Thursday, May 15, 2008

Support a McCain-Clinton Ticket?

Got the following from Kathy Morrison: Please go vote, okay? Hi Steve,
If I remember right you've helped start a number of state blogs? I have a McCain States blog that I'd like to fill out some more. If you have a list of state blogs could you forward it to me?

Also, just submitted your Hillary for VP article to Real Clear Politics, thought it might grabs some votes/attention...

Kathy was right.

"We belong to different parties, not different countries." (John McCain, May 15)

Note: If you've read part of this piece before, please scroll down to see additions made on Thursday. The suggestions in his column are so important that I want to leave it up for the entire day of May 15. It is critical for the country to elect John McCain, but it's equally important that he not face an intransigent Democratic Congress that hamstrings his ability to govern. McCain and Senator Clinton need to speak candidly about how they can both best serve their nation. Yes, there are problems with what I suggest, but there are more problems if we continue in Washington, DC with "business as usual." McCain said today that we can't continue to have elections that are nothing more than generators of "a battleground for the next election."

A Call for a McCain-Clinton ticket and a government of national unity in a time of great national crisis:

The following exchange that took place on speaks for itself. Serious times demand bold actions. Country must transcend Party. Love to hear your thoughts.

Stephen Maloney May 14, 2008:

"There's an old saying that you drop your bucket in the well where water is. Sen. Clinton has a lot of water in her well (in the form of voters). Does she think John McCain would make a better President than Obama? Of course she does, but to say so might put her in the Democratic 'Hall of Infamy.' She can send signals though."

Michel Zala May 14, 2008

"I could not agree more with your opinion. Quite actually, in light of the absolute need to unify this country which faces the gravest challenges in recent decades and on so many dimensions, I dare to propose an outrageous idea: Nominate Hillary as John's candidate for VP. Anything to stop the empty suit with his disastrous ideas which could take the US as well as the entire free world to the brink of the abyss, is good enough for me."
Stephen Maloney May 14, 2008

"Great minds think alike? :-)

I sincerely hope John McCain and Mrs. Clinton have some serious, private discussions about running as a "national unity" team. Our beloved country -- and I truly believe both she and John love it dearly -- faces problems we haven't seen since The Great Depression and World War II. Senators McCain and Clinton need to look deeply into their hearts and then do what is best for the country. I'm sure there will be a lot more written about this by others, but I deeply support what you have suggested.

I'm putting this exchange up on my Hillary Supporters for McCain blog: Michel, for making a a truly bold statement.Note to visitors: Your comments (on this blog or by e-mail to are sought and welcomed.

"Andi Card" ("CountryGirl) wrote the following in response to the posts above:"Now that John Edwards has also come out and backed Obama for sure something smells a bit fishy in all these Democrat's positions on Obama. He is one person that no one and I mean no one appears to know much about this man. So why in the World are all these Democrats, along with the Super Delegates backing a man they themselves know nothing about. I also think that the people's votes should certainly count more than any super delegates vote does. As you mentioned look at the bigger states that Senator Clinton has won over Obama. If the super delegates are going to make the decision, instead of the American people then why are we even bothering to vote? Interesting what you've written about here for sure. Something we'll be keeping an eye on for sure. John McCain is the one and only man for our new Commander-in-Chief."

Stephen Maloney wrote the following response to "Andi Card":

"Many years ago a guy named Ralph Ellison (a Black man) wrote a great novel -- his only one -- called The Invisible Man. That's Barack Obama, the man no one knows."Fifty-one percent of WV DEMOCRATS said they believe Obama shares Rev. Wright's beliefs. West Virginians may be wiser than the media knows. Michel and I have suggested a radical step for Sen. McCain to take. I'm interested in what people say about it. My country means everything to do me, and I'm sure it also does to John McCain. We shall see what it means to Sen. Clinton."

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aoarex said...

hello, i am back.To be honest and fair about supporting mccain. they more i learn about him, the less i think of him. i supported clinton in the primary and now i know clinton and obama's difference as pale compare to mccain. sorry guys. i cannot vote for mcbush.anyone that uses fear and hate to get vote not on policy doesnt deserve my vote. Obama isnt as bad as i thought. i'm glad clinton now supports Obama. let's give Obama a chance.