Saturday, May 31, 2008

Australian Condemn's Hillary's Raw Deal

Bulletin Regarding Gov. Sarah Palin (who always puts her hand on her heart when the National Anthem plays):
First, the founder of, Kavon W. Nikrad, has backed Gov. Palin for VP. This is one of our biggest endorsements yet, and you can read why I think it is important on the blog. Second, several supporters have emailed to tell me that, according to CNN, the Governor will be featured on Monday's Glenn Beck TV program (7-9 PM EST on CNN Headline News). Details have not yet been posted, and I have received several differing tips; so I don't know that exact nature or subject matter of the feature (I'm hoping it includes an interview). I will post details on the blog if and when I find out more. Otherwise, just be sure to tune into Glenn Beck tomorrow night.-- Adam Brickley Founder, "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President"

Obama blows nose as several members of the national media faint. The "change" sign refers to the fact that he carries three handkerchiefs.

Note: On my national blog ( I have a Sunda column that contains a shocking -- and well-documented -- essay from the powerful "Black Conservatives" Group (on Yahoo) demonstrating how Barack Obama, if elected President, will gut American military defenses. It's a must-read, and I hope you'll take a look. The following column reveals that even international observers understand that Hillary Clinton is getting a raw deal from the national media and her own Party. Mrs. Clinton has won nearly every major state in the primaries, yet somehow she's not getting the nomination. Why? It's not necessary that moderates or conservatives "like" Senator Clinton, but she does deserve fair treatment. Gender explain part of the problem. However, the real issue is the "free pass" Obama has received from most of the national media.

Australian Jim Fryar is perhaps the best of the overseas commentators on the American presidential race. Please visit his libertarian site (click below) to see his assessment of the mistreatment Hillary Clinton is receiving from her own Party and the American media.

Obama's Racist Church Attacks Hillary.
(Video clip here)

You have to love Obama's moves, using surrogates to attack other candidates, then publicly repudiating them in order to make himself look good while leaving the damage standing.

It is easy to understand the disquiet of Hillary supporters and the anger they must feel at the unprincipled efforts being made by the camp of their self righteous opponent who will of course choose to lecture them on 'divisiveness' if they respond.

I do not have much sympathy for any of the Democrat candidates, I really have no time for the sort of elitist, condescending attitudes that drive the desire to legislate on everything as if the public are too stupid to work things out for themselves.

Hillary is, however, entitled to be treated with courtesy and respect, and not be subjected to unjustifiable humiliation by persons who are supposed to be spiritual advisors, not participants in the boys club trying to dismiss her.

If these pastors and priests surrounding Obama are the best that Christianity can turn out, the case for separation of church and state remains strong.

This may be of use on your Hilary site: - v=ttHvgb4h7X8

Obama's Racist Church Attacks Hillary Clinton (...Again)

Steve adds: Despite the great distance between us, Jim is a friend and an especially astute observer. He demonstrates the tremendous international interest in the American election.

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