Monday, May 26, 2008

Obama Cartoon & Joke Specials

If you're interested in critical races involving female candidates, we have several in Pennsylvania this year. On my Pennsylvania blog, I posted late Tuesday a piece about one of the most important congressional races in the country -- Republican Marina Kats v. Democrat Allyson Schwartz, who is famous for conducting some of the dirtiest campaigns in the country. My money is on Marina this time.

Obama disspelling rumor that he can't walk on water . . .

Barack Obama showing solidarity with his pastor of 20 years . . .

"Lay off my wife!" Obama, announcing that his wife was not only leaving campaigning but also joining a nunnery.

Why did Obama say there were "57 states?" Because he had them mixed up with the number of cards in a deck? Actually, he quickly gave the correct answer: "48."

Why did Obama suggest that one of the "Great Lakes" was in Oregon? Because those states full of white people all look alike.

What about the rumors Obama is a Muslim? They're just as ridiculous as the rumor that he's tall and thin.

How many Obamas does it take to unscrew a light bulb? Two is the Wright answer.

Why does Michelle walk bent over? It has something to do with fact she's 6-foot-8.

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Hillary Kitten said...

Barack Obama has repeatedly refused John McCain's debate challenges. Obama told McCain that he wants a speed-reading contest instead. "We'll both be given a teleprompter and whoever reads his talking points faster will be the winner," explained Obama. "No contest. You would win it," conceded McCain. "I can't talk out of both sides of my mouth like you can."