Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hillary, Barack: Odor of Cynicism

San Franciscan and Republican congressional candidate Dana Walsh taking on Cindy Sheehan and Nancy Pelosi.

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Should the nation adopt "The Ostrich Position?"

Was Hillary's Campaign Just an Elaborate System of Falsehoods?"

Hillary Clinton is faced with a real problem. On her Saturday "endorsement" of Senator Obama's presidential bid what's she going to say about Obama's qualifications? That she was "only kidding" when she said he was NOT ready to be President. Was what she said about the Illinois Senator being an inexperienced windbag only "politics as usual?" Is her main loyalty to her country -- or to some political Party that has rejected her? She said that Obama's platitudinous campaign rested mainly on a "speech he gave in 2002." Was that true, or was it not?

These are all hard questions that should be asked. But the national media, focused mainly on trivialities is not going to put any pressure on Mrs. Clinton. Why? Because to do so would harm (in minor ways perhaps) the Obama Campaign. NBC didn't become known as the "National Barack Channel" for no reason.

On Saturday, both Senators Obama and Clinton will rise to rhetorical heights. What the rhetoric will cover up is the fact that both of them are basically advocating income redistribution because it's a good way to buy votes. On foreign policy, they're recommending that the nation adopt what we might call "The Ostrich Position." Their plan for preventing terrorism is basically to pray that nothing bad happens. If a terrorist attack does happen on their watch, expect them to look around for scapegoats.

In high-tech industries, there's a saying about people making outrageous statements, as Mrs. Clinton will do this weekend. The saying is that something "doesn't pass the straight-face test." Senator Clinton will tell us how wonderful the very limited Sen. Obama is. But will she be able to do it with a straight face? Perhaps Bill Clinton will show up and say he was just joshing when he accused Obama and his surrogates of "sliming" Mrs. Clinton and calling her a racist. "Just kdding!"

If there's a strange odor around both candidates on Saturday, it will be the all-too-familiar smell of political cynicism.

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