Thursday, June 26, 2008

Communist China For Obama?

Tonight about 8 p.m. ET I'll put up a new column titled: "Hillary Broke Supporters' Hearts," about her so-called "Unity" speech in New Hampshire. It will feature a letter from one of Hillary's strongest supporters basically breaking ties with Mrs. Clinton. What I recently said about the Senator's Unity remarks is this: "She basically tried to establish an 'alternative universe," where everything her Supporters had seen, heard, and learned over the last 18 months ceased to exist." I hope you'll come back to see the column. (I only have two hands and two arms and both are very tired now.)

The material about Communist China rooting for Obama -- and the call for donations to John McCain appeared on one of the best sites on the Internet: It's a site with nearly 1700 members (and perhaps 10,000 visitors per day), and it's an essential part of the NoBama! Network. I have urged everyone who supports John McCain to join and participate in this organization. They're former supporters of Sen. Clinton who now strongly back Senator McCain. Their material is hard-hitting, as you'll see below. [On my national blog as of 4 p.m. Friday (ET), I have a piece about life for a Republican (me) among the Hillary backers. It's called "Hugged a Hillary Supporter Today?:" and it's at:]

Communist China Protecting Obama

Add to the list of people who love Obama -- the despotic, Communist regime of China.
We received information which we verified that the Chinese government has our site, and several other NOBAMA-type websites, blocked in their country. That's right, the despotic communist regime there in China doesn't want its people reading what we write here.

They love Obama and all far-left people such as his buddy George Soros, because they represent what China and all other enemies of this country hope is the future of America -- despotism and total government control over the lives of the populace.

It's easy to see why, with today's extreme-leftist Democrat party leadership trying to re-install the "fairness doctrine" in media, installing their anointed, empty-suit puppet nominee over the will and the votes of the people, doing all they can to hinder and cripple business and commerce, and chomping at the bit to raise taxes all they possibly can, to promote economic enslavement of Americans.

We wonder if Obama gave China and other countries a call, asking that our site and ones like it be blocked. We use stat-tracker here, and there's never been a hit from China recorded. How DID they find out about us? Who informed them of our content since clearly no one IN China has ever read the site? Well, we consider it a high honor that the Chinese government saw fit to block little ole us -- the mouse to their terrified, trembling, massive, all-powerful elephant that the rest of the world is afraid of -- and we invite other cowardly despotic and terrorist regimes to follow suit!

You're seeing in this the future of our country folks, if we allow Obama and ones of his ilk to have power. They must be stopped, while we still can. Vote McCain come November. Defeat evil in our time.

Rain for McCain -- July 4

We encourage all readers to send donations to the McCain campaign on July 4th for the "Rain for McCain" event. Make your donation with 44 cents on the end to show you're a Clinton supporter for McCain. Whether it be just 44 cents, $5.44, $100.44, whatever amount you choose will be appreciated. Let's make an early showing of our voting power and help Senator McCain defeat Obama. BHO will have dead people, nonexistent people, minors and people voting multiple times counted come November. McCain doesn't need fraudulent votes -- Just say Nobama! Tell your friends, family members, co-workers, Rain for McCain day is July 4th! Click >here< to donate and let your voice be heard.

Steve Adds: Congratulations to Cristi Adkins and others at Clintons for McCain for being political grown-ups who are thinking first and foremost about protecting their country.

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