Monday, May 19, 2008

Black Female Voters for McCain?

If you're looking for "Will Hillary Sit the Election Out?," scroll down one column. This is about a Black female Hillary Supporter and a Black Conservative who both will vote for John McCain.

Here's the comment by MadLiz:

maddlizz has left a new comment on your post "Hillary Supporters Should Back McCain":

I am a Hillary supporter. I will never vote for Obama because he is inexperienced and unqualified to be President. I am also Black and I refuse to vote for an unqualified person just because they are Black. I fear that Obama would be a worse President than Carter or Bush. The only way I could ever vote for Obama would be if Hillary was on the ticket as VP. However, that will never happen because Obama knows that she would overshadow him. Therefore, I will be voting for MCain and hoping for a better Democratic candidate in 2012."

Silver Spring MD

The following is from Mary McCurry on the Black Conservatives Group:

"And for the record: I have enough input on BO to never vote for him for any office. As far as him being the Dem nominee, yes; he was long ago chosen by mainstream media and the Starbucks fans as their Lord and Saviour and are now allowing the ceremonial election process to continue until Coronation."

Thanks Liz and Mary:

Amazing in one sense, but not surprising in another. The exit poll results on African-American voting patterns miss the fact that there's another story going on that's not getting reported. (I'm talking about the African-Americans who are NOT turning out to vote for Obama. Where oh where are they? MadLiz gives the answer perhaps.)

I started this blog, Hillary Supporters for McCain, as a site that says: (1) yes, Howard Dean and friends have stolen the nomination (FL and MI being the keys) from Sen. Clinton; (2) John McCain wants your vote, and so do a lot of fine Republican candidates for Congress.

I believe all Republican candidates for the House or Senate should go hard after the Hillary voters.
I want John McCain to tell Black Americans that he REALLY wants their votes. I also want him to promise that Black and Latino Americans are going to play a major role in his administration (starting with Michael Steele, Ken Blackwell, Amy Holmes, and Lynn Swann).

Note: If you're interested in Pennsylvania politics -- a "blood sport" -- please visit my Pennsylvania site at: And thanks again to "MadLiz" (seems very sane to me) for her comments.

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