Friday, October 17, 2008

Crunch Time for McCain-Palin

I hope everyone will tune in to our Clintons4McCain Blog Talk Radio show on Saturday. We'll have to outstanding African-American guests, who will explain why they're opposing Barack H. Obama.

If you're not already making calls in support of John and Sarah, well, what are you waiting for? I received the following today from the McCain Campaign, and I can't say it any better than they did:

Team -

John McCain and Sarah Palin were hard at work on the campaign trail this week, visiting with voters in battleground states and working day and night to reach out to undecided voters and energize supporters in the remaining days of the campaign. John McCain came off a great win in his final debate with Senator Obama and the polls are beginning to tighten as we head into the final stretch.

Yesterday, our campaign released a new TV ad highlighting this called, "Fight." John McCain and Sarah Palin are a team of reformers and fighters with a bold plan to make the next four years better for all Americans. Take a minute today to watch our latest ad by following this link.

Our country's economic troubles won't be solved by higher taxes and Senators Obama and Biden have laid out plans they say will "spread the wealth" around - taking more money from hard working Americans in the form of "patriotic" tax hikes.

If we're going to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin, we need your help. In the final days of the race, we need you to to pitch in and sign up to volunteer through our online phone bank. It's easy to use; you choose the state where you'd like to make calls and we provide the names, numbers and phone scripts. Please take a few minutes this evening or tomorrow to follow this link and make 20 calls for our campaign.

Our entire team, from our candidates to staff and volunteers, appreciates your support and dedication. Please get involved in the final days of the campaign. Your help can put us over the top on Election Day.

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