Saturday, August 2, 2008

How McCain Defeats Obama

I received the following message from a person (don't know name, but must find it out) at "She" is joining NoBama Mission Bloggers. Her site is:

She adds, "I also have a very extensive email let me know when you want a mass mailing. Thanks."

We need the names (first name is okay) and e-mail addresses of people like this. I told her that the mailing list is "golden." If this person has 50 (or 100 -- or 500 -- or 5000) on the her list, she can ask people to join her in opposing the election of Barack H. Obama. If friends, family members, and other connections realize this person is opposing Obama -- for some compelling reasons -- it will influence how they vote.

The reasons for opposing Obama? That he is unqualified (no foreign policy or military experience), inexperienced (half a term in the U.S. Senate, most of it spent on the campaign trail), too untrustworthy (telling false stories about his life and "accomplishments"), and too dangerous (suggesting that the U.S. might "reinvade" Iraq and that we might invade Pakistan, an ally and one with nuclear bombs). This message works to create doubts about -- and opposition to -- Obama.

What about positives regarding Obama's opponent who, in the General Election, would be John McCain. That time will come (soon), and the positives are the opposite of Obama's deficiencies. McCain is qualified, experienced, honest, and NOT dangerous. He is right on critical issues (such as producing more domestic energy and thus helping keep prices down) where Obama is just plain wrong. Rather than having to invent imaginary "uncles" with bogus military "accomplishments," McCain (and his father and grandfather) achieved exemplary records of military service and foreign policy knowledge.

The key is to contact people who will in turn contact others. The goal is to send out messages that have a cascading effect. If someone sends out 60 "NoBama" messages to people who in turn send out 60 messages (some will send more, some will send fewer), then there are 3600 contacts. If each of the 3600 new contacts send out 60 messages, we're up around 200,000. If the 200,000 send out another 60 e-mails, then we're up around 12 million. And if the 12 million in turn send out, then the total contacts could exceed the population of the U.S.!

Of course, it won't be exactly that easy. It will necessary to urge people to contact everyone they can -- face-to-face, over the phone, or through the Internet -- in order to ensure victory in November.

The point to get across to people like "hillaryisourchoice" is that "somebody else" is not going to do the job of making important contacts about the need to defeat Obama. You and I, along with everyone else in the NoBama Movement, must do the things -- make the contacts -- necessary to win the Nov. 4 election.

Within a day or so, you will be able to find NoBama fliers at: What if you don't like something in the fliers made available? In that case, use the fliers as a model -- and create your own. This is largely a "do-it-yourself" effort.

Winning that election is crucail to achieving the other changes many people want, such as reforming BOTH political candidates and ensuring that future candidates don't come with the liabilities of a Barack Obama.

Right now, we have a Congress controlled by Nancy Pelosi, one of the main villains who torpedoed the campaign of Hillary Clinton. That Congress, rather than dealing with sky-high energy prices, has now gone on vacation for five weeks! The lack of concern for the American public is appalling.

We can do better. We MUST do better.

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bimbo said...

i voted for hillary in the primary. i am voting for mccain in the general election. honestly, i think palin would make a better president than obama.

palin was an actual leader and administrator of a city and a state. mccain is the best of all worlds. he's an american hero, a strong, passionate fighter for the little man and an experienced politician who commands respect...

anyone who votes for obama is duped by his slick, empty talk....