Friday, June 6, 2008

Doesn't Hillary Really Favor McCain?

A tough governor, Alaska's Sarah Palin, with some equally tough soldiers from her state. Gov. Palin's 18-year-old son, Track, is in the U.S. Army infantry. He enlisted on September 11, 2007.

Is this the woman who will face off against Hillary Clinton for the presidency in 2012 or 2016? A growing number of observers believe that will the case. This weekend, I'll be writing about Sarah Palin on this site -- with a separate piece on my national blog. Please visit.

Tomorrow, Senator Clinton will endorse a man she despises: Barack Obama. Her heart definitely will not be in it.

Isn't this the man -- and old friend -- that Hillary Clinton believes has the character and experience to be a great President?

"What if he [John McCain] chooses a woman for V-P and Obama doesn't?" (Susan Page, USA TODAY, on CNN June 5)

Make no mistake: This is the original Hillary Supporters for McCain blog. The "other guy," highlighted this morning on CNN, is little more than an impostor. My own site has been up and running since late April. Yesterday, I got more "hits" in a day than I had in the previous week, and I hope to do better today.

If Hillary supporters end up voting for Obama, they truly will have to hold their noses -- with both hands. Frankly, the Obama Campaign has portrayed Mrs. Clinton as a liar, a warmonger (for voting for the original Iraq resolution), and a racist. It's a little hard to take those things back.

Thus, many supporters of Hillary Clinton will not vote for Barack Obama. They believe the Illinois Senator used race and gender in highly improper ways. Some of them believe Obama is not "a Black man." Why? Because he's the child of a white mother and a Black father who deserted the family early in Obama's life. Obama, like so many Americans is of "mixed race," a term he never uses.

Barack was brought up by a white mother (Anna Dunham) and white grandparents (the Dunhams). For obvious reasons, the candidate didn't emphasize those politically inconvenient truths.

In states (South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana) with large numbers of Blacks voting in the Democratic Primary, Obama emphasized his "Blackness." In states with mainy whites voting in the primaries, Obama talked about -- and ran commercials highlighting -- his white relatives.

Geraldine Ferraro, a good and decent person, said months ago that Obama was succeeding because he was a Black candidate (or at least, presented himself as such). For that, Ferraro was mercilessly smeared by the Obama campaign and the national media.

Remember Obama's "major speech" (in Philadelphia) on race? You may recall that he gave the speech, but I challenge to remember one sentence -- or even a phrase -- in that windy piece of oratory.

Bill Clinton has said that Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger served as "surrogates" for Obama. Their job, as the ex-President put it, was to "slime" Mrs. Clinton. After the damage was done, Obama mildly criticized Wright and Pfleger. In fact, Obama said the reason he (mildly) criticized Wright was that the Pastor had "disrespected" him!

Obama's relationship with Wright goes back 20 years. The same is true of his relationship with demagogic priest Pfleger. Are we to believe that Obama only discovered the men's views in the past few months? What has changed is that it's become impolitic for Obama to remain close to the two men. As Wright said, if Obama wins the White House, the Pastor expects to be welcomed with open arms to the White House.

So, why should Hillary Clinton supporters embrace the candidacy of John McCain? Frankly, the Hillary backers can answer that question for themselves. There's one candidate who has the qualifications and qualities to be a good President, and that person is NOT Barack Obama.

Tomorrow, Senator Clinton will "endorse" a person she despises: Barack Obama. Her heart will not be in it.

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Q&A How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters? Answer: PALIN Veep!