Sunday, June 29, 2008

President Palin? Obama a Loser

Hi, I'll have a new column up here Wednesday evening. In the meantime, I hope you'll visit my national blogs (1, and 2,, which will have material up about the woman, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who could just become America's first female President. There's a possibility -- and not just a slim one -- that she could run in 2012 against Sen. Hillary Clinton for the nation's top office.

This blog is a proud member of the Nobama Network and strongly supports PUMA ("Party Unity My A-s") in all its activities. I am not financially compensated or instructed by any politician or Party. I encourage all Americans who love their country to support Sen. John McCain for POTUS.

An active duty military person sent the above comparative graphic -- a devastating one -- to Larry Johnson, an expert on military matters and security, who blogs at: I urge you to acquaint yourself with Larry's online work; he's as good as it gets. Beneath this paragraph I have an excerpt from Larry's column entitled "Barack Obama Folds on General Clark." On my other blogs today I'll be talking about Gov. Kathleen Sibelius' ridiculous comment that people who call Obama "inexperienced" or "too liberal" are using code words for racism. Kathleen, that dog won't hunt anymore.

Kathleen, Obama is not only inexperienced and wildly liberal, it is he who is the racist. As Larry Johnson says in the following graph, Obama is also a coward -- a man who kicks his surrogates under the bus when it's to his political advantage.

"Judging from Barack’s behavior in the aftermath of [General Clark's] comments [critical of McCain] Clark may be having second thoughts. The North Vietnamese tortured John McCain for years but he resisted until he was physically broken and scarred for life. What did it take to make Barack crack? Some pointed criticism from Republicans. Barack was not hung by his arms and beaten by bamboo. Nonetheless, in a quintessential display of cowardice as a leader, he sold out Wesley Clark. Note to Clark–nice try General, but it is time to realize that Barack does not stand and take the fire. He cuts and runs. He is a coward. "

The following comments are from yesterday's column:
The McCain Campaign, as I learned today (Sunday) on a conference call consisting of 80 groups backing Hillary Clinton (and a handful of GOP activists, including me), is making major efforts to reach out to Hillary Supporters. These Hillaryites and friends share a common goal: exposing and defeating Barack Obama.

[Major Bulletin: On my national blog ( I take about a major effort under by thugs from the Obama Campaign to suppress free speech on the Internet, particularly by shutting down blogs critical of Sen. Obama. I hope you'll visit the site and take action against this threat to American's rights and values. The Obama Campaign apparently will stop at nothing to get their candidate elected.]

The effort is generating national -- and even international -- publicity. Some of the most significant activists in American politics participated in the Conference Call.

The McCain Camp has its most senior campaign people, including Carly Fiorina (a possible V-P choice) talking -- and mainly listening -- to Hillary Supporters. I've said on this blog that wthout significant support from them, there will be no victory, and I believe that's also John's view.

Today on the call, the head of Women for Fair Politics said that she feared "the train (the possible nomination of HRC) had left the station. She also said she hoped everyone would do what, in their own hearts and minds, is the right thing. She noted, in essence, that will be different strokes for different folks.

The Group on the conference call all pledged to help Mrs. Clinton to pay off her campaign debt (more about that later). The goal is to get her out from under the thumb of creditors and Barack Obama.

The moderator of the call was Cristi Adkins, an activist and media guru, who should be writing soon about today's activities on the following web site: I'll have up soon other web sites and e-mail addresses you can use in this "JustSayNoBama" effort.

I'll write more about today's striking developments tomorrow morning (Monday). Please scroll down to read Betty Jean Kling's heartfelt letter to Senator Clinton. Betty Jean was very much a strong presence on today's conference call.


Ted said...

What about Puma for Palin?

Joie said...

Damn...when will you "white is right by any means necessary" people just die off??? This country is sick of scum like you!
It's funny to see you running scared thinking you'll lose the country you stole from Native Americans!

M said...

Hey Baloney, good luck to you and your misinformation. As you eloquently put it, this dog won't hunt anymore either.

john said...

You hillary supporter's are a bunch of baby's go to hell. If the dems lose were coming after you!