirits, particulary the people at to build a huge organization of activists who will win federal elections in 2010, 2012, and beyond.

After Nov. 4, "NoBama Mission Bloggers" will cease to exist. There will be another organization with a new name, but (I hope) with a lot of the same players.

In this election year, I focused on Hillary Supporters who would consider voting for John McCain, and later for McCain-Palin. Frankly, I thought there would be more of them than turned out to be the case. I believed -- and was partially correct -- that John McCain's status as a military hero, a reformer, and independent spirit would have great appeal.

Some people receiving this note believed that it would be possible to "reform" the DNC and the Democratic Party. Honestly, I thought (and now I know) they were engaged in a fantasy. Who exactly was going to reform the Party? Barack Obama? Howard Dean? Jay Rockefeller? Bob Casey? John Kerry? John Edwards? Ted Kennedy? Hillary Clinton?

Those people apparently are quite happy with the Party as it is. They have all enthusiastically endorsed Barack Obama, a man having no accomplishments in the past and showing little promise of any in the future.

My low point in dealing with Hillaryites came when I highly praised John McCain's naming of a strong woman as his vice presidential choice. One woman told me that by saluting Gov. Palin so highly I had made Hillary Clinton look bad by comparison.

Actually, I made no comparison, but if I had, my critic would have been right: HRC is NO Sarah Palin, not even close. Unlike Hillary, Sarah cannot be intimidated, cannot be made to toe the Party line, cannot be dismissed as someone who ever rode her spouse's coattails. She has the courage, compassion, and candor we should require in political candidates. "Country first" is the right motto for such an admirable woman and her remarkable family.

Gov. Palin has said that her goals for America are a society that promotes "freedom, tolerance/fairness, and opportunity." I don't know of any Democratic elected officials who share those goals. I know some individual Democrats do -- generally people in transition toward becoming either Independents or Republicans.

I believe Barack Obama (and Joe Biden) are the fulfillment of what Lyndon Johnson called "The Great Society." What that "Great" aim led to was a society in moral and cultural disarray, one where half the people are dependent on the other half. In that kind of society, concepts like freedom, tolerance/fairness, and opportunity become mere words.

In the future, I'll be dealing mainly with moderates and conservatives, almost all of whom will be either Republicans or Independents. In terms of candidates, I'll be looking for people of uncommon honesty and courage. Candidates who are poll-driven cynics and careerists will be the enemy, because they are so destructive of our country.

I wish John McCain and Sarah Palin all the best on election day. I will continue to work hard for them, and I hope all of you will do so also.

For some of you, this is a good-bye message. For others, it is a pledge to work with you to build a stronger America. But God bless to all.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton: No Sarah Palin

Mistakes made, lessons learned in the 2008 Campaign . . .

Karen [a friend]: At one point in the JustSayNoDeal atmosphere I gave a ringing endorsement to Sarah Palin. I was told by a Hillaryite that by praising Sarah Palin so highly I had upset her because, by comparison, I'd made HRC look bad. Actually, I said nothing about Hillary Clinton, whom I admit I don't believe is in the same league as Sarah Palin.

Let me be frank: HRC is obviously a Party first person. Sarah Palin is country first.

Your comment about the "maverick" (i.e., naive) political participants is accurate. Frankly, the hundreds of thousands of hours spent on "Denver" and on wild flailing at Obama were a gigantic waste of time and money. The time expended on Denver should have been spent organizing -- and raising money -- to defeat Obama.

Sen. Clinton and her husband, both labelled racists (and worse) by Obama, have been out campaigning for their tormentor. The excuse given is that Sen. Clinton "has to do what she has to do." I compare that to Dosteoevsky's comment that, "If God is dead, everything is permitted." As long as someone like HRC is held to no standards, she "lives up" to that just fine.

One reason I like Sarah Palin so much is that she is not -- and will never become -- a Washington insider. She is incorruptible and totally fearless. The Hillary Supporters who have faced up to reality (and it is horrifying to say the least) will be great allies. The ones who remain in fantasy land would be no help to us.

You raise a point that Chris, Katie, and I have not discussed; the crying need for political training -- basically, to acquaint people with what works and what doesn't. Also, we need to inform people about how to build small organizations into large ones.

As for bloggers, they can be great assets. At times, however, we sounded like the second coming of the Tower of Babel. At our worst, we were all trying to produce a "knockout" (one more juicy expose) but generally didn't lay a glove on BHO. The birth-certificate non-issue was a classic case. I doubt 1% of the voters can identify the name "Raila Odinga." Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis is of interest to almost no one.

What are Americans interested in? And of even more importance, what are they NOT interested in? I asked people many time to be brutally realistic with themselves, but that message didn't get across to many.

We also need to coalesce around a specific candidate. I've said I hope that will be Sarah Palin, but I'm open to other names (if there are some).

Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain-Palin Can Still Win

A Hillary Supporter wrote asking if I had "given up" on winning this year's election; the following is my response.

I have NOT given up on the election at all. I've worked so hard for so many months that I have something approaching Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Hell, I'm still trying to win Pennsylvania, which I believe we just might do. I've predicted (guessed?) that McCain may take the national lead by the end of October. We shall see.

However, I realize that after an election -- win or lose -- a whole lot of people tend to disappear. Then, two years or four years later, everybody starts re-inventing the same wheel that they already "invented" previously. It's impossible to win modern elections that way.

Thanks for your continuing support of McCain-Palin, a ticket of two honorable people.

As you already know, I do not believe the Democratic Party is going to "reformed." Who on earth would reform it? I have scrupulously supported such "reform" efforts for many months now, but at this point I regard them as folly and fantasy.

Democrats -- like the Clintons -- who should be leading the reform movement are running around drooling over Obama. His despicable campaign will be the "model" for all future Democratic Party efforts.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Crunch Time for McCain-Palin

I hope everyone will tune in to our Clintons4McCain Blog Talk Radio show on Saturday. We'll have to outstanding African-American guests, who will explain why they're opposing Barack H. Obama.

If you're not already making calls in support of John and Sarah, well, what are you waiting for? I received the following today from the McCain Campaign, and I can't say it any better than they did:

Team -

John McCain and Sarah Palin were hard at work on the campaign trail this week, visiting with voters in battleground states and working day and night to reach out to undecided voters and energize supporters in the remaining days of the campaign. John McCain came off a great win in his final debate with Senator Obama and the polls are beginning to tighten as we head into the final stretch.

Yesterday, our campaign released a new TV ad highlighting this called, "Fight." John McCain and Sarah Palin are a team of reformers and fighters with a bold plan to make the next four years better for all Americans. Take a minute today to watch our latest ad by following this link.

Our country's economic troubles won't be solved by higher taxes and Senators Obama and Biden have laid out plans they say will "spread the wealth" around - taking more money from hard working Americans in the form of "patriotic" tax hikes.

If we're going to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin, we need your help. In the final days of the race, we need you to to pitch in and sign up to volunteer through our online phone bank. It's easy to use; you choose the state where you'd like to make calls and we provide the names, numbers and phone scripts. Please take a few minutes this evening or tomorrow to follow this link and make 20 calls for our campaign.

Our entire team, from our candidates to staff and volunteers, appreciates your support and dedication. Please get involved in the final days of the campaign. Your help can put us over the top on Election Day.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

African-Americans Against Barack Obama

This morning (Thursday), I had my first confrontation with an (African-American) Obama Supporter. It was a confrontation that I won, and I'll write about it this weekend.

On this Saturday's Clintons4McCain program on Blog Talk Radio, there will be two African-Americans now campaigning ferociously against Obama. They will be Lloyd Marcus, a songwriter from Illinois, and Tanya Crews, a political activist and businesswoman from the Scranton, PA area.

I urge you to tune in to listen to Lloyd and Tanya, two courageous young people. Tanya,
We are looking forward to having you on the Clintons4McCain BlogTalkRadio, which you can link to here: http://blogtalkradio/clintons4mccain.

The show will be from 5-6 p.m. Eastern Time. I'll be one of the hosts, and the other will be Anne Franklin from Texas. Our lines will be open for live callers. The number will be: (347) 633-9273.

Last week's guest was "Moms4McCain" activist Jean Avery from Seattle, Washington. The progrma was excellent, and you can listen to it on the Clintons4McCain archive.

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Yorker? Come to Scranton!

Rosa in New York ( sent the following urgent message about New Yorkers -- many of them Demoocrats -- coming to Scranton and other places to canvass neighbors for John McCain and Sarah Palin. The people are angry at the thoroughly corrupt process Obama/Axelrod used to steal the Primary Election Process from Sen. Clinton.

The NYC Area Democrats For McCain had a very successful canvassing effort in Scranton, Pennsylvania over this past weekend. And people of color were well-represented in the crew.

Our conclusion is that there are many Democrats in Scranton who could be persuaded to vote for John McCain.

Barack Obama must be defeated now, rather than later. And, we will not be able to defeat Obama by just hoping that others will do the job, by hanging out mainly in the blogosphere talking to other NObama folks, by just giving up... Here are three recommended actions that you should do over the next three weeks to ensure that Obama is defeated now, rather than later.

1. Canvass in Scranton, PA (door-to-door, or where people congregate) ... we need 50 people on each weekend day to get FREE transportation from the McCain campaign
2. Phone-banking to swing states (from your own fellow Democrats)...see instructions below
3. Financial support (please, please help us to cover costs of flyers) ... click here for PayPal
NYC AREA DEMOCRATS CANVASSING IN SCRANTON, PA...we need 50 people each day to get FREE transportation from the McCain campaign
Please email your commitment to

* Sat Oct 18th
* Sun Oct 19th

* Sat Oct 25th
* Sun Oct 26th

* Sun Nov 1st
* Sat Nov 2nd

See schedule below. Contact Paulie Abeles at

Fri Oct 17th:
* Columbus (meet-up to start and briefing)
* Circleville (Pumpkin Festival)
* Washington Court House
* Wilmington
* Lebanon (King’s Island Haunted Halloween Festival)
** Overnight in Lebanon (2 per room cost of $43 per person)

Sat Oct 18th:
* Hillsboro
* Chillicothe (WWF wrestling expo)
* Bainbridge (Festival of Leaves)
* Waverly
* Piketon
* Portsmouth
** Overnight in Portsmouth (2 per room cost of $46 per person)

Sun Oct 19th:
* Jackson to
* Chillicothe (WWF)
* Circleville (last day Pumpkin Festival)
** Columbus (ending point and debriefing)

PHONE BANKING TO SWING STATES...see instructions below
1. Study talking points on John McCain (file attached).
2. Click one of the two phone bank links below (Daytime, Evening/Weekend). You will be prompted to sign up for phone bank. Fill out form (takes less than 1 minute).
3. After signing up, you will be sent an email from to set up your password.
4. After setting up your password, click one of the phone bank links below, again.
5 At the top of the screen you should see "Voter2Voter Phone Bank"
6. Scroll down to the area where you can select the state (lower left side). Then, select a swing state such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, etc)
7. You are set to go. You will see a name of a fellow Democrat in the upper left corner of screen.
8. Study the script (make sure you review all will have to scroll down to do so)
9. Start making calls. Be courteous. Be well!

Daytime Calls Phone Bank
10am to 6pm Eastern Time
Evening and Weekend Calls Phone Bank6pm to 9pm Eastern Time:
**If you have any questions, contact Imri Eisner, ph-703-220-8582, email

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Actions: Disgraceful, Despicable

Let's see: during the Democratic Primaries, Obama branded both Clintons as racists -- and added that Mrs. Clinton was a warmonger and a liar. So, both of them are now wildly campaigning for their tormentor -- the man Mrs. Clinton labeled as no more than "a speech he gave in 2002." Yes, Barack Obama is an empty suit, but, well, he's also a Democrat.

I sent the following to one of "Hillary's" staunchest supporters -- a woman who, unlike her political "heroine" -- is now campaigning for McCain-Palin.

I would like to say that I think it's time you and other former Hillary Supporters step up to the plate and label her actions on behalf of Obama for what they are: disgraceful, despicable, and immoral. I realize Hillary's Supporters demand almost nothing from her, and she certainly lives down to their expectations.

If this is the real Hillary, she would make a terrible President. She's a weak person, easily intimidated and totally focused on her absurd "career." It is a career based totally on riding on the coattails of men with no respect for her -- Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have been completely respectful of her. In return, she's joined Barack Hussein Obama, Chicago politician, heaping garbage on them.

Clearly, she values Party over County, and that's not exactly a quality we want in a person that might occupy the White House.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama Campaign: Band of Thugs

Michael BaroneSaturday, October 11, 2008

"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors," Barack Obama told a crowd in Elko, Nev. "I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face." Actually, Obama supporters are doing a lot more than getting into people's faces. They seem determined to shut people up.

That's what Obama supporters, alerted by campaign emails, did when conservative Stanley Kurtz appeared on Milt Rosenberg's WGN radio program in Chicago. Kurtz had been researching Obama's relationship with unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers in Chicago Annenberg Challenge papers in the Richard J. Daley Library in Chicago -- papers that were closed off to him for some days, apparently at the behest of Obama supporters.

Obama fans jammed WGN's phone lines and sent in hundreds of protest emails. The message was clear to anyone who would follow Rosenberg's example. We will make trouble for you if you let anyone make the case against The One.

Other Obama supporters have threatened critics with criminal prosecution. In September, St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch and St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce warned citizens that they would bring criminal libel prosecutions against anyone who made statements against Obama that were "false." I had been under the impression that the Alien and Sedition Acts had gone out of existence in 1801-02. Not so, apparently, in metropolitan St. Louis. Similarly, the Obama campaign called for a criminal investigation of the American Issues Project when it ran ads highlighting Obama's ties to Ayers.

These attempts to shut down political speech have become routine for liberals.

Congressional Democrats sought to reimpose the "fairness doctrine" on broadcasters, which until it was repealed in the 1980s required equal time for different points of view. The motive was plain: to shut down the one conservative-leaning communications medium, talk radio. Liberal talk-show hosts have mostly failed to draw audiences, and many liberals can't abide having citizens hear contrary views.

To their credit, some liberal old-timers -- like House Appropriations Chairman David Obey -- voted against the "fairness doctrine," in line with their longstanding support of free speech. But you can expect the "fairness doctrine" to get another vote if Barack Obama wins and Democrats increase their congressional majorities.

Corporate liberals have done their share in shutting down anti-liberal speech, too. "Saturday Night Live" ran a spoof of the financial crisis that skewered Democrats like House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank and liberal contributors Herbert and Marion Sandler, who sold toxic-waste-filled Golden West to Wachovia Bank for $24 billion. Kind of surprising, but not for long. The tape of the broadcast disappeared from NBC's Website and was replaced with another that omitted the references to Frank and the Sandlers. Evidently NBC and its parent, General Electric, don't want people to hear speech that attacks liberals.

Then there's the Democrats' "card check" legislation, which would abolish secret ballot elections in determining whether employees are represented by unions. The unions' strategy is obvious: Send a few thugs over to employees' homes -- we know where you live -- and get them to sign cards that will trigger a union victory without giving employers a chance to be heard.

Once upon a time, liberals prided themselves, with considerable reason, as the staunchest defenders of free speech. Union organizers in the 1930s and 1940s made the case that they should have access to employees to speak freely to them, and union leaders like George Meany and Walter Reuther were ardent defenders of the First Amendment.

Today's liberals seem to be taking their marching orders from other quarters. Specifically, from the college and university campuses where administrators, armed with speech codes, have for years been disciplining and subjecting to sensitivity training any students who dare to utter thoughts that liberals find offensive. The campuses that used to pride themselves as zones of free expression are now the least free part of our society.

Obama supporters who found the campuses congenial and Obama himself, who has chosen to live all his adult life in university communities, seem to find it entirely natural to suppress speech that they don't like and seem utterly oblivious to claims that this violates the letter and spirit of the First Amendment. In this campaign, we have seen the coming of the Obama thugocracy, suppressing free speech, and we may see its flourishing in the four or eight years ahead.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sarah Palin: Emerging American Heroine

Sarah Palin is everything Obama is not . . .

"The choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate has been devastating for the Obama campaign precisely because she is everything Obama is not. Palin is not ashamed of her culture or country. She is not embarrassed by being an American, but naively embraces her birthright. Unassisted by affirmative action, Palin has risen to national prominence on the basis of her character, intelligence and natural gifts. In a word, she has guts. This is a woman who is proud of her country, not because it has granted her personal success, but because she respects what America stands for: freedom, opportunity, and individualism."

Show your admiration for Sarah Palin by buying a "God and Guns" tee-shirt by clicking on logo to your right. Enter promo code "steve"

Friday, October 3, 2008

Did Obama Threaten Hillary Clinton?

Note: If you want to buy a tee-shirt celebrating a real woman, Gov. Saah Palin, you can do so by clicking on the "Vote Bitter" image to your right. Put in the promo code of: steve

Obama dumps a load of dung on Hillary Clinton. She responds by endorsing him.

For the past several months, since the end of the Democratic primaries, I've been watching Hillary Clinton -- a heroine to some -- with a mixture of dismay and disgust. She has been enthusiastically endorsing the man, Barack Obama, who branded her as a warmonger, a liar, and a racist.

It's really shameful. But it's also the continuation of a pattern. For 30-years plus she's been in a marriage of convenience with a man who's a chronic adulterer. Frankly, that is a form of abuse and a source of continuing humuliation. I'm not a psychiatrist, but somehow Mrs. Clinton seems to feel that humiliation by men is her due. Some people won't like my saying that, but in fact it's rather obviously true.

Mrs. Clinton endorses Obama for much the same reason that she stayed with Bill Clinton, her permanent abuser. In some part of her being, she expects powerful men to mistreat her, and in that regard, they don't let her down.

If she had divorced Bill, that would ended her chances for the presidency -- and probably even for the Senate. She hangs around to get ahead. She's become a professional rider of Bill's coattails, a woman who seems to have no life of her own.

Hillary is one of those sad political cases who believes "there's no life outside the Beltway." For her, that absurd belief just may be true, if we can call what she has "a life."

A friend of mine -- a good friend -- from Texas has tried to explain Hillary's behavior this way: "They [Obama? his minions? the Chicago boys?] threatened her. They threatened her daughter [Chelsea]. They even threatened her mother!"

I don't buy it. How does anyone threaten former First Lady, one under constant Secret Service protection? When HRC takes a shower, there's someone outside the bathroom, listening to make sure she doesn't fall. I don't believe for a minute that anyone threatened her. I believe she does what she does because she's a weak human being.

She obviously values her Party over her Country. She obviously values her career over any character she may once have had. She's a sad spectacle. She doesn't deserve to be President. She doesn't even deserve to be a U.S. Senator.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hillary Clinton as Abused Woman:

For the past several months, since the end of the Democratic primaries, I've been watching Hillary Clinton -- a heroine to some -- with a mixture of dismay and disgust. She has been enthusiastically endorsing the man, Barack Obama, who branded her as a warmonger, a liar, and a racist. It's really shameful. But it's also the continuation of a pattern. For 30-years plus she's been in a marriage of convenience with a man who's a chronic adulterer. Frankly, that is a form of abuse and a source of continuing humuliation. I'm not a psychiatrist, but somehow Mrs. Clinton seems to feel that humiliation by men is her due. Some people won't like my saying that, but in fact it's rather obviously true. Mrs. Clinton endorses Obama for much the same reason that she stayed with Bill Clinton, her permanent abuser. In some part of her being, she expects powerful men to mistreat her, and in that regard, they don't let her down. If she had divorced Bill, that would ended her chances for the presidency -- and probably even for the Senate. She hangs around to get ahead. She's become a professional rider of Bill's coattails, a woman who seems to have no life of her own. Hillary is one of those sad political cases who believes "there's no life outside the Beltway." For her, that absurd belief just may be true, if we can call what she has "a life."

[Comments Welcome] Join us at the debate "watch party" Thursday night by clicking on the link above. My prediction? "Sarah will mop the floor with him."

"We've tried the military surge option before and it failed. If we try it again, it will fail again." (Joe Biden, December, 2006) As the banking industry's "main man in Washington," Biden has a heap of 'splaining to do.