Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hillary Clinton DESERVES Democratic Nomination

NEXT WEEK & BEYOND: I'll tackle the followng: (1) Will Hillary Sit the Election Out? (2) Why are the Clinton's long-time political allies deserting her? (3) Why did John Edward endorse Barack Obama? (Hint: can you say vice-presidency?) (4) Why have Black voters deserted the wife of the man who used to be called "The first Black President?" (5) Why might Obama's almost-total lock on the Black vote actually hurt him in the General Election? (And if it's okay for almost all Blacks to vote for a Black person, why isn't it okay for whites to vote for a Caucasian?) I guarantee your favorite cable network won't be dealing with these issues.

On my Pennsylvania blog today, I continue my discussion of how candidates (i.e., Republicans) can win when they're being significantly outspent by their opponents. On my national blog, I have two columns on Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (P.S., he won't send them to friends and family members). Thanks for visiting!

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It's really quite simple. After this Tuesday, she will have won primaries in states with nearly 60% of the nation's population. Of course, you won't hear that from the national media, which spends almost all its time waving pom-poms whenever Obama wanders by.

Think about it: Senator Clinton has won New Hampshire and West Virginia -- and this Tuesday will win Kentucky by a big margin.

But of greater significance, she's also carried -- usually by huge percentages -- the following: California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, and Michigan. In Wisconsin, she and Obama basically tied. You probably haven't seen or heard about that list on CNN or the NY Times.

That's a profoundly impressive performance. If she could win the states listed above in a general election, she would be President-elect. If Obama loses most of those states on Nov. 4, which he probably will, he'd finish second in the general election.

Yet the Democrats' Old Boys Network, led by Howard Dean, Barack Obama, and many of the SuperDelegates (Kennedy, Kerry, Rockefeller, and others) are basically doing everything in their power to deny her the nomination. Democratic voters know that, even if the national media remains clueless.

People who disagree with Sen. Clinton on most issues -- and I'm one -- have developed a great admiration for her grit and fighting spirit. She should be the nominee, but that's not going to happen -- and it could have lasting, negative consequences for the Democrats' Party.


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Hi Dalton: I couldn't help myself! Hey, easy come, easy go. Glad to see you again. The site is just what it says it is, an attempt to get all those Hillary voters who say they're going to vote for McCain to do so. I sure hope they do.