Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sarah Palin McCain's V-P Choice?

I'm getting word from Republican operatives in OK and FL that Gov. Sarah Heath Palin's charter plane from Alaska has just landed in Dayton, Ohio. That almost certainly would indicate she is John McCain's choice for V-P. If that is the case, much more about Sarah tomorrow. Sarah Palin is the mother of five, including an infant son, Trig, who was born with Down Syndrome. Her oldest son, Track, is an infantryman headed soon to Iraq or Afghanistan. This story comes from a woman I'd trust with my life.


John said...

Relatable, grounded, tough reformer. Sweet :D

Jose said...

I am a long-time supporter of Hillary Clinton, because I respect and admire her record, intelligence and perspectives on the important issues. I am severely, severely disappointed with John McCain for choosing Sarah Palin. I consider this a huge slap in the face of women across this country! Mrs. Palin has a belief system that is frighteningly opposed to Mrs. Clinton's! Ultra-conservative, Pro-choice, anti-gay marriage... A self-proclaimed feminist, and yet a former beauty pageant queen???!! Are you kidding me!?? She may be a nice enough person, but politically she is a neo-CON from the same artificial 'compassionate conservative' mold as the Bush-ites, and that is Frightening!

Now that McCain has shown that he believes he can win our votes by simply pandering with such an offensive choice, (as if feminists lack the ability to see beyond gender), I have decided that I am now forced to write in Clinton's name in November. I am DISGUSTED!

Who We Are said...

Let us put aside the horrible decision to nominate Sarah Palin to the VPship.

I have a question, how does someone who supports Clinton make a 180 degree turn and even consider voting for McCain?

They are total opposites. Is it just that you hate black people or really that spiteful.

I really want to know. I can’t get my mind around it at all.

Please shed some light?

Mary Shaw said...

In his comment, "jose" describes Palin as "Pro-choice". In fact, she is anti-choice.

AdamSelene said...

My wife and I were both strong Hillary supporters, and had McCain chosen someone both pro-Israel and pro-choice like Lieberman, McCain might have swayed us. (We're both Jewish and concerned about Obama's positions on Israel.)

But if we look at Palin on the issues though--and not merely that she is a woman--her policy positions represent more of the same anti-science and anti-woman policies that Bush has propagated--failing to support a scientifically independent an unbiased FDA on women's health issues, recently trying to redefine birth control funding as abortion funding in the Federal Register, etc. And if she should succeed McCain in office, she has no experience at all in national security issues, especially those concerning Israel.

However, neither of us can stand the evangelical, anti-woman, socially conservative wing of the Republican party, and this VP pick has driven us right back into the Obama camp. I couldn't imagine a worse VP pick on McCain's part if he wanted to entice Hillary supporters into voting Republican.

Mike said...

The owner of this blog is as right-wing as Sarah Palin and could care less about Hillary supporters. He is just trying to stir things up.

This blog would have been "Barack Supporters for McCain" had Clinton gotten the nomination.