Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin: Presidential Material

Note to Visitors: I believe this particular blog is dealing with the key issue in the 2008 electon: whether the Hillary voters will continue gravitating to John McCain -- and whether he will go after them aggressively. I thank the many people who have visited and I'll do everything I can to give you a reason to keep coming back.

Note: I sent the following message to several (female) Republican congressional candidates I'm working with this year. Please pass it on to congressional candidates in your area. Thanks.

Bulletin forcongressional candidates and supporters: In KY exit polls are showing that two-thirds of Clinton voters are saying they will NOT vote for Obama in the General Election. Forty-one percent are saying they will vote for McCain.That's why I'm asking candidates and supporters to say, "A vote for my opponent is a vote for Barack Obama." That is not the conventional wisdom, but the conventional wisdom is wrong in this case. Tie yourself and your campaign to John McCain. (Please be kind enough to go Congressional Quarterly -- link below -- and vote for Gov. Sarah Palin (scroll down). If you want women in high offices, then vote for female candidates like Toni Gihooley (PA 17th CD), Melissa Hart (PA 4th CD), and Marina Kats (PA 13th CD).

There is a widespread belief (discussed last Sunday in the New York Times) that, since the nomination has been stolen from Mrs. Clinton, Sarah Heath Palin of Alaska could be America's first female President. There is a great grassroots pressure on John McCain to name Sarah as his running-mate. She's probably the country's most popular elected official, a fiscal conservative who's pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-people, and pro-family. In Alaska, she is extremely popular among not only Republicans, but also among Democrats and Independents. She is a ferocious campaigner and her now-legendary toughness reminds some people of Senator Clinton.

Will this woman, Alaska Gov. Sarah Heath be America's first female President? And will this man, Todd Palin, (above) holding their new baby, Trig, be America's "First Dude?" There is a good chance John McCain will name her as his vice-presidential running mate. Please vote for her in the Congressional Quarterly "V-P Madness" poll (see below)

Palin Fans:

Gov. Palin is now just one victory away from WINNING CQ Politics' "VP Madness"! She beat out Rob Portman in the Final Four by a vote of 56%-43%, advancing to a final confrontation with Mike Huckabee. I'm very confident in the chances of a Palin victory, but the presidential primaries proved that underestimating Mike Huckabee is a huge mistake. So, let's make sure that we give our favorite governor as much help as we possibly can.

PLEASE let as many people as you can know about this poll. Post it on your blog, email your friends, write a note on your Facebook profile, anything to help push Gov. Palin over the top. Win or lose, VP Madness has been a major victory for our movement, but a win here could permanently catapult Sarah Palin into the top tier of the top tier of the veepstakes (at least as far as the media is concerned).


Adam Brickley
Founder, "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President"

Note from Steve: Adam Brickley, a 21-year-old college student (who's graduating this week in Colorado Springs) is the finest young political operative in the country. Please cast your ballot for Sarah, a truly remarkable woman who just might be "Mt. Rushmore material."


Daltonsbriefs said...

She's losing pretty seriously right now, the Huckabee people must have crashed the system this morning. Better get the Palin people on board quickly

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Dalton: Ask friends and family members to go vote for Sarah. Thanks.