Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama: Larry Sinclair Scandal Brewing

Questions: (1) Why are Hillary Supporters Angry? (2) What is the significance of the Larry Sinclair press conference about Obama's drug use and sexual proclivities?

Answers: (1) They're angry because Howard Dean and the national Democrats stole the nomination. (2) As for Larry Sinclair, he is absoutely Barack Obama's worst nightmare. (See the columns below)

Who is the woman pictured? She's Deborah Travis Honeycutt, M.D., a GOP candidate for Congress in Georgia. Many people are starting to believe she'll be both the first Black President and the first female President. A "two-fer." I'll be writing about her on my Pennsylvania blog Saturday and Sunday. She has already raised a whopping $2 million-plus for her campaign. You go gal!

Note: Thanks to the more than 2,000 people who have visited this site since it started operating in early May. It will be operating until at least Nov. 5 (the day after the election -- and probably longer. I hope you all keep coming back. :-) Do I believe Larry Sinclair? Given Obama's track record (imaginary uncles and the like), Sinclair may very well be the more truthful of the two.

On my Pennsylvania blog Friday night I put up a column entitled "Democrats' Gas Prices Destroying America." Frankly, it's time to take off the gloves on the gasoline crisis. Please visit.

I do hard-hitting commentary on political issues and figures. I don’t do smear tactics.

However, The “Larry Sinclair” story has been brewing for some time. Basically, Sinclair, an “out’ gay man, claimed he snorted cocaine with Barack Obama in 1999 and also performed oral sex on him.

(Obama has stated he hasn’t “done drugs” since his school days. His admission of cocaine (“blow”) use in his autobiography is widely seen as a preemptive strike to deflect criticisms during the presidential campaign.)

Cristi Adkins, one of the founders of the Hillary Supporters for John McCain movement – a large and growing one – covered the recent Larry Sinclair press conference in Chicago. It’s the main posting on, and you can read about the details there. Onliners are flocking to the site and the story.

Yes, Larry Sinclair is a sleaze. But ultimately his story doesn’t have to be one of those “he said, he said” deals. What he says is either false, true, or partially true. But in today’s world, we really can’t rely on the national media – or even the Chicago media – to help us make a determination.

I asked several online friends whether I should refer to the Sinclair story at all. One – Cindy in New Mexico – said essentially, “Go with it.” Another friend (Mary, below) had a complex answer, which I reprint.

On a fine blog – – Kathy from Georgia is also wrestling about what to do with the Sinclair story. Her response is understandable. It’s a sordid story, so she mentions it without going into detail.

However, I also have a hunch this is a story that won’t go away. One reason it won’t is that Barack Obama remains “the man about whom we know almost nothing.” Forexample, does Obama share the views of Rev. Wright, which many Democrats believe? How can we know with any certainty. Has Obama used hard drugs during the past decade? Search me.

My friend Mary M., a Californian and brilliant critic of Obama, sent me the following assessment of the Sinclair story

I [have] watched almost all [the Sinclair charges]. Most of this has been around more than once. One thing that bothers me and why I will not spread it around is the ack of supporting evidence. I, personally, have all the evidence I need to know beyond a thread [of doubt] that I will NEVER vote for Barack Obama.

I'm not a politician but think it is unwise to put too much emphasis on what looks like smears (fellatio, etc) when there is ample blatant evidence right out of his mouth to not want him in the Whitehouse. I was not a supporter of Clinton either but did not have the visceral reaction I do with Obama.

[In politics], I am more faith based and as a Conservative my political views are mostly shaped by my Conservative Catholic faith. Contrary to what MSM and my fellow Californians would believe I do “vote Catholic.” In recent years that does favor the Republican Party but not always. Here in CA they're all a bunch a bums!!!

Perhaps in time people who are in the know and have the investigative resources will uncover some great misdoing such as Larry Sinclair claims. It is risky business given the Obama back alley machine. I know he talked openly about using cocaine in his own book (so the MSM says - I haven't read it).

What he may have done while under the influence is less impressive to me than what he has already done clean and sober in the Senate. I also believe that there is a very big and powerful force propelling Obama and selling him [so he can] carry the American people down the river to drown us in one big cesspool.

There is more than politics as usual at play here. Change is in the making for sure, just like sudden death - a real change of sorts.


Felix Macacawitz said...

"I also believe that there is a very big and powerful force propelling Obama and selling him [so he can] carry the American people down the river to drown us in one big cesspool"

I recommend wearing tin foil. It helps ease this sensation.

GLORIA said...

“To be honest with you, its not so much whether you believe me or not, as much as you hear me.”

-Larry Sinclair at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. June 18, 2008

Larry’s words, my post!

Stephen R. Maloney said...

I support Cristi Adkins and the "JustSayNoDeal" group, which is a key segment in the defeat of Barack Obama, the man no one really knows. As I added on my post, I find Larry Sinclair more believable than Barack Obama. Some people, like the tinfoil man, love it when Barack lies to them, with his imaginary uncles liberating imaginary concentration camps. They love it when he disses his grandmother as a "typical white person," and then tries to use her to gain votes from white people. I intend to write more about Larry Sinclair in coming days. He may be doing the U.S. the biggest favor in my lifetime.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa