Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PA Superdelegates Trashing Hillary Clinton

I've been asking everyone who visits my sites to join a very important group, Clintons for McCain. It consists mainly (although not exclusively) of Hillary Clinton Supporters who now back John McCain for President. To win the election, McCain will need the backing of millions of Hillary Supporters. Clintons for McCain -- and there are many similar groups -- are a critical element in Sen. McCain's quest for the presidency. Please join today.

Hillary Supporters know that the Obama Campaign portrayed their candidate as a warmonger, a liar, and a racist. They also remember Obama surrogate Samantha Power calling her a "monster." They reject Obama's hypocritical call for their support. Their motto is "NoBama!"

Many Hillary Supporters have been active in Democratic causes. However, they're learning that the Democratic Party neither values nor respects their views. They're finding out that Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid want their votes (and money) but not their participation in the real workings of the Democratic Party.

To their dismay, they're discovering that all the talk about SuperDelegates "reflecting the will of the voters" was just so much chatter. In my Pennsylvania blog especially, I've been talking about Democratic congressmen -- Jason Altmire, Patrick Murphy, Tim Holden, and others -- ignored the fact that their district went strongly for Hillary Clinton.

Murphy's district, the 8th, went almost two-to-one for Senator Clinton. However, he was one of the first Superdelegates to back Barack Obama. Any Hillary voters who support Murphy are ignoring the dirty dealings that went on in the 8th district. Murphy has no business remaining as a congressman.

Other Superdelegates, including Altmire and Holden, are behaving like the ultimate political weasels. Altmire (PA's 4th district) insisted on June 5 that he remains "undeclared," but he added that he "supports Obama." He really appears to believe he can have it both ways.

As for Tim Holden (PA's 17th district), he said months ago that "the candidates" knew which one of them he favored. Sadly, the voters had no way of knowing what was in Holden's head. Now, rather than declaring, he says the issue is "moot."

Are people like Murphy, Altmire, and Holden shameless enough to continue asking for the votes of Hillary Supporters? You betcha. They believe their bizarre actions have no consequences. They can ignore their districts' voters, but the electorate is not supposed to ignore them.

Altmire, Murphy and Holden have Republican opponents. Holden and Altmire have female challengers -- Toni Gilhooley and Melissa Hart. Murphy's opponent is a career Marine -- Tom Manion -- who lost his son in Iraq.

I admit we Pennsylvanians usually love to vote for candidates who proclaim themselves -- falsely but persistently -- to be "cosnervative Democrats." Altmire, Murphy, and Holden do that. But the odor from the Democratic Party's Pimary Debacle is strong enough that PA voters are set to provide Democratic turncoats with a big surprise.

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