Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McCain: Get Those Hillary Voters!

On my national blogs (yeah, I have two) I have a piece posted Wednesday night that discusses the anti-American, anti-military, pro-Communist band, the Decembrists, that helped draw the huge crowd for Obama in Oregon. It's quite fascinating.http://camp2008victorya.blogspot.com & http://stevemaloneygop.blogspot.com


Nora O'Donnell (MSNBC) "Does she [Hillary] believe she has been treated unfairly because of her gender?"

Terry McAuliffe (Hillary's campaign manager): "It is what it is." (He talked about the avalanche of negative stories about Mrs. Clinton)

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In Kentucky (Tuesday evening) exit polls are showing that two-thirds of Clinton voters are saying they will not vote for Obama in the General Election. Forty-one percent are saying they will vote for John McCain. That more than the percentage that say they would vote for Obama in the General Election.

Mrs. Clinton won the Kentucky primary by more than 250,000 votes -- an incredibly large number.

That's why I'm asking my favorite Pennsylvania congressional candidates and their supporters to say, "A vote for my opponent is a vote for Barack Obama." That is not the conventional wisdom, but the conventional wisdom is wrong in this case. To my friends running for Congress, I urge you to tie yourself and your campaign to John McCain.

I have been asking some very good Republican congressional candidates (most in Pennsylvania) to ally themselves with -- and strongly endorse -- John McCain.

The other day when a reporter asked Senator McCain about Hillary's continuing her campaign, I didn't believe he exploited the opportunity. He made vague comments about the ups and downs of campaigns, pointing to the time when he was way behind, etc.

There's a fire raging in the Democratic Party, and McCain should experiment with pouring some "verbal gasoline" on it. If he doesn't believe they're stealing the nomination from her, he can note that many people do feel that way.

Specifically, they believe she's suffering from unfair actions by Howard Dean and friends, along with a media that's "in the tank for Obama." By the way, I agree with those Hillary supporters on that point.

The point is that John McCain and his entire campaign should be reaching out -- now -- to Hillary supporters. The Hillary-ites should know that they're very welcome in the McCain camp.

One other step John could take that would keep most of those Hillary supporters (including the 41% in KY) in his camp is to name an outstanding female as his running mate. I believe that female is Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.

The way to get women elected to the nation's highest offices is to put them in a position to run for vice-president and President. A woman like Sarah Palin has the toughness, integrity, and campaign skills to become a President of the U.S. She deserves the chance to run for that office.

We need those Hillary supporters, and we need strong support from women in general.

PLEASE READ THE COMMENT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION (a Hillary Supporter for McCain) as well as the following notes I received on http://mccainnow.com/). They are quite enlightening:

Jean Avery said:

"Hi Steve - thought this would be interesting for you... http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/05/20/ky-exit-polling-clintons-core-base-still-loyal/

"There are literally over a dozen anti-Obama groups on CafeMom, mostly from Hillary people not McCain people. Experience, national security and overall 'professionalism' seem to be common ground. Women are becoming, to borrow from Obama, "bitter" at the level of pressure Hillary is under to quit. I honestly think the longer she stays in the more of her women voters will choose McCain as an anti-Obama vote, or because (gasp) they read about his vastly superior credentials and character."

Andrea Snell said:

"Hey Steve, I've been working on my mom for weeks and she is definitely leaning McCain if Hillary doesn't get the nomination. (She was actually very pro-Obama up until he was found to be sending out misleading ads before the Ohio primary and he got increasingly negative towards Hillary) As to VP, a woman would be great but Huckabee could [help] ensure the South WV, VA, NC, and Iowa."

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Wiseman said...

Wow, Stephen that is the exact thinking I have. I am a strong Hillary supporter and will gladly support McCain. Contrary to other Hillary supporters for McCain, my support for for McCain stems from my strong respect for him. I encourage everyone to look at his record. He has always shown a tangible sense of independence and openess that is very remarkable. Without Hillary there is no question he was going to get my vote. I am not voting against Obama but I believe he is just too unqualify. The media has done a great diservice to the American people by trying to shove Obama down everyones throat. Obama has accomplished nothing and seems to understand very little on who government really works. All he seems to care about is becoming president. I hope McCain will appeal to Hillary supporters. If he can get 25 percent he will be the President without question