Friday, October 3, 2008

Did Obama Threaten Hillary Clinton?

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Obama dumps a load of dung on Hillary Clinton. She responds by endorsing him.

For the past several months, since the end of the Democratic primaries, I've been watching Hillary Clinton -- a heroine to some -- with a mixture of dismay and disgust. She has been enthusiastically endorsing the man, Barack Obama, who branded her as a warmonger, a liar, and a racist.

It's really shameful. But it's also the continuation of a pattern. For 30-years plus she's been in a marriage of convenience with a man who's a chronic adulterer. Frankly, that is a form of abuse and a source of continuing humuliation. I'm not a psychiatrist, but somehow Mrs. Clinton seems to feel that humiliation by men is her due. Some people won't like my saying that, but in fact it's rather obviously true.

Mrs. Clinton endorses Obama for much the same reason that she stayed with Bill Clinton, her permanent abuser. In some part of her being, she expects powerful men to mistreat her, and in that regard, they don't let her down.

If she had divorced Bill, that would ended her chances for the presidency -- and probably even for the Senate. She hangs around to get ahead. She's become a professional rider of Bill's coattails, a woman who seems to have no life of her own.

Hillary is one of those sad political cases who believes "there's no life outside the Beltway." For her, that absurd belief just may be true, if we can call what she has "a life."

A friend of mine -- a good friend -- from Texas has tried to explain Hillary's behavior this way: "They [Obama? his minions? the Chicago boys?] threatened her. They threatened her daughter [Chelsea]. They even threatened her mother!"

I don't buy it. How does anyone threaten former First Lady, one under constant Secret Service protection? When HRC takes a shower, there's someone outside the bathroom, listening to make sure she doesn't fall. I don't believe for a minute that anyone threatened her. I believe she does what she does because she's a weak human being.

She obviously values her Party over her Country. She obviously values her career over any character she may once have had. She's a sad spectacle. She doesn't deserve to be President. She doesn't even deserve to be a U.S. Senator.


Mountain Sage said...

And why is she being held to a different standard than,let's say McCain? He endorsed and embraced George Bush even after the Bush campaign treated him and his family like dirt in the 2000 primary.

I'm afraid your bias is showing...BIG TIME.


Nancy said...

I understand about being an abused woman. It does not mean she doesn't have character. She may not value her pride more than her ambition to be the first woman president. Her daughter has tremendous respect for her. And with all the abuse she has taken and still held her head high, I have to say, I have more respect for her. What are her choices anyway? If she "divorces" her husband, she loses; if she "divorces" her party, she loses. I can't see her having many choices.
I do find it disgusting that Obama gets support from her. He is such a scumbag and the picture and symbol of the worst the democratic party can offer us. I have no respect for him nor what he supposedly stands for. He will ruin what is left of this country. If elected, I believe (and I'm a republican) she would have gone against her party to do what is right for the country. She just won't sacrifice her own future by standing up to the party who betrayed her or the crook who stole from her the election.
What did you expect her to do in 4-8 years, run as a republican?

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