Friday, May 9, 2008

Hillary Supporters Flocking to McCain

This weekend's column will have the title "Maloney Denounces Hillary Basher Noonan." It will be a criticims of "Peggy" Noonan's WSJ column portraying Sen. Clinton as somehow the Darth Vader of the Democratic Party, which she certainly is not. Come visit!

Americans in all 50 states are urging John McCain to select as his running mate Gov. Sarah Heath Palin of Alaska. She certainly has some of the same conviction and commitment many people have found in Senator Clinton. If you want learn more about Sarah, the best thing to do is to visit Adam Brickley's site: Please don't hesitate to copy and use this "unofficial" button on your own blog. God bless Sarah and her remarkable family.

Hillary supporters are ALWAYS welcome here . . .

The Hillary Supporters for McCain Movement is going forward rapidly. I'd love to hear from people who support Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary but who will vote for -- or are leaning toward -- John McCain against Barack Obama. There will be several columns up in the next week, and I truly would like to hear from you. You can leave your thoughts in the "comments" section or send me an e-mail at

On the important web site called mccainnow, I wrote a recent piece on why Hillary supporters should back John McCain. I hope everyone who intends to vote for John will click on mccainnow (preceding sentence) and register to participate in the discussion there. The following are comments about my piece on mccainnow.

The following is from Mark, a lifelong Democrat:

"Hello. I am one of those Hillary supporters who vowed to cross-over and vote for McCain should Obama become the nominee. I'm a bit shell-shocked and saddened over what has transpired. I'm a life-time Democrat of 36 years, from a long family line of Democrats. I don't need party conversion talk. Just a refuge and understanding."

The following is from Jean Avery:

"Hi Mark. My Dad is a prominent Democrat in my very conservative home town. Even HE admitted McCain was a really strong candidate (he is also a Navy buff) and would be tough to beat. His local career would be damaged by actively supporting him, but it wouldn't surprise me if the lever in the ballot box goes "R" for McCain.

"This campaign is different because we've all been challenged to move past stereotypes and choose with our heads. McCain clearly has the credentials and character to do the job, he is a candidate you can and should feel good about supporting. Welcome."

The following is from Massachusetts political activist Brad Marston:

"Hillary certainly is closer to being qualified to being President than Obama is just not as qualified as McCain is.

"No conversion rhetoric local and state Democratic politicians...but stay true to your conviction of voting for what is best for America. If the choice is Obama vs McCain, I believe the choice is clear."

The following comment is from me (Steve Maloney)

"I've been touched by the number of Hillary supporters (and the number in the millions) who will vote for John McCain. The only thing I'd add is that there some Republican congressional that deserve a careful look by Democrats and Independents. One of them is Tom Manion from Bucks County (outside Philadelphia). Manion is a retired Marine Colonel whose son, Travis, was a Naval Academy graduate who unfortunately was killed in Iraq. I think all of us, whatever Party, should look at people like Manion (and his son) with awe."

Let me add this: One of my daughters and my son-in-law voted for Hillary Clinton in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary. My wife and another daughter wanted to vote for Hillary, but they found they couldn't because they are registered as Independents. As for me, well I voted for John McCain.

A reminder to all visitors, please send your own comments (to about being a Hillary supporter. I'm in Pennsylvania, but the Hillary Supporters for McCain is a national effort to elect a true American hero to the presidency.

In the recent North Carolina Primary, approximately 40% of the Hillary voters -- hundreds of thousands of people -- said they were certain or likely to vote for McCain against Obama.

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