Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Democrat Who's Had Enough

[Scroll down to see the letter from Rebekah, a lifelong Democrat and Hillary Supporter who has left the Party. The following e-mail is from Pam in New Jersey, who's also exited the Democratic Party. Also visit my Pennsylvania site for similar correspondence.]

You have done your job well. I don't know what to think of some of these people. Things change and I think the Democratic party has changed and is GONE. Get on with life and see where the Republican party will take you. I need structure, I need someone who knows what he is doing and not fidgeting in the dark.

You are right. This election is going to separate the boys from the men the girls from the women. What do you really want for you and your familes lives? I want what our forefathers wrote down in the constitution and BO has done everything but re-write the constitution and that is NOT GOING TO BE DONE ON MY WATCH.

I do understand your fatigue and you have been a good warrior. I will go into the hospital Tuesday for knee replacement and then be home until labor day. I will be going back to work then.

Things have to change on these boards after the convention. People have to get up and do and stay behind to suffer what BO can do.

I think of your often and praise all you have done in the name of your country. Stay calm, cool and collected. You have done a lot for McCain and he rewarded you well last night. He made a wonderful showing. I think the Republican party will be changing also for the good of the people with McCain...You have done a proud job for the party and your country. My hat is off to you sir. You take care and stay well.

Rebekah writes:

I will be water boarded before I vote for Obama. After what the DNC disenfranchised their own party members. I will be an independent after the convention. I will no longer be a Democrat. I am tired of the McGovern, Dukakis, Mondale and Kerry selections. Also, that human piece of garbage Jimmy Carter, who did a lousy job. We are not a Parliamentary system. Has anyone thought of why Obama wrote an autobiography at 29 years old. I thought only people who were terminally ill wrote an autobiography before 30. Barry is going down this November.

More letters from Democrats who've had enuogh are on my Pennsylvania site. Please visit.

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Adrian said...

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