Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hillary Breaks Supporters Hearts

I'll clean this up later, but it's a powerful statement from Betty Jean about the sense of betrayal many Hillary Supporters feel about Sen. Clinton's so-called "Unity Speech";

Hillary Supporters 6/28/08
Free US Now

Rosa Parks risked her life but would not move to the back of the bus. So Hell No Hillary - We won't Go NOBAMA!I imagine this letter is going to rile a few readers - so be it - perhaps it needs to be said - If I lose a few - I lose a few- But I thought we were in this for the real deal not for a party not for a person but for Democracy and for fairness.

I have posted Our Mission at the bottom of every newsletter and I believe what I have written below fits appropriately within that mission statement -- it is an open letter to Hillary Clinton's Director of Women's Outreach. We have been in contact for some time and I have been very candid about my opinions that while I support Hillary, our mission is for democracy above any candidate or party our allegience is to our country.. Free US Now

E-mail sent to:
Dana E. Singiser
Director of Women's Outreach
Hillary Clinton for President
Cell: 202-297-7588

Dear Dana Singiser,

Hillary was my hero, she promised to fight for what was right. I thought she was our Rosa Parks who risked her life but would not move to the back of the bus. What in the world is Hillary allowing herself to be used for? Have you no idea how many women are hysterical today? Have you no idea how far back this puts our cause? How many of us have visualized ourselves stronger because she fought for us and can not believe what we saw and heard today?

What an insult to our intelligence to stand there and try to sell us the notion that because of her – women can do anything? ANYTHING? Just what anything is that? Run strong, win more votes but be forced out but the good old boys (and don't bother to try and sell us the fair election story- we are not that stupid) then grovel at the feet of a lesser candidate for money and for the party that all but destroyed her and now expects her be made to look the fool in front of the whole world?

My God what has happened to the woman we believed in? How can anyone expect us to stick with her now? How can anyone expect us to believe in her now? We the women she gave hope to and the men who admired her were all set to pay her debt in full on July 4th. ! We would have paid the total bill in one day!

And for (2) $2300.00 checks she kissed his ring in front of the whole world. Tell me is he going to be expecting her to kiss it weekly while he doles out payments over the course of the next few months ?

This is where we part ways Dana, She was going to fight to the bitter end but yesterday's show in Unity NH show was disgraceful. All those supporters in the audience did not fool the rest of us at all watching in horror at home. We know what we feel and how badly this hurt us and humiliated us as proud women who watched our hero reduced to a common abused women following three steps behind her man because she believes has no where else to go! How sad.

If you are still in charge of Woman's outreach I must tell you this is one hell of a way to reach out to women, since when is it ok to pimp out our first viable female candidate for a primary debt and for a party that sold her out? This was the worst possible message Hillary could have sent women of any age and I would be ashamed to have my young daughter see that spectacle today.

I can not help but wonder how Chelsea feels inside?Shame on the DNC, shame on her friends including Lanny, Harold and her family but the greatest shame today belongs to Hillary herself. Why go that far only to completely dissolve into nothing more than a battered woman?

Forgive me Hillary for being harsh on you today but this sets our movement back seriously and we can not falter and we do thank you for that part of the speech that reminds us to go on with out you. Free US Now


Daltonsbriefs said...

I read today that some of the former Hillary people are also having their blogs shut off by blogger.

Charlotte Corday said...

If I ever meet a proponant of HSFM (Hillary Supporters for McCain) I will view that "person" the same way I view members of NAMBLA. There is no evil that equates to these two groups. A vote for McCain is a vote for Death. You are filth. Except for one thing: You are phony. You are Repugs, posing as "Hillary Supporters for McCain," LMAO. There is no such thing as a "Hillary Supporter for McCain," there are only posers who would like us all to swallow this crap.

Nonetheless, if ever a "real one" pops up out of the trash heap, and I meet her...she will be, as I said, the equal of a Nambla man to me. There is nothing more vile than a NAMBLA man or a HSFM woman. Both are unnatural, demonic, destructive beyond measure, unspeakably evil.