Monday, May 12, 2008

MCain: Come Out for Hillary?

"I wouldn't mind one bit if John McCain says -- in strong terms -- that the Democratic nomination was stolen from Mrs. Clinton. The thieves were Howard Dean and Barack Obama. The crime scenes were Michigan and Florida, whose delegates were denied Clinton." (Moi)

Yes, this recommendation strongly defies "conventional wisdom." But John McCain has never paid homage at the altar of such dubious "wisdom."

My goals are "modest."

I want Obama to stay at or below his core group of supporters, roughly 35% of the American electorate. I want him to lose all 50 states, including Illinois. I will concede him the district of Columbia. Oh, and I want Republicans to recapture both the House and Senate.
Extraordinary times demand extraordinary actions.

Love to hear your thoughts.

I'll be adding some thoughts about my neighboring state of West Virginia. Obama has written it off in the primary. Oh, and he's apparently written it off the general election. God willing, he will get the opportunity to write off a whole lot of states.

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