Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama: Racist in Word/Deed

Anything people are looking for in terms of Hillary Supporters and John McCain, they can find here. My latest effort -- below -- is about Obama's blatant use of race -- his and others' -- in search of votes. Read on . . . and please tell your friends and family about this site, which was really the first one up and running on the subject of Hillary Supporters for John McCain. On my Pennsylvania blog (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday), I'll be writing about a woman -- Deborah Honeycutt -- who could be not only the nation's first female President but also the first Black President. Thanks for visiting.

"The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn't. But she is a typical white person..." (Obama in Dreams From My Father) This is the same grandmother Obama is using in commercials to solicit white votes. This is not a good man. The father who abandoned him and his mother become more important than the grandmother who never did.

Obama giving the fish-eye to a fellow Chicago politician (Jesse Jackson)

You bet your bippy he is. David Axelrod, Obama's campaign manager, has become legendary for using the race card whenever it will give him political advantage. Candidate Obama himself -- a man of mixed-parentage -- uses race regularly when it helps his cause.

In his current commercials -- directed toward white voters in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio -- Obama shows a picture of himself as a young man with his white grandparents. Those are the same grandparents he makes fun of his first autobiography (he has two), Dreams From My Father.

In commercials and campaign speeches, he salutes the grandfather as a man who "served in Patton's army." In Dreams, however, he dismisses grandpa as "someone who never saw combat." His grandmother -- now 85 and appearing in at least one commercial to help establish Obama's Caucasian roots -- he slurs in the book as "a typical white person."

When the grandmother was accosted by a large Black man demanding money, Obama acts as if it were her fault.

That's the same grandmother he referred to in his Philadelphia speech on "race," surely one of the emptiest political statements made in our lifetime. He implied at the time that his grandmother had been perhaps as racially insensitive as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He said he could no more "disown" the race-baiting, America-hating preacher than he could his "own grandmother."

Later, of course, he did disown Wright for "disrespecting" him -- Obama! The disrespect for the nation and for Senator Clinton apparently didn't matter.

In the current commercial -- the one aimed at white people who voted mainly for Hillary -- he talks about what a "loving" family his grandparents and (Caucasian) mother were. Apparently, he wants to have it both ways.

Obama won the Democratic primaries in states like South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana almost exclusively because he was Black. In those states, large proportions of the Democratic electorate, and Obama got roughly 90% of their votes. That happened even though Mrs. Clinton has a long record of championing Black causes.

When Geraldine Ferraro raised such facts, she was maligned by Obama's surrogates and his media sycophants as a racist. Her reputation as a civil-rights champion was ignored. Her reputation remains in tatters.

Now that Obama has the nation's Black vote in his pocket, he's becoming -- at least metaphorically -- a lot "whiter." The comic, supposedly insensitive grandparents re-emerge as symbols of his connections to the white world. His previously volatile wife, Michelle, who wasn't proud of her cuntry, has now re-surfaced as a Black version of Laura Bush. The next time we see her on TV this formerly militant Black woman probably will be baking cookies.

At the same time, Obama's online wrecking crew is going around calliing McCain supporters racist. After all, what reasons other than race could they (we) have for not supporting "St. Barack?"

On Clintons4McCain, an organization I've urged all McCain supporters to join, Cristi Adkins, one of the founders, talks today about the charges against her organization. Here's what Cristi, a true heroine of political decency, says:

"[At Clintons4McCain] we're . . . getting emails asserting that the only reason anyone WOULD vote for McCain is because they're racist. . . . [Such] questions/statements have the same source -- blind partisanship and built in excuse-making and blame-shifting. Both assume simple motives, and both assume everyone's a puppet, parrot-robot like the writers of these emails obviously are."

This is not going to be a "fun" campaign. Obama and his surrogates are going to do more than play the "race card." They're going to unleash every card in the deck. As they did with Hillary Clinton in the primary, they'll going to hurl great loads of mud at McCain and his supporters. Obama will continue to be either white -- or Black -- depending on his immediate political goals.

I'm ready, and I hope you are also. Obama and his racial game-playing must be defeated.


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