Friday, October 31, 2008

Elect Sarah Palin President 2012

The Palin Family aims high, as Piper demonstrates in this photo.

In about a week, this election-specific blog basically will cease to exist . . . in that there will be no more posts. John McCain will either have won Pennsylvania (and the presidency), or he won't. Starting today. I will be blogging basically at two sites: and I urge you to visit both sites and bookmark them.

I also ask you, if you're a blogger, to join the ReadMyLipstickNetwork, which I've already done. The purpose of that network -- and the purpose of my blogs -- will be to ensure that Gov. Palin occupies the White House as soon as 2012. For that to happen, we're going to need a million-plus activists and organizers, and I certainly hope you're one of them. I'll have some other activities, which you'll hear about soon.

I very much appreciate the tens of thousands of people who've visited this blog. I especially appreciate the tens of millions of Americans who are going to cast their ballots for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

In the meantime, please contact friends, neighbors, and family members to ask them to vote for John and Sarah, two outstanding Americans.


nckate11 said...

You Hillary supporters are such sore losers. She lost! Get over it and do your duty to support Obama! Good grief. You are just plain stupid.

M. L. Archer said...

Are you crazy!? Do your duty? Is that what they told the German guards at the concentration camps? Are you saying Democratic women are stupid zombies who don't think?

Be gone, wanna be! And take your big fat 'Yes we can' with you!

Serious Blogger said...

Hillary Supporters voting for McCain is one thing.
But Hillary Supporters would not be starting a "Palin in 2012" campaign.
First of all, why not a Hillary in 2012 campaign?
Second of all, Palin and Clinton are very very different.
I can understand wishing it was Clinton but voting for McCain because he's the better of the two options. But if you are planning a 2012 Palin campaign, you are not a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Carlos from Philly said...

After reading the majority of this blog, you realize almost immediately that this blog's author is (and most likely was from day 1) far less concerned with supporting Senator Clinton than he is voting against a presidential candidate of color.
Fortunately, once the election is over, trite blogs such as this one will fade into obscurity, and bloggers like the aforementioned will vanish from Google search results.
The president for the next eight years has been decided. Tomorrow is little more than a formality.

Stephen Carr said...

Run, Sarah, run!