Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sarah Palin: New Mommy V-P?

Later today I'll be writing more on my national blog(s) about how Republican candidates in PA and elsewhere can exploit Democratic Congressman Paul Kanjorski's statement (scroll down) that Democrats lied to voters to get elected in 2006. On my Pennsylvania blog ( blog, I have a column about what political tactics work and which don't. I'm continuing to write there about the crucial issue of fund-raising. I hope you'll forward it to candidates in your own states. There are some surprises. Thanks for visiting. If you like this site, tell your friends about it. :-)

Alaska teacher-of-the-year Jan Boucher, along with Gov. Sarah Palin and her youngest daughter, Piper (then 6, I believe) painting a mural in a Native Alaskan village. When it came time to go home to Juneau, Piper announced she thought she would stay.

Sarah and Todd Palin with three daughters. I love Piper's (age 7 now) "Hollywood Smile." In Alaska, Todd is known as "The First Dude." (Think "Northern Exposure") Son Track is in the U.S. Army Infantry. Baby "Trig" apparently was non-existent at the time. When Trig was born, Sarah's press release began, "God has blessed us . . . ." I hope God blesses US (and U.S.) by having John McCain name her his running mate. Sarah, my faraway friend, we're trying! (When Sarah announced on TV that she was having a fifth child, Piper announced: "I'm going to be a BIG SISTER." Piper, I bet you'll be a great one.

If Hillary Clinton is not to be the first female President, there's a good chance that Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, mother of five, including a U.S. Army infantryman, will be the first woman to win the presidency. If that happens in 2020, well, Sarah will be only 56 years old. I wrote recently on the RudySupportersforMcCain Group about the pressing need for McCain to choose a woman running mate -- specifically, Sarah. Somewhat to my suprise I got the following message from "A," a female (in italics)..

"Count me old-fashioned, but Palin is a new mom (again) and I don't think it's appropriate for her to be taking on a 90-hour-a-week job like the Vice Presidency. Indeed, I question how she is doing with her governorship right now. Either her job or her children aren't getting everything they need. I know I'm going to be flamed, but I don't care.

"I count myself a feminist (even though that word has been reviled of late), but children need their parents, not a nonstop parade of nannies. Infants and toddlers in particular need their mommies. In addition, Palin's new child has special needs. I think another candidate would do just as well for Mac.

Palin could be VP (or even run for POTUS herself in a few years, when her new baby is a more self-sufficient older child).

My response follows (in boldface)

I don't flame, but occasionally I tend to smolder.

Sarah has spoken about running for Vice-President while pregnant, and I'll dig that up later. She is very interested in the Vice-Presidential slot. I'm sure her husband is very good at this point in taking care of children when necessary. I know Sarah brings newborns to the office.

I regard your comments as "old-fashioned," but worst than that they represent the kind of sexism that has put the Republican Party way behind the eight-ball with female voters -- about 57% of whom generally vote for Democrats. They do in part because they believe we Republicans are so "old-fashioned" that it inteferes with their God-given right to live their lives as they wish. Thus, in many cases, they want nothing to do with us or our candidates.What would those female voters say about your "old-fashioned" comments.

They would say that you are holding women with newborns to a standard to which you, in your "old-fashioned" way, would never hold a man with a new child. Sarah Palin has a wonderful support system obviously.

Here are a few example of what Sarah has accomplished in her first weeks after giving birth to Trig, her fifth.

Following is from Anchorage Daily News on May 23:

Palin's veto ax lops $268 million from budget.. Sarah Palin on Friday axed about 10 percent of the spending that state legislators approved for hometown projects.SThis is the second year in a row Palin vetoed projects dear to legislators. She said lawmakers stuffed the $2.7 billion state capital budget too full.

Here's a story today from the Anchorage Daily News:

Gov. Sarah Palin is calling for TransCanada to get the state license and $500 million subsidy to pursue building a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope. "It's a better proposal than we had even hoped for," she said this morning.

My comments again:

These stories above are both huge deals in Alaska, and the pipeline is a much bigger deal in the lower-48, which will get the natural gas from Alaska.I'm sure Searh will be a great vice-presidential candidate. She is no ordinary mortal. She was delivering the Keynote Address at the Republican Governor's meeting when she went into labor. She finished the speech.

The following is a portion of a column written by Cindy (SJ Reidhead) on The Pink Flamingo. Cindy is a woman professional (writer) but not a mother. The article is very worth reading.

It's entitled:

"Why Isn’t a New Mommy (Sarah Palin) Qualified to be VP?" the full article on Blog Critics.More on the announcement. Here Palin is seen downplaying the whole idea of a VP turn this time. I keep thinking about Dick Cheney. Let's face it, the GOP is in a corner. There are qualified individuals who are neither white nor male. Every time I hear our white, males list potential candidates, they do not have enough creativity to consider the fact that they are neither the only gender nor race. I think this is the year for someone other than a middle aged white male. Lo and Behold: (no profanity please)

Some Neanderthal wrote on his site that Sarah Palin, the very competent and very pregnant (7 months) governor of Alaska is probably out of the running for VP because she will be a new Mommy and would probably want to stay home with baby! (no profanity please – it’s Lent).What could be better?

It is quit obvious we Republicans are going to have a serious financial deficit to deal with when it comes to fund raising. If Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee, he has nearly a hundred million dollar financial advantage over John McCain.

Can you imagine the publicity her selection would generate? We’re talking F-R-E-E publicity, fawning and gurgling over a brand new baby Palin.


Conservative Alaskan said...

You forgot to mention that Palin grew the operating budget 23% this year.

Erin said...

Were you seriously a Hilary supporter? Palin and Clinton are so different from each other. How could you possibly go from supporting a Pro-choice, universal health care loving, liberal Clinton to a pro-lifer and conservative republican woman? Woman or not, policy reigns most important to me as a voter. I'm embarassed by this blog.

Andre' L. said...

you people are stupid and crazy. who wants a 2-year-hick-gov fo nowhere as a potential potus! Especially when the candidate would be the oldest president in history. get a day job!

joD said...

I am absolutely thrilled by Palin! She obviously doesn't have the same amount of experience as Hilary, but the woman is on fire! It is such a breath of fresh air to see a well-qualified woman break through the glass ceiling.

I feel so much better about the whole McCain thing now. Four years of Obama would have been depressing.

Anonymous said...

I think Sarah Palin is awesome. I think her baby is awesome. Kudos to her for being such a strong, capable, independent, influential woman. And I think you're awesome for supporting McCain! Hillary wasn't so bad.... she and I wouldn't agree on the abortion issue, but I did see her in the spring at a rally, and I felt bad that Obama took her nomination.....

beinformed! said...

Did any of you listen to Hillary's speech during the DNC? If you were true Hillary supporters you would never be in support of McCain and his Hillary wannabe. Palin and the Republican agenda is is in direct opposition of what Hillary stands for...I cannot believe that you people would vote for the conservative ticket especially since they will not do anything to ensure a better tomorrow for us and our children.