Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama: Creating Racial Divides

In Obama's latest campaign ad directed toward white voters (he already has the Black vote), he says of his grandfather (someone he once called a man who "never saw combat") and grandmother (whom he once called a "typical white person") and mother (whose race he began to keep secret): "They taught me values straight out of the Kansas [i.e., almost all white] heartland." That was the heartland presumably where, in his autobiography's words, "the farm boys stank like pigs." His mother, Anna Dunham, was an athiest whose main goal in life was to have as little to do with Kansas as possible. C'mon Barack, we read your book (Dreams From My Father), so tell us how you really feel -- or do we have to rely on Michelle for that?

In my daily forays into the large portion of America dominated by Hillary Clinton Supporters who now lean toward John McCain or outright support him for President, I've discovered a sad reality. The Obama-bots are describing the Hillary-ites as racists. The point seems to be that no one could support McCain for other than racial reasons.

In my humble opinion, Barack Obama (and his wife) have consistently made statements that are racist. When Obama called his grandmother -- now featured in ads in mostly white areas -- "a typical white person," he was making a racist statement.

If John McCain had ever called someone "a typical Black person," media types would be engaging in non-stop primal screams.

Of course, some leftists will proclaim that a Black person (or a mixed-race person like Obama) cannot be racist. That's a designation they would restrict to white people.

In fact, a racist illustrates various behaviors. The main one is that he or she generalizes about people of one race in such as way as to denigrate them. Calling anyone "a typical white person" would qualify, as would many other statements Obama has made.
On my Hillary Supporters for McCain web site on Tuesday (scroll down) I cited many statements Obama has made that I would classify as either racist or otherwise highly offensive. If there's another way to interpret them, I'd love to hear it.

In recent mailings from the McCain Campaign, I see a willingness to take the gloves off when it comes to Obama's falsehoods and misrpresenations. On FOX the other day, former PA Gov. Tom Ridge (McCain Supporter) showed a willingness to beat Tom Daschle (Obama Supporter) like a rented mule.

I believe Obama, following the lead of racial politics guru David Axelrod, is very willing to play the race card. In fact, he's willing to throw every card in the deck at McCain and his supporters.

For example, in his comments about Pennsylvanians being a bunch of gun-toting religious fanatics consumed by intolerance, it should have ended his campaign. Why didn't it?
Nearly half the Democrats voting in PA, WV, and KY believed Obama shared some or all the views of Rev. Wright.

Does he? Perhaps some of our "courageous" journalists who look at the Illinois Senator with such adoration should ask him.

Frankly, it's time for a free press to stop giving Obama a free pass. When he makes outrageous comments unworthy of a serious presidential candidate, he should be condemned.

And the American people should ask: what is such a deeply flawed human being doing running for President?

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