Thursday, October 30, 2008

Volunteers Urgently Needed for Philadelphia!

Elizabeth Hasselbeck of "The View" and Gov. Sarah Palin make a dynamic duo on the campaign trail!

Andrea Snell sent me the following; it's is a great opportunity for NYC and northeastern volunteers...

** Anyone who is interested in this please email, tell her Jean referred you. Trip is THIS Saturday; it's now or never!! **

Hey Jean, We have a bus ready to go to NE Philly on Saturday and need people to fill it! PA is the make or break it state & the Philadelphia office has been needing more people for awhile. There are a large number of McCain supporters and we need to make sure to maximize turnout. (I went out & phonebanked yesterday and had an all Democrat call sheet- 3/4 of the people I spoke to are voting McCain)We have had a lot of volunteers going out but they have tended to go to other areas.

The campaign will be sending us to targeted voters (Soft Republican or Moderate Dem) that are likely to vote McCain but may need a little push- so we will not be wasting time going to hard core liberals.Will you post to your boards and contact your Princeton connections please?? (I know you must be swamped)We will be leaving at 8:30am from 34th St & 10th Ave, NYC (though an earlier NJ pick up could probably be arranged) and getting back at 8p. Have people contact me to confirm.EVERYone is saying PA is much closer than public polls suggest.

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