Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Actions: Disgraceful, Despicable

Let's see: during the Democratic Primaries, Obama branded both Clintons as racists -- and added that Mrs. Clinton was a warmonger and a liar. So, both of them are now wildly campaigning for their tormentor -- the man Mrs. Clinton labeled as no more than "a speech he gave in 2002." Yes, Barack Obama is an empty suit, but, well, he's also a Democrat.

I sent the following to one of "Hillary's" staunchest supporters -- a woman who, unlike her political "heroine" -- is now campaigning for McCain-Palin.

I would like to say that I think it's time you and other former Hillary Supporters step up to the plate and label her actions on behalf of Obama for what they are: disgraceful, despicable, and immoral. I realize Hillary's Supporters demand almost nothing from her, and she certainly lives down to their expectations.

If this is the real Hillary, she would make a terrible President. She's a weak person, easily intimidated and totally focused on her absurd "career." It is a career based totally on riding on the coattails of men with no respect for her -- Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have been completely respectful of her. In return, she's joined Barack Hussein Obama, Chicago politician, heaping garbage on them.

Clearly, she values Party over County, and that's not exactly a quality we want in a person that might occupy the White House.

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