Saturday, May 31, 2008

Australian Condemn's Hillary's Raw Deal

Bulletin Regarding Gov. Sarah Palin (who always puts her hand on her heart when the National Anthem plays):
First, the founder of, Kavon W. Nikrad, has backed Gov. Palin for VP. This is one of our biggest endorsements yet, and you can read why I think it is important on the blog. Second, several supporters have emailed to tell me that, according to CNN, the Governor will be featured on Monday's Glenn Beck TV program (7-9 PM EST on CNN Headline News). Details have not yet been posted, and I have received several differing tips; so I don't know that exact nature or subject matter of the feature (I'm hoping it includes an interview). I will post details on the blog if and when I find out more. Otherwise, just be sure to tune into Glenn Beck tomorrow night.-- Adam Brickley Founder, "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President"

Obama blows nose as several members of the national media faint. The "change" sign refers to the fact that he carries three handkerchiefs.

Note: On my national blog ( I have a Sunda column that contains a shocking -- and well-documented -- essay from the powerful "Black Conservatives" Group (on Yahoo) demonstrating how Barack Obama, if elected President, will gut American military defenses. It's a must-read, and I hope you'll take a look. The following column reveals that even international observers understand that Hillary Clinton is getting a raw deal from the national media and her own Party. Mrs. Clinton has won nearly every major state in the primaries, yet somehow she's not getting the nomination. Why? It's not necessary that moderates or conservatives "like" Senator Clinton, but she does deserve fair treatment. Gender explain part of the problem. However, the real issue is the "free pass" Obama has received from most of the national media.

Australian Jim Fryar is perhaps the best of the overseas commentators on the American presidential race. Please visit his libertarian site (click below) to see his assessment of the mistreatment Hillary Clinton is receiving from her own Party and the American media.

Obama's Racist Church Attacks Hillary.
(Video clip here)

You have to love Obama's moves, using surrogates to attack other candidates, then publicly repudiating them in order to make himself look good while leaving the damage standing.

It is easy to understand the disquiet of Hillary supporters and the anger they must feel at the unprincipled efforts being made by the camp of their self righteous opponent who will of course choose to lecture them on 'divisiveness' if they respond.

I do not have much sympathy for any of the Democrat candidates, I really have no time for the sort of elitist, condescending attitudes that drive the desire to legislate on everything as if the public are too stupid to work things out for themselves.

Hillary is, however, entitled to be treated with courtesy and respect, and not be subjected to unjustifiable humiliation by persons who are supposed to be spiritual advisors, not participants in the boys club trying to dismiss her.

If these pastors and priests surrounding Obama are the best that Christianity can turn out, the case for separation of church and state remains strong.

This may be of use on your Hilary site: - v=ttHvgb4h7X8

Obama's Racist Church Attacks Hillary Clinton (...Again)

Steve adds: Despite the great distance between us, Jim is a friend and an especially astute observer. He demonstrates the tremendous international interest in the American election.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is McCain Talking to Hillary?

To regular visitors, I'll have another column up on Sunday morning. It will deal with "options for Hillary Clinton" -- and it will be a good piece. I have a hunch Mrs. Clinton will go through the motions when it comes to the campaign of Barack Obama. In the recent flap about a new preacher (an RC priest) at Obama's (former?) church, John McCain stood up for his friend Hillary Clinton -- and Obama didn't. I think Sen. McCain may be talking to Sen. Clinton behind the scenes.

If you're interested in another candidate who might one day end up in the White House, check out my piece on PA's Melissa Hart:

Rumors are swirling that Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska is on John McCain's short-list for the vice-presidential nomination. I'll write more Thursday p.m. about why Sarah would appeal to disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters. The following is from the popular site called "Wizbang."

Posted by KevinPublished: May 29, 2008 - 1:32 AM

A tipster sent us word that John McCain's VP advance man Arthur Culvahouse has been spotted in Juneau, Alaska. There's only one reason he would be there - to meet with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin about the Vice President position.

This comes on the heels of McCain's Memorial Day weekend barbecue attended by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, former White House budget director Rob Portman, and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman. Supposedly that was in informal affair, not a vetting session, but it appears that the VP selection game is very much afoot.

Governor Palin would (in my estimation) make an excellent VP candidate for McCain. Thomas Cheplick at The American Spectator makes the case that she's probably the only VP cadidate who can balance the ticket against Obama. She's also a potential magnet for disaffected Hillary Clinton voters, many of whom are just looking for a reason not to vote for Obama.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Moms" Star Salutes Sarah Palin

Jean Avery, a Princeton grad and originator of the very popular Moms4McCain site on, wrote the following piece. In my view, Jean Avery is in many ways just as much a star as Sarah Palin. This column appeared on (which I urge everyone to join) and on Jean's own site. Hillary Supporters (and others) who are "moms" should consider getting behind Sarah as a vice-presidential choice. The DailyKos and crowds fear Sarah, which speaks volumes about her strengths. This is the late Wednesday/Thursday column.

My VP week on Moms for McCain would not be complete without mention of fellow Mom and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, another "rising star" in the GOP, who has a unique ability to appeal to several key constituencies.

This election has been about breaking barriers, shattering glass ceilings, and overcoming stereotypes - and that's a good thing. I have discussed before why I don't think merely being a woman or minority candidate is sufficient, in principle or in practice, to earn the votes of Americans and win an election.

However, as my friends on McCain Now pointed out, the strategic reality before John McCain is that millions of would-be Hillary voters are about to come "up for grabs", a significant number have shown consistently they are willing to vote McCain. Choosing a female VP would be a strategic move to show disenfranchised Hillary supporters that women have a prominent place in a McCain White House.

That issue aside, Palin would be an outstanding pick even if she were equipped with different body parts. Palin complements McCain's strengths and would, I believe, strengthen the Republican party's national image.

With unheard-of approval ratings near 85-90%, former beauty queen Palin was not an obvious choice to lead a state that many of us associate with igloos and parkas. Like Jindal, she ran for office to fight the notorious corruption in her state (remember the "bridge to nowhere"?) and like McCain, fighting for responsible spending and accountable government has been a hallmark of her leadership.

Palin walks the walk on conservative values, as a cautious spender, avid sportswoman, 2nd-amendment defender, and true example of pro-life values in action. Already a mother of four, Palin became pregnant at age 44 and learned early in her pregnancy that her child would, most likely, have Down's syndrome.

Palin showed courage and character, leading throughout her pregnancy and even posing for Vogue. She went into labor early (been there, done that!) during a Governors' conference -- at which she had the opportunity to informally 'remove herself' from VP consideration, and didn't take it.

To be clear, I don't think we should hand this woman the vice-presidency because she gave birth a lot and in brave ways (although I have to admit, as a Mom, this appeals to my head and my heart). I also don't think we should take lightly the responsibilities of raising a special-needs child - but other women in Washington have done it, and it would be sexist and presumptuous to make that decision for her.

As long as she keeps her hat in the ring, I think McCain should try it on for size. For LOTS more on Gov. Palin, see

Steve Adds: Even if you're not a mom or even a female -- to both of which I plead guilty -- I urge you to visit Jean's Mom4McCain site. Mothers are a critical constituency in this year's election, as they are in most. As for Jean, she's as good as it gets on the blogosphere.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Obama Cartoon & Joke Specials

If you're interested in critical races involving female candidates, we have several in Pennsylvania this year. On my Pennsylvania blog, I posted late Tuesday a piece about one of the most important congressional races in the country -- Republican Marina Kats v. Democrat Allyson Schwartz, who is famous for conducting some of the dirtiest campaigns in the country. My money is on Marina this time.

Obama disspelling rumor that he can't walk on water . . .

Barack Obama showing solidarity with his pastor of 20 years . . .

"Lay off my wife!" Obama, announcing that his wife was not only leaving campaigning but also joining a nunnery.

Why did Obama say there were "57 states?" Because he had them mixed up with the number of cards in a deck? Actually, he quickly gave the correct answer: "48."

Why did Obama suggest that one of the "Great Lakes" was in Oregon? Because those states full of white people all look alike.

What about the rumors Obama is a Muslim? They're just as ridiculous as the rumor that he's tall and thin.

How many Obamas does it take to unscrew a light bulb? Two is the Wright answer.

Why does Michelle walk bent over? It has something to do with fact she's 6-foot-8.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sarah Palin: New Mommy V-P?

Later today I'll be writing more on my national blog(s) about how Republican candidates in PA and elsewhere can exploit Democratic Congressman Paul Kanjorski's statement (scroll down) that Democrats lied to voters to get elected in 2006. On my Pennsylvania blog ( blog, I have a column about what political tactics work and which don't. I'm continuing to write there about the crucial issue of fund-raising. I hope you'll forward it to candidates in your own states. There are some surprises. Thanks for visiting. If you like this site, tell your friends about it. :-)

Alaska teacher-of-the-year Jan Boucher, along with Gov. Sarah Palin and her youngest daughter, Piper (then 6, I believe) painting a mural in a Native Alaskan village. When it came time to go home to Juneau, Piper announced she thought she would stay.

Sarah and Todd Palin with three daughters. I love Piper's (age 7 now) "Hollywood Smile." In Alaska, Todd is known as "The First Dude." (Think "Northern Exposure") Son Track is in the U.S. Army Infantry. Baby "Trig" apparently was non-existent at the time. When Trig was born, Sarah's press release began, "God has blessed us . . . ." I hope God blesses US (and U.S.) by having John McCain name her his running mate. Sarah, my faraway friend, we're trying! (When Sarah announced on TV that she was having a fifth child, Piper announced: "I'm going to be a BIG SISTER." Piper, I bet you'll be a great one.

If Hillary Clinton is not to be the first female President, there's a good chance that Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, mother of five, including a U.S. Army infantryman, will be the first woman to win the presidency. If that happens in 2020, well, Sarah will be only 56 years old. I wrote recently on the RudySupportersforMcCain Group about the pressing need for McCain to choose a woman running mate -- specifically, Sarah. Somewhat to my suprise I got the following message from "A," a female (in italics)..

"Count me old-fashioned, but Palin is a new mom (again) and I don't think it's appropriate for her to be taking on a 90-hour-a-week job like the Vice Presidency. Indeed, I question how she is doing with her governorship right now. Either her job or her children aren't getting everything they need. I know I'm going to be flamed, but I don't care.

"I count myself a feminist (even though that word has been reviled of late), but children need their parents, not a nonstop parade of nannies. Infants and toddlers in particular need their mommies. In addition, Palin's new child has special needs. I think another candidate would do just as well for Mac.

Palin could be VP (or even run for POTUS herself in a few years, when her new baby is a more self-sufficient older child).

My response follows (in boldface)

I don't flame, but occasionally I tend to smolder.

Sarah has spoken about running for Vice-President while pregnant, and I'll dig that up later. She is very interested in the Vice-Presidential slot. I'm sure her husband is very good at this point in taking care of children when necessary. I know Sarah brings newborns to the office.

I regard your comments as "old-fashioned," but worst than that they represent the kind of sexism that has put the Republican Party way behind the eight-ball with female voters -- about 57% of whom generally vote for Democrats. They do in part because they believe we Republicans are so "old-fashioned" that it inteferes with their God-given right to live their lives as they wish. Thus, in many cases, they want nothing to do with us or our candidates.What would those female voters say about your "old-fashioned" comments.

They would say that you are holding women with newborns to a standard to which you, in your "old-fashioned" way, would never hold a man with a new child. Sarah Palin has a wonderful support system obviously.

Here are a few example of what Sarah has accomplished in her first weeks after giving birth to Trig, her fifth.

Following is from Anchorage Daily News on May 23:

Palin's veto ax lops $268 million from budget.. Sarah Palin on Friday axed about 10 percent of the spending that state legislators approved for hometown projects.SThis is the second year in a row Palin vetoed projects dear to legislators. She said lawmakers stuffed the $2.7 billion state capital budget too full.

Here's a story today from the Anchorage Daily News:

Gov. Sarah Palin is calling for TransCanada to get the state license and $500 million subsidy to pursue building a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope. "It's a better proposal than we had even hoped for," she said this morning.

My comments again:

These stories above are both huge deals in Alaska, and the pipeline is a much bigger deal in the lower-48, which will get the natural gas from Alaska.I'm sure Searh will be a great vice-presidential candidate. She is no ordinary mortal. She was delivering the Keynote Address at the Republican Governor's meeting when she went into labor. She finished the speech.

The following is a portion of a column written by Cindy (SJ Reidhead) on The Pink Flamingo. Cindy is a woman professional (writer) but not a mother. The article is very worth reading.

It's entitled:

"Why Isn’t a New Mommy (Sarah Palin) Qualified to be VP?" the full article on Blog Critics.More on the announcement. Here Palin is seen downplaying the whole idea of a VP turn this time. I keep thinking about Dick Cheney. Let's face it, the GOP is in a corner. There are qualified individuals who are neither white nor male. Every time I hear our white, males list potential candidates, they do not have enough creativity to consider the fact that they are neither the only gender nor race. I think this is the year for someone other than a middle aged white male. Lo and Behold: (no profanity please)

Some Neanderthal wrote on his site that Sarah Palin, the very competent and very pregnant (7 months) governor of Alaska is probably out of the running for VP because she will be a new Mommy and would probably want to stay home with baby! (no profanity please – it’s Lent).What could be better?

It is quit obvious we Republicans are going to have a serious financial deficit to deal with when it comes to fund raising. If Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee, he has nearly a hundred million dollar financial advantage over John McCain.

Can you imagine the publicity her selection would generate? We’re talking F-R-E-E publicity, fawning and gurgling over a brand new baby Palin.

Dem Congressman Admits Iraq Lies

Note: This column isn't about Hillary Supporters for McCain specifically, but it's so important that I'm posting it today on all my blogs. Bombshell: Dems Lied About Iraq

The material below from PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason is a spectacular bombshell regarding the Democrats in 2006 knowingly lying about the Iraq War. It has major implications not just in PA's 11th district (where Rep. Paul Kanjorski is running against Republican Lou Barletta) but nationwide. Cong.Kanjorski (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area) admitted -- he's a moron, by the way -- that Democrats lied about the Iraq War in order to win the 2006 election. Of course, that means they also endangered our fighting men and women for political gain. I will be writing about this all weekend, initially at:

I sincerely hope Senator McCain discusses Kanjorski's statement and its implications. Please disseminate this as widely as possible. This is the gaffe to end all gaffes, and it is a game-changer. Rob Gleason's statements follow:

Congressman Paul Kanjorski Admits Democrats Lied To The Public On
The War In Iraq To Win Control Of Congress In 2006,
Knowingly Endangered Our Troops

HARRISBURG - Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Robert A. Gleason, Jr. released the following statement on recent comments made by Congressman Paul Kanjorski admitting that Democrats lied to the public regarding ending the Iraq War in order to win back control of Congress:

"In light of his admission that he and other members of the Democrat Party lied, I believe that Congressman Paul Kanjorski should do the honorable thing and resign immediately. He violated the trust of the people of his district and betrayed them through his purposefully deceitful remarks. I demand that other members of the Democrat delegation come clean as well and let the public know if they were part of this conspiracy.

"Paul Kanjorski said that the Democrats ‘stretched the facts' for political reasons during the 2006 election cycle. As a veteran, I find Congressman Kanjorski's admission to lying about the facts of the War startling. The fact that Paul Kanjorski and the Democrats put their own political interests and thirst for power above the lives of the brave men and women fighting to protect our country sickens me. By misleading the nation and the world about the progress being made in Iraq, Kanjorski and the Democrats put the lives of our troops in danger, and they should be deeply ashamed of themselves. This is a sad day in American political history."

At a recent event, Congressman Kanjorski told a crowd the following about the Democrats 2006 election strategy:"I'll tell you my impression. We really in this last election, when I say we...the Democrats, I think pushed it as far as we can to the end of the fleet, didn't say it, but we implied it. That if we won the Congressional elections, we could stop the war. Now anybody was a good student of Government would know that wasn't true. But you know, the temptation to want to win back the Congress, we sort of stretched the facts...and people ate it up."

Click here to watch the Congressman admitting that the Democrats political strategy in 2006 was to knowingly mislead the public on the War in Iraq. My comments: The Democrats in Pennsylvania who lied about the Iraq War for political gain include: Chaka Fattah (2d District), Jason Altmire (4th district), Joe Sestak (7th district), Patrick Murphy (8th district), Paul Kanjorski (11th district), John Murtha (12th district), Allyson Schwartz (13th district), and Tim Holden (17th district).

Gee, how many of them deserve to return to Congress so they can continue lying to us? Zero seems like a good number. All these Democrats are career politicians, perpetually feeding off the public trough. They can conceive of no other "job," nor can anyone imagine them holding one.

Please, my fellow Pennsylvanians and Americans, put them in the unemployment lines. To Pennsylvania Democrats and Independents, you do have other choices than to vote for this pack of liars. Stand up for Pennsylvania, America, and the truth by voting them out of office.

In 2006, Cong. John Murtha knowingly lied when he called American Marines "cold-blooded killers." He did so in an effort to win the position of Majority Leader. Cong. Murtha's despicable behavior demonstrates that Paul Kanjorski is not the only member of Congress who should resign. Of course, Murtha is so self-absorbed that there is no way he intends to leave his role as "The Prince of Pork" other than to exit feet-first. Twelth district voters should help him on his sorry way.

More about Cong. Jason Altmire, Murtha's pet "piglet," this afternoon . .

Republican candidates:Michael Livingston (against Fattah)
Melissa Hart (against Altmire)
Craig Williams (against Sestak)
Tom Manion (against Patrick Murphy)
Lou Barletta (against Kanjorski)
William Russell (against Murtha)
Marina Kats (against Schwartz)
Toni Gihooley (against Holden)

Please support these outsanding candidates. You can do so by clicking on their names and going to their web sites. Their opponents are gathering money from hate-America groups like and the Please give as generously as you can to the GOP candidates.

Since most Democratic congresspeople in PA are dumb as doorknobs when it comes to Iraq, they invariably follow John Murtha's lead." ON PAUL KANJORSKI BELOW.

Kanjorski is the second ranking Dem on Finacial Services. He's chairman of the Capital Markets, Insurance, and Goverrnment Sponsored Enterprises Comm. He's the 4th ranking Dem. on the Oversight and Goverment Reform (!!!!!) Committee. He voted FOR the Iraq Timetable. He is a major misuser of earmarks and in that works very closely with "The Prince of Pork," John Murtha. He was involved in the "Cornerstone" scandal, getting huge earmarks for a company that was supposed to turn coal to oil. Instead, it turned itself into bankruptcy. Former employees of Cornerstone said Kanjorski "often took an active role in its operations." A Penn State University described the Cornerstone fiasco as "The Three Stooges meet anthracite." His seat is described as "safe," but it is a lot less safe today than it was last Saturday. The median income in Kanjorski's district is well below the national average. The poverty rate is above the Pennsylvania average (See Michael Barone, Almanac of American Politics, 2008, pp. 1410-1412) His opponent this year is Republican Lou Barletta, mayor of Hazleton.

Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain: Pick Sarah Palin Now!

"The first female Vice-President of the U.S. may be Sarah Palin of Alaska."

I guess this is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin week online. Several important bloggers have endorsed Sarah recently. One of them is the absolutely wonderful Jean Avery, who manages Jean is one of the brightest political activists in America (along with Sharon Caliendo), and I urge you to visit her site. (Sharon blogs at: You also want to visit the site of the individual, Colorado's own Adam Brickley, who founded the "Draft Sarah Palin Movement." Two years ago, he was the only member of the movement. I was the third. Now, Sarah Palin is a national fiigure with an army of supporters. It would be a bold, imaginative step for John McCain to pick Sarah as his running mate, but boldness and imagination are just what we have come to expect of the Senator from Arizona. If you want to read just one article that captures the essence of Sarah's appeal, see Fred Barnes' Weekly Standard piece ("The Most Popular Governor") at: Thanks also to Cindy at The Pink Flamingo, one of the most popular blogs, for her continuing support of Sarah. And a salute to the irrepressible (and almost unpronouncable) FullosseousFlap, a big-time blogger, for his endorsement of Sarah this week at: If you haven't yet seen my HillarySupportersforMcCain blog, one of the most unusual going, well, what are you waiting for? McCain's chances for the presidency rise and fall on the basis of how effectively he can attract Hillary Supporters.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Heath Palin, mother of five, including a U.S. Army infantryman, and John McCain's best choice for V-P


Ted has left a new comment on your post "
Sarah Palin Belongs to America":

Here's an important piece of advice: If it looks like it's going to be McCain/Palin anyway (and that should be a "no brainer" for Team McCain), McCain should announce NOW or VERY SOON, rather than later towards the convention. There's currently a growing chorus for Obama/Hillary (as VP) ticket (in fact the Dems are likely aware of the Palin phenomenon).

If the GOP waits while movement for Hillary as VP grows -- even worse until after it is solidified that Hillary will/could be VP pick -- selecting Palin will be portrayed by Dems/liberal media more as a reaction by GOP selecting its own female (overshawdoing Palin's own remarkable assets), rather than McCain taking the lead on this.

Selecting Palin now or early (contrary to the punditocracy) will mean McCain will be seen as driving the course of this campaign overwhelmingly, and the DEMS will be seen as merely reacting. And, there's absoultely no down-side to this because even if Hillary is a no-go as VP for Obama, the GOP gains by acting early.

McCain the maverick. Palin the maverick. Do it now!

There's no reason, and actually substantial negative, in McCain waiting to see what the Dems do first insofar as his picking Palin as VP, because, no matter who Obama picks, Palin is by far (and I mean far) the best pick for McCain and the GOP, especially in this time of GOP woes. The GOP can be seen as the party of real 'change' (albeit I hate that mantra, change, change, bla bla), while not really having to change from GOP core conservative values, which Palin more than represents.

In light of the current oil/energy situation, as well as the disaffected female Hillary voters situation, and growing focus on McCain's age and health, Palin is more than perfect -- now.(Perhaps Team McCain is already on to this.)

My comment: Ted, you said it all. John McCain needs to understand that choosing the usual suspects -- two older white guys with silver hair -- is not a winning combination this year. Few people who know about Sarah and her stellar career doubt she will be President of the U.S. someday, so let's get her front-and-center NOW.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Secret Obama Bombshell

This weekend I'll be writing about the "big question" for the Democrats - whether Obama will offer Hillary Clinton the vice-presidential nomination. And, if he does offer it, will she accept? To me, asking the question is something like enquiring if a football team wants to be the runner-up in the Super Bowl. Mrs. Clinton wants to become President, not vice-president. More to come late Friday night . . . "Nobody remembers who finished second . . . " Hint: I believe Obama's VP running mate will be John Edwards of North Carolina.

This column is more speculative than usual, because I don't know what the Clinton Campaign's big secret is. However, I strongly suspect it has one (or probably more). Whatever the secret(s) are, they are highly unfavorable to Barack Obama. They could cost him the nomination.

My reasoning: Senator Obama now has a majority of the so-called "pledged" delegates. He has a growing majority of the so-called "SuperDelegates," those monuments to utter disdain for democracy, are allied with Obama.

Yet, Mrs. Clinton, who was not born yesterday, believes strongly that she will get the nomination. Why? She must have a reason for assuming "SuperDelegates" will desert Obama in droves.

The Internet is exploding with rumors about Obama's drug use and sexual misbehavior. The most serious accusations seem to originate with one Larry Sinclair and his online "posse." If you wish, you can talk a look at what Sinclair says:

Frankly, I have some serious doubts about the veracity of Larry Sinclair. If what he says is true, he could prove it by taking a polygraph test from a reputable examiner. Sending heated e-mails to the Democratic National Committee is not the same thing. Sinclair's world is not one you'd even want to stir with a stick.

The point remains: either Sen. Clinton is pulling off the greatest bluff in the history of politics -- or she has something significant to spring on Obama. She does not play for "the love of the game"; she plays to win.

Will the big secret -- the bombshell -- be an example of Mrs. Clinton's supposedly "negative campaigning?" In fact, she hasn't really engaged in such campaigning. Part of her responsibility is to explain why she thinks she would be the best Democrat for the nomination. The other part is to explain the ways in which her opponent is deficient -- particularly in his lack of experience.

Again, the evidence suggests Sen. Clinton thinks she will win the nomination. She's enough of a realist to understand that she will be nominee only if some very negative information about Obama comes out.

My guess -- and it is a guess -- is that the information will be forthcoming early in June -- perhaps on June 3, the date of the Puerto Rico primary.

If the information is very damaging to Obama, the SuperDelegates -- many of them -- will shift from the Illinois Senator to the New York Senator. They will do so because she is polling much better than Obama in three crucial battleground states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida.

Thus, Hillary Clinton could end up being the nominee after all. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McCain: Get Those Hillary Voters!

On my national blogs (yeah, I have two) I have a piece posted Wednesday night that discusses the anti-American, anti-military, pro-Communist band, the Decembrists, that helped draw the huge crowd for Obama in Oregon. It's quite fascinating. &


Nora O'Donnell (MSNBC) "Does she [Hillary] believe she has been treated unfairly because of her gender?"

Terry McAuliffe (Hillary's campaign manager): "It is what it is." (He talked about the avalanche of negative stories about Mrs. Clinton)

[If you think America's educational decline is irreversible, please visit my Pennsylvania site ( All revenues from those who use Google AdSense (to your right) to consider purchases will go to John McCain and other outstanding candidates.]

In Kentucky (Tuesday evening) exit polls are showing that two-thirds of Clinton voters are saying they will not vote for Obama in the General Election. Forty-one percent are saying they will vote for John McCain. That more than the percentage that say they would vote for Obama in the General Election.

Mrs. Clinton won the Kentucky primary by more than 250,000 votes -- an incredibly large number.

That's why I'm asking my favorite Pennsylvania congressional candidates and their supporters to say, "A vote for my opponent is a vote for Barack Obama." That is not the conventional wisdom, but the conventional wisdom is wrong in this case. To my friends running for Congress, I urge you to tie yourself and your campaign to John McCain.

I have been asking some very good Republican congressional candidates (most in Pennsylvania) to ally themselves with -- and strongly endorse -- John McCain.

The other day when a reporter asked Senator McCain about Hillary's continuing her campaign, I didn't believe he exploited the opportunity. He made vague comments about the ups and downs of campaigns, pointing to the time when he was way behind, etc.

There's a fire raging in the Democratic Party, and McCain should experiment with pouring some "verbal gasoline" on it. If he doesn't believe they're stealing the nomination from her, he can note that many people do feel that way.

Specifically, they believe she's suffering from unfair actions by Howard Dean and friends, along with a media that's "in the tank for Obama." By the way, I agree with those Hillary supporters on that point.

The point is that John McCain and his entire campaign should be reaching out -- now -- to Hillary supporters. The Hillary-ites should know that they're very welcome in the McCain camp.

One other step John could take that would keep most of those Hillary supporters (including the 41% in KY) in his camp is to name an outstanding female as his running mate. I believe that female is Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.

The way to get women elected to the nation's highest offices is to put them in a position to run for vice-president and President. A woman like Sarah Palin has the toughness, integrity, and campaign skills to become a President of the U.S. She deserves the chance to run for that office.

We need those Hillary supporters, and we need strong support from women in general.

PLEASE READ THE COMMENT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION (a Hillary Supporter for McCain) as well as the following notes I received on They are quite enlightening:

Jean Avery said:

"Hi Steve - thought this would be interesting for you...

"There are literally over a dozen anti-Obama groups on CafeMom, mostly from Hillary people not McCain people. Experience, national security and overall 'professionalism' seem to be common ground. Women are becoming, to borrow from Obama, "bitter" at the level of pressure Hillary is under to quit. I honestly think the longer she stays in the more of her women voters will choose McCain as an anti-Obama vote, or because (gasp) they read about his vastly superior credentials and character."

Andrea Snell said:

"Hey Steve, I've been working on my mom for weeks and she is definitely leaning McCain if Hillary doesn't get the nomination. (She was actually very pro-Obama up until he was found to be sending out misleading ads before the Ohio primary and he got increasingly negative towards Hillary) As to VP, a woman would be great but Huckabee could [help] ensure the South WV, VA, NC, and Iowa."

Gov. Sarah Palin: Presidential Material

Note to Visitors: I believe this particular blog is dealing with the key issue in the 2008 electon: whether the Hillary voters will continue gravitating to John McCain -- and whether he will go after them aggressively. I thank the many people who have visited and I'll do everything I can to give you a reason to keep coming back.

Note: I sent the following message to several (female) Republican congressional candidates I'm working with this year. Please pass it on to congressional candidates in your area. Thanks.

Bulletin forcongressional candidates and supporters: In KY exit polls are showing that two-thirds of Clinton voters are saying they will NOT vote for Obama in the General Election. Forty-one percent are saying they will vote for McCain.That's why I'm asking candidates and supporters to say, "A vote for my opponent is a vote for Barack Obama." That is not the conventional wisdom, but the conventional wisdom is wrong in this case. Tie yourself and your campaign to John McCain. (Please be kind enough to go Congressional Quarterly -- link below -- and vote for Gov. Sarah Palin (scroll down). If you want women in high offices, then vote for female candidates like Toni Gihooley (PA 17th CD), Melissa Hart (PA 4th CD), and Marina Kats (PA 13th CD).

There is a widespread belief (discussed last Sunday in the New York Times) that, since the nomination has been stolen from Mrs. Clinton, Sarah Heath Palin of Alaska could be America's first female President. There is a great grassroots pressure on John McCain to name Sarah as his running-mate. She's probably the country's most popular elected official, a fiscal conservative who's pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-people, and pro-family. In Alaska, she is extremely popular among not only Republicans, but also among Democrats and Independents. She is a ferocious campaigner and her now-legendary toughness reminds some people of Senator Clinton.

Will this woman, Alaska Gov. Sarah Heath be America's first female President? And will this man, Todd Palin, (above) holding their new baby, Trig, be America's "First Dude?" There is a good chance John McCain will name her as his vice-presidential running mate. Please vote for her in the Congressional Quarterly "V-P Madness" poll (see below)

Palin Fans:

Gov. Palin is now just one victory away from WINNING CQ Politics' "VP Madness"! She beat out Rob Portman in the Final Four by a vote of 56%-43%, advancing to a final confrontation with Mike Huckabee. I'm very confident in the chances of a Palin victory, but the presidential primaries proved that underestimating Mike Huckabee is a huge mistake. So, let's make sure that we give our favorite governor as much help as we possibly can.

PLEASE let as many people as you can know about this poll. Post it on your blog, email your friends, write a note on your Facebook profile, anything to help push Gov. Palin over the top. Win or lose, VP Madness has been a major victory for our movement, but a win here could permanently catapult Sarah Palin into the top tier of the top tier of the veepstakes (at least as far as the media is concerned).


Adam Brickley
Founder, "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President"

Note from Steve: Adam Brickley, a 21-year-old college student (who's graduating this week in Colorado Springs) is the finest young political operative in the country. Please cast your ballot for Sarah, a truly remarkable woman who just might be "Mt. Rushmore material."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Black Female Voters for McCain?

If you're looking for "Will Hillary Sit the Election Out?," scroll down one column. This is about a Black female Hillary Supporter and a Black Conservative who both will vote for John McCain.

Here's the comment by MadLiz:

maddlizz has left a new comment on your post "Hillary Supporters Should Back McCain":

I am a Hillary supporter. I will never vote for Obama because he is inexperienced and unqualified to be President. I am also Black and I refuse to vote for an unqualified person just because they are Black. I fear that Obama would be a worse President than Carter or Bush. The only way I could ever vote for Obama would be if Hillary was on the ticket as VP. However, that will never happen because Obama knows that she would overshadow him. Therefore, I will be voting for MCain and hoping for a better Democratic candidate in 2012."

Silver Spring MD

The following is from Mary McCurry on the Black Conservatives Group:

"And for the record: I have enough input on BO to never vote for him for any office. As far as him being the Dem nominee, yes; he was long ago chosen by mainstream media and the Starbucks fans as their Lord and Saviour and are now allowing the ceremonial election process to continue until Coronation."

Thanks Liz and Mary:

Amazing in one sense, but not surprising in another. The exit poll results on African-American voting patterns miss the fact that there's another story going on that's not getting reported. (I'm talking about the African-Americans who are NOT turning out to vote for Obama. Where oh where are they? MadLiz gives the answer perhaps.)

I started this blog, Hillary Supporters for McCain, as a site that says: (1) yes, Howard Dean and friends have stolen the nomination (FL and MI being the keys) from Sen. Clinton; (2) John McCain wants your vote, and so do a lot of fine Republican candidates for Congress.

I believe all Republican candidates for the House or Senate should go hard after the Hillary voters.
I want John McCain to tell Black Americans that he REALLY wants their votes. I also want him to promise that Black and Latino Americans are going to play a major role in his administration (starting with Michael Steele, Ken Blackwell, Amy Holmes, and Lynn Swann).

Note: If you're interested in Pennsylvania politics -- a "blood sport" -- please visit my Pennsylvania site at: And thanks again to "MadLiz" (seems very sane to me) for her comments.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Will Hillary Sit Election Out?

Probably not, but I have a strong hunch she many just do a lot of sitting on her hands.
Mrs. Clinton has many possible futures:

  1. She could in fact get the Dem nomination, although that looks very unlikely;
  2. She could get named (by her nemesis, called "BO" by her staff) as the vice-presidential candidate, which also seems unlikely, given the fact that Republicans are even now getting ready to run her anti-Obama remarks as commercials;
  3. She could accept an offer from John McCain to run as V-P nominee on the Republican ticket – again unlikely, but not impossible;
  4. She could, as she’s said she would, campaign vigorously for the Obama ticket (probably an Obama-Edwards team), although I doubt the Illinois Senator will ask Bill Clinton to stump for him; or,
  5. She could go through the motions of campaigning for Obama in order to keep her racial “creds” with Black voters.

    Here’s the reality: Hillary doesn’t want to be vice-president, which she probably sees as involving daily attendance at funerals for foreign dignitaries. Long-ago vice-president John Nance Garner, said of the V-P office that “it isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit.” Mrs. Clinton, meet Mr. Garner.

    Hillary Clinton wants to be President. She doesn’t want to be some junior Senator’s second-banana. She doesn’t want to spend four years “waiting for something that never happens.”

    In fact, Senator Clinton wants to become President Clinton, part II. If I had to wager whether she will ever become President, I’d bet she will – perhaps as early as 2012. Even n the 2020 election, she will be the same age as John McCain is now. She'd be younger than Reagan when he defeated Mondale. She has a "passionate intensity" that I doubt will wane until she's older than Robert Byrd is now.

    Barack Obama looks like a weak candidate. We’re already hearing speculation that he might be another George McGovern, a man who lost 49 states.

    Have you seen Obama lately? He started out as a beanpole, and he’s now close to anorexic. He sounds dispirited. He can’t seem to shake his role as a punching bag, an easy target with enough skeletons in his closet to stock a good-sized graveyard. Most white voters in important states want nothing to do with him.

    Thus, there may well be an opening for a new Democratic candidate in the 2012 election. President McCain in the next election will be: (1) feistier than ever; (2) older than dirt.

    Non-President Obama in 2012? He’ll be a much-wanted graduation speaker at left-slanted universities. He will chant “Yes we can!” to puzzled audiences who are aware that “No, he didn’t.”

    He may also take over the leadership of He may even admit that he, Bill Ayers, and Rev. Wright in fact have a top-secret handshake. Alternatively, he may change his name back to “Barry Obama” as it was in days of yore.

Michelle Obama will be doing her “community outreach” job in Chicago, although she won’t have revealed exactly what it is she does. Her salary will be $500,000 a year (up from $350,000), but she'll still be complaining about how much it costs to send her daughters to Princeton.

If McCain wins the election, as he probably will, Hillary Clinton could be – and probably will be – the Democratic nominee in 2012. Since she’s impressed many people as the pit bull of American politics, she might even win the race – perhaps against McCain’s V-P choice, who should be Sarah Palin of Alaska. If Hillary think Sarah would be an easy opponent, then she'd better engage in some cogitational re-calibration.

Aren’t American elections as non-stop as they are perpetual fun?

Hillary Clinton DESERVES Democratic Nomination

NEXT WEEK & BEYOND: I'll tackle the followng: (1) Will Hillary Sit the Election Out? (2) Why are the Clinton's long-time political allies deserting her? (3) Why did John Edward endorse Barack Obama? (Hint: can you say vice-presidency?) (4) Why have Black voters deserted the wife of the man who used to be called "The first Black President?" (5) Why might Obama's almost-total lock on the Black vote actually hurt him in the General Election? (And if it's okay for almost all Blacks to vote for a Black person, why isn't it okay for whites to vote for a Caucasian?) I guarantee your favorite cable network won't be dealing with these issues.

On my Pennsylvania blog today, I continue my discussion of how candidates (i.e., Republicans) can win when they're being significantly outspent by their opponents. On my national blog, I have two columns on Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (P.S., he won't send them to friends and family members). Thanks for visiting!

NOTE: Please click on all the Google AdSense links to your right. Every penny (and it won't be a lot, alas) received will go the general election campaign of John McCain against Obama. Thanks.

It's really quite simple. After this Tuesday, she will have won primaries in states with nearly 60% of the nation's population. Of course, you won't hear that from the national media, which spends almost all its time waving pom-poms whenever Obama wanders by.

Think about it: Senator Clinton has won New Hampshire and West Virginia -- and this Tuesday will win Kentucky by a big margin.

But of greater significance, she's also carried -- usually by huge percentages -- the following: California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, and Michigan. In Wisconsin, she and Obama basically tied. You probably haven't seen or heard about that list on CNN or the NY Times.

That's a profoundly impressive performance. If she could win the states listed above in a general election, she would be President-elect. If Obama loses most of those states on Nov. 4, which he probably will, he'd finish second in the general election.

Yet the Democrats' Old Boys Network, led by Howard Dean, Barack Obama, and many of the SuperDelegates (Kennedy, Kerry, Rockefeller, and others) are basically doing everything in their power to deny her the nomination. Democratic voters know that, even if the national media remains clueless.

People who disagree with Sen. Clinton on most issues -- and I'm one -- have developed a great admiration for her grit and fighting spirit. She should be the nominee, but that's not going to happen -- and it could have lasting, negative consequences for the Democrats' Party.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Obama: Perpetuation of Poverty?

If you're looking around for the column about Teddy Kennedy (now in the hospital with stroke symptoms) conspiring with the Soviet KGB in the 1980s, you should go to my national blog and scroll down one column. I hope you'll bring it to the attention of your friends and political allies.

On this blog focused on Hillary supporters for McCain, I have several columns (scroll down) about how the Democrats' "Old Boys Network" (led by Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, and Barack Obama) is working with the media to unfairly deny Sen. Clinton the Democratic nomination.

The following is from "LargeBear" (Randy), a proud member of the large (and growing) "Black Conservatives" group on Yahoo:

"Quote of the week from Charles Barkley ( for those of you that don't know, he's a former basketball NBA Allstar that is a sports commentator and should run for office with this in-sight)."

"Poor People have been voting for Democrats for the last 50 years, and they are still poor."

My comments:

Randy, the poor people voting for Democrats in the vain hope that things will improve reminds me of two of my favorite quotes:

"The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over in the hope that it will somehow produce different results." and,

"Sometimes all of life seems a preparation for something that never happens." (W. B. Yeats, Irish poet)

A truth you won't hear from Obama or his allies: If a political party has a solid hold on a certain voting bloc, the last thing it wants to see is that group somehow disappear (i.e., in this case, have the poor get "un-poor").

Barack Obama's "solution" to poverty is to tax people of modest means in order to make them poorer -- and, paradoxically, more likely to vote for him in the future. Hillary Clinton's comment on affluent people (which certainly includes her and her husband) is, "More power to them!" Good for her!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dr. Sanity: Media Hates Hillary

Okay, we keep hearing that the Democratic superdelegates should decide on the votes in their district, or state, or nationally (choose one or more, I guess). Okay, Hillary Clinton carried Mass. by a large margin, but superdelegates Kerry, Kennedy, and Patrick (Gov.) are backing Obama. Huh? In WV, Hillary carried the state 67% to 26% but superdelegate Jay Rockefeller backs Obama. In Buck County, PA, Hillary won the primary by 30,000 votes, but the representative from that area, Patrick Murphy, backs Obama. Read all about Patrick Murphy on my Pennsylvania blog. He's exquisitely awful.


For a brand new blog, this one has had quite a few vistors streaming through. I thank all of you for coming, and I ask you to invite your friends to join you. This blog deals with one of the most complicated -- and fascinating issues in the election: where will "Hillary voters" go in the general election? I believe most of them will go to John McCain. If they do, McCain will become -- early in the morning on November 5 -- President-elect of the U.S. This blog treats Hillary supporters with respect.

In case you're wondering, this blog will continue to operate until mid-November, 2008. This has been quite a week: On this blog (and others) I've endorsed the idea of John McCain offering the vice-presidential spot on his ticket to . . . Sen. Hillary Clinton. On my national blog, I've helped break the story of how Teddy Kennedy conspired with the Soviet KGB to attempt to derail Ronald Reagan's re-election effort. On my Pennsylvania blog, I've discussed why the national Republican establishment has become a hindrance to congressional candidates. Today's piece (below) is from a (conservative) female psychiatrist trying to divine why the national media absolutely hates Hillary Clinton. Enjoy!

Picture of Dr. Pat Santy, a superstar of the blogosphere, on her BlogTalkRadio program. She's the author of today's guest column re: Hillary Clinton. Pat's specialties in medicine are psychiatruy and aerospace medicine.

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton, but even I am starting to get annoyed at the blatant, anti-Hillary bias of the MSM--dare I say that it is rather sexist? The casual dismissal of her presidential campaign in general since the charismatic black candidate came along by the MSM--and especially since the woman won by 41 percentage points in the most recent primary against Obama is rather striking. I can't think of a single instance where a male in her position was so vilified for deciding to stay in the race, expecially when it was so close.

Check this out from Byron York: ABC to Clinton: You Won West Virginia? We Don't Care. Look! It's John Edwards!

John Edwards's appearance in Michigan to endorse Obama just happened to be set for 6:30 P.M., at the top of the networks' nightly news feeds. ABC's World News went to a live picture off the top, but Edwards apparently missed his slot, so ABC went to its China coverage and promised to return to Michigan live.

Unlike cable news, the network newscasts do not usually carry live events in their carefully-timed programs. But after China, ABC went back to Michigan while anchorman Charles Gibson explained that the Clinton campaign had hoped "that the headlines would be all about her victory in West Virginia, and yet with this…they seem a bit trumped." Gibson explained that Edwards' appearance was "timed for maximum exposure…timed for the evening newscasts."

And with that, guess who walked onto the stage, with ABC carrying it live? "George Stephanopoulos, this is the kind of publicity that you can't buy," Gibson said. "This was designed to completely squash the West Virginia story," Stephanopoulos added. And with that, ABC took Obama's introduction of Edwards live, and…completely squashed the West Virginia story. Didn't even report it in any real sense. A big victory for Obama — the kind of publicity that you can't buy — courtesy of ABC News.

Whatever else she may be, Hillary Clinton happens to be the FIRST viable female candidate for President of the US and does not deserve this...well, maybe she does deserve it in the same way the left always talks about "chickens coming home to roost" (I can barely believe that I am actually defending her); but as a woman, even I am appalled at the way she is being treated in the media and by her fellow progressives, the compassionate and caring people of the left.

Yeah. Go away, sweetie; your very existence is starting to bother the left, who after all, have their priorities.

Pat Santy ("Dr. Sanity") is an M.D. (psychiatry and aerospace medicine) living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I bet her favorite movie is "The Big Chill." She is one of the more remarkable bloggers on the Net, and I hope everyone visits her regularly. She's a major "find." I'll have more to say about her great column later today.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Support a McCain-Clinton Ticket?

Got the following from Kathy Morrison: Please go vote, okay? Hi Steve,
If I remember right you've helped start a number of state blogs? I have a McCain States blog that I'd like to fill out some more. If you have a list of state blogs could you forward it to me?

Also, just submitted your Hillary for VP article to Real Clear Politics, thought it might grabs some votes/attention...

Kathy was right.

"We belong to different parties, not different countries." (John McCain, May 15)

Note: If you've read part of this piece before, please scroll down to see additions made on Thursday. The suggestions in his column are so important that I want to leave it up for the entire day of May 15. It is critical for the country to elect John McCain, but it's equally important that he not face an intransigent Democratic Congress that hamstrings his ability to govern. McCain and Senator Clinton need to speak candidly about how they can both best serve their nation. Yes, there are problems with what I suggest, but there are more problems if we continue in Washington, DC with "business as usual." McCain said today that we can't continue to have elections that are nothing more than generators of "a battleground for the next election."

A Call for a McCain-Clinton ticket and a government of national unity in a time of great national crisis:

The following exchange that took place on speaks for itself. Serious times demand bold actions. Country must transcend Party. Love to hear your thoughts.

Stephen Maloney May 14, 2008:

"There's an old saying that you drop your bucket in the well where water is. Sen. Clinton has a lot of water in her well (in the form of voters). Does she think John McCain would make a better President than Obama? Of course she does, but to say so might put her in the Democratic 'Hall of Infamy.' She can send signals though."

Michel Zala May 14, 2008

"I could not agree more with your opinion. Quite actually, in light of the absolute need to unify this country which faces the gravest challenges in recent decades and on so many dimensions, I dare to propose an outrageous idea: Nominate Hillary as John's candidate for VP. Anything to stop the empty suit with his disastrous ideas which could take the US as well as the entire free world to the brink of the abyss, is good enough for me."
Stephen Maloney May 14, 2008

"Great minds think alike? :-)

I sincerely hope John McCain and Mrs. Clinton have some serious, private discussions about running as a "national unity" team. Our beloved country -- and I truly believe both she and John love it dearly -- faces problems we haven't seen since The Great Depression and World War II. Senators McCain and Clinton need to look deeply into their hearts and then do what is best for the country. I'm sure there will be a lot more written about this by others, but I deeply support what you have suggested.

I'm putting this exchange up on my Hillary Supporters for McCain blog: Michel, for making a a truly bold statement.Note to visitors: Your comments (on this blog or by e-mail to are sought and welcomed.

"Andi Card" ("CountryGirl) wrote the following in response to the posts above:"Now that John Edwards has also come out and backed Obama for sure something smells a bit fishy in all these Democrat's positions on Obama. He is one person that no one and I mean no one appears to know much about this man. So why in the World are all these Democrats, along with the Super Delegates backing a man they themselves know nothing about. I also think that the people's votes should certainly count more than any super delegates vote does. As you mentioned look at the bigger states that Senator Clinton has won over Obama. If the super delegates are going to make the decision, instead of the American people then why are we even bothering to vote? Interesting what you've written about here for sure. Something we'll be keeping an eye on for sure. John McCain is the one and only man for our new Commander-in-Chief."

Stephen Maloney wrote the following response to "Andi Card":

"Many years ago a guy named Ralph Ellison (a Black man) wrote a great novel -- his only one -- called The Invisible Man. That's Barack Obama, the man no one knows."Fifty-one percent of WV DEMOCRATS said they believe Obama shares Rev. Wright's beliefs. West Virginians may be wiser than the media knows. Michel and I have suggested a radical step for Sen. McCain to take. I'm interested in what people say about it. My country means everything to do me, and I'm sure it also does to John McCain. We shall see what it means to Sen. Clinton."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary for VP -- McCain - Clinton

Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday): I'll write some more on this important subject.

A Call for a McCain-Clinton ticket and a government of national unity in a time of great national crisis: The following exchange that took place on speaks for itself. Serious times demand bold actions. Love to hear your thoughts.

Stephen Maloney May 14, 2008

"There's an old saying that you drop your bucket in the well where water is. Sen. Clinton has a lot of water in her well (in the form of voters). Does she think John McCain would make a better President than Obama? Of course she does, but to say so might put her in the Democratic 'Hall of Infamy.' She can send signals though."

Michel Zala May 14, 2008

"I could not agree more with your opinion. Quite actually, in light of the absolute need to unify this country which faces the gravest challenges in recent decades and on so many dimensions, I dare to propose an outrageous idea: Nominate Hillary as John's candidate for VP. Anything to stop the empty suit with his disastrous ideas which could take the US as well as the entire free world to the brink of the abyss, is good enough for me."

Stephen Maloney May 14, 2008

Great minds think alike? :-) I sincerely hope John McCain and Mrs. Clinton have some serious, private discussions about running as a "national unity" team. Our beloved country -- and I truly believe both she and John love it dearly -- faces problems we haven't seen since The Great Depression and World War II. Senators McCain and Clinton need to look deeply into their hearts and then do what is best for the country. I'm sure there will be a lot more written about this by others, but I deeply support what you have suggested. I'm putting this exchange up on my Hillary Supporters for McCain blog:

Thanks Michel, for making a a truly bold statement.

Note to visitors: Your comments (on this blog or by e-mail to are sought and welcomed.

Hillary: Key to McCain Victory?

See the column beneath this one for comments on Hillary Clinton's massive win in WV. The comment that follows is from

This morning (Wednesday) I got a call from a producer of "The Curtis Sliwa Show" on WABC-radio in New York City. He was looking for a guest who was a strong Hillary Clinton supporter. I didn't qualify because I strongly support John McCain in the presidential election.

However, I did emphasize to the producer that I admired Hillary's grit, determination, and will to win. I also admire Curtis Sliwa, the founder of "The Guardian Angels," for his efforts to reduce crime in American cities. I hope to be on his show soon. If Sen. Clinton believes she would be the best President, and she obviously does, she should stay in the race.

A growing number of McCain supporters (such as Brad Marston and Sheridan Folger) have appeared on radio talk shows in support of the Senator. Of course, we're not "spokespeople for the Senator." Instead, we're "people in support of John McCain" -- and backers of his positions on the issues. McCain is very good at speaking for himself.

Talk radio is an important element of the "new radio." McCain supporters should make good use of it.

I've been suggesting -- and they're only that, suggestions -- that the Senator take bold steps, things that usually "aren't done." One of those was the idea that John McCain should speak out on how the Democrats' "Old Boys Network" was doing everything in its power to deny Mrs. Clinton the nomination. No Republican nominee that I know of has ever done anything like that.

Why should McCain do something that novel? Because whether he wins the presidency depends largely on how effective he is bringing Hillary supporters to his side. Clinton supporters believe, with plenty of justification, that Howard Dean and others are manipulating the primary process in ways that make it almost impossible for Sen. Clinton to win.

For example, Sen. Clinton is extremely popular with Democrats in Florida and Michigan. However, the number of delegates she will get from those states is currently zero.

Also, we hear that SuperDelegates should vote in line with the popular vote (where Obama has a small national lead). However, in Massachusetts, Clinton won by a large margin. Yet that didn't seem to impress Senators Kennedy and Kerry or Gov. Patrick, all of whom have come out for Barack Obama!

In West Virginia, Mrs. Clinton skunked Obama. She won by something like 67% to 26%. Yet Senator Jay Rockefeller, a Superdelegate, is supporting Obama. The state's Governor, Joe Mancin, remains "undeclared." Did they somehow miss the results in WV?

From the point of view of this conservative Republican and McCain supporter, I see some odd things going on. Mrs. Clinton seems to be in a position where she has big wins in important states -- but often still loses the support of the "Boy's Club" in those states.

The developments I'm citing are obvious, but they don't seem to attract the attention of the national media, which does everything but kiss Obama on the lips.

Mrs. Clinton has won New York, California, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Hampshire, West Virginia, and other states, but she's still portrayed as a loser. Something weird is occurring here, and it would not be unseemly at all for John McCain to call attention to the situation.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

West Virginia Loves Hillary Clinton

This morning (Wednesday) I got a call from a producer of "The Curtis Sliwa Show" on WABC-radio in New York City. He was looking for a guest who was a strong Hillary Clinton supporter. I didn't qualify because I will support John McCain in the presidential election. However, I did emphasize that I admired Hillary's grit, determination, and will to win. I also admire Curtis Sliwa, the founder of "The Guardian Angels," for his efforts to reduce crime in American cities. I hope to be on his show soon. If Sen. Clinton believes she would be the best President, and she obviously does, she should stay in the race.

"The one thing you know about Sen. Clinton is that she's a very determined person." (Ron Allen, NBC News)

"The Obama campaign spent twice as much money in WV as Clinton." (Lou Dobbs, CNN)

Wolf Blitzer: "Michelle Obama is going to be heading for Puerto Rico . . ."

My response: "Maybe she'll stay there . . . "

Let's see, it's now 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time, and the networks are falling over themselves to declare Hillary Clinton the winner. For a change, the networks are right. MSNBC is saying that exit polls are showing Mrs. Clinton will win by "a two-to-one margin."

I have a strong feeling that the margin of victory will be more than two-to-one. I wouldn't be surprised if Sen. Clinton hits the magic 70% number. If she can beat Barack Obama by, say, 71% to 29%, it will be an embarrassment for the Illinois Senator. It would probably be a good excuse for him to ignore West Virginia in the general election.

About those exit polls: Hillary supporters are not big fans of Barack Obama. In fact, most of them say they would not vote for Barack Obama against John McCain.

The numbers for Hillary supporters are as follows: 36% of them -- presumably with many holding their noses -- would vote Obama if he's the nominee. However, an amazing 35% -- more than a third -- say they would vote McCain, and most of them probably would. The rest, about 29%, say they'd stay home on Election Day.

Tonight, there's much talk about the possibility of Sen. Clinton as a vice-presidential candidate. I believe the talk misses two essential points about the V-P nomination. One, she wouldn't accept it; two, Barack Obama won't offer it to her.

In fact, the Republican campaign next fall will feature many Hillary statements about Obama. The famous one is: "I [Hillary] have a lifetime of experience. Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience. Senator Obama has a speech he delivered in 2002 [against the Iraq War]."

Translation: Sen. Clinton believes John McCain is qualified and able to be President of the U.S. (POTUS). She believes Senator Obama is not qualified -- and perhaps not able -- to be POTUS.

If Mrs. Clinton were to accept the vice-presidential nomination, what would she say about her previous comments regarding Obama? Could she say, "Oh, never mind" or "Fooled you, didn't I?"

As the presumptive (and almost certain) nominee, Barack Obama comes into the election with some serious problems. He recognizes them as we see in his new commercials. At one point, the narrator (not Obama) talks about the importance of "his Christian faith," a term I don't believe Obama has ever used. The main segment shows young Barack with his two white grandparents, both of whom he basically dismisses in his book Dreams From My Father.

As you'll recall, he referred to his grandmother as "a typical white person." His grandfather, whom Obama like to say "served in Patton's Army" is dismissed in the book as a man who "never saw combat."

What are they, Barack? A couple of comical honkies or revered relatives? It all seems to depend on how they can be of best use to him.

By far the best candidate in the Democratic primaries is Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her Party is getting ready to throw her under the bus.


Monday, May 12, 2008

MCain: Come Out for Hillary?

"I wouldn't mind one bit if John McCain says -- in strong terms -- that the Democratic nomination was stolen from Mrs. Clinton. The thieves were Howard Dean and Barack Obama. The crime scenes were Michigan and Florida, whose delegates were denied Clinton." (Moi)

Yes, this recommendation strongly defies "conventional wisdom." But John McCain has never paid homage at the altar of such dubious "wisdom."

My goals are "modest."

I want Obama to stay at or below his core group of supporters, roughly 35% of the American electorate. I want him to lose all 50 states, including Illinois. I will concede him the district of Columbia. Oh, and I want Republicans to recapture both the House and Senate.
Extraordinary times demand extraordinary actions.

Love to hear your thoughts.

I'll be adding some thoughts about my neighboring state of West Virginia. Obama has written it off in the primary. Oh, and he's apparently written it off the general election. God willing, he will get the opportunity to write off a whole lot of states.