Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary: Key to McCain Victory?

See the column beneath this one for comments on Hillary Clinton's massive win in WV. The comment that follows is from

This morning (Wednesday) I got a call from a producer of "The Curtis Sliwa Show" on WABC-radio in New York City. He was looking for a guest who was a strong Hillary Clinton supporter. I didn't qualify because I strongly support John McCain in the presidential election.

However, I did emphasize to the producer that I admired Hillary's grit, determination, and will to win. I also admire Curtis Sliwa, the founder of "The Guardian Angels," for his efforts to reduce crime in American cities. I hope to be on his show soon. If Sen. Clinton believes she would be the best President, and she obviously does, she should stay in the race.

A growing number of McCain supporters (such as Brad Marston and Sheridan Folger) have appeared on radio talk shows in support of the Senator. Of course, we're not "spokespeople for the Senator." Instead, we're "people in support of John McCain" -- and backers of his positions on the issues. McCain is very good at speaking for himself.

Talk radio is an important element of the "new radio." McCain supporters should make good use of it.

I've been suggesting -- and they're only that, suggestions -- that the Senator take bold steps, things that usually "aren't done." One of those was the idea that John McCain should speak out on how the Democrats' "Old Boys Network" was doing everything in its power to deny Mrs. Clinton the nomination. No Republican nominee that I know of has ever done anything like that.

Why should McCain do something that novel? Because whether he wins the presidency depends largely on how effective he is bringing Hillary supporters to his side. Clinton supporters believe, with plenty of justification, that Howard Dean and others are manipulating the primary process in ways that make it almost impossible for Sen. Clinton to win.

For example, Sen. Clinton is extremely popular with Democrats in Florida and Michigan. However, the number of delegates she will get from those states is currently zero.

Also, we hear that SuperDelegates should vote in line with the popular vote (where Obama has a small national lead). However, in Massachusetts, Clinton won by a large margin. Yet that didn't seem to impress Senators Kennedy and Kerry or Gov. Patrick, all of whom have come out for Barack Obama!

In West Virginia, Mrs. Clinton skunked Obama. She won by something like 67% to 26%. Yet Senator Jay Rockefeller, a Superdelegate, is supporting Obama. The state's Governor, Joe Mancin, remains "undeclared." Did they somehow miss the results in WV?

From the point of view of this conservative Republican and McCain supporter, I see some odd things going on. Mrs. Clinton seems to be in a position where she has big wins in important states -- but often still loses the support of the "Boy's Club" in those states.

The developments I'm citing are obvious, but they don't seem to attract the attention of the national media, which does everything but kiss Obama on the lips.

Mrs. Clinton has won New York, California, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Hampshire, West Virginia, and other states, but she's still portrayed as a loser. Something weird is occurring here, and it would not be unseemly at all for John McCain to call attention to the situation.

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