Tuesday, August 26, 2008


"If JFK gave his Inaugural Address now, with its emphasis on country over party and liberty over dependence, he'd be booed off the stage in Denver."

Hillary Clinton is a closet McCain Supporter. Whom do you really believe she will vote for on November 4? Senator Clinton, a long-time admirer of John McCain, has repeatedly said she believes Senator Obama is not ready for the presidency because he lacks the experience necessary to lead. She said,"In this election we need a nominee who can pass the Commander in Chief test. ... Senator McCain will bring a time of experience to the campaign. I will bring a lifetime of experience and Senator Obama will bring a speech he gave in 2002. I think that is a significant difference."If you are disgusted by what's happening in Denver -- and you should be -- the best steps you can take are to join Clintons4McCain (whatever your politics) and NoBama Mission, groups dedicated to Obama's defeat. Both groups are now flooded with people saying "NoBama." You'll be among friends. Please copy the above and send it to friends and family. Thanks.

The following was written by my very good friend and fellow Hillary Clinton Supporter Rev. Father V.M. Could you please post his message. He has asked me to send this to you with his deepest Love and appreciation and God's Blessing. [Charles, a good friend a strong Hillary backer, sent this to me. Charles is one of those broken-hearted by Sen. Clinton's recent decisions. Please feel free to use this on your own blog or otherwise disseminate it.]

Hillary...We only have hours left and I know you'll never see this but maybe someone who has some contacts will get this to you. 18,000,000 wonderful supportive Americans helped you and stood by your side night and day. We watched you and cheered for you...when you laughed-we laughed, when you were hurt-we were hurt. We are, Hillary, your supporters who respect and admire you as a person who told us you would NEVER abandon us and now the worst of your enemies beckon you to come to their side. The people who mocked you, bashed you, insulted you, bought off the Media to destroy you etc....yes Hillary, now they call for help...well, we are calling also. True, you are a Democrat but you are an American and represent the people to whom you came to for support...now we ask you to help us...Do not yield to the call of evil but come to your friends...Please Hillary...tell your supporters tonite to vote for McCain and to do what's right. If you are not permitted to ask them to do this then,at the very least, do not ask them to support Obama. His attributes are not in thebest interest of the finest Country in the World. YOU KNOW OBAMA IS BAD FOR OUR COUNTRY..PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US.May the Lord be with you and guide you to make the decision from your heart.


aviva dove-viebahn said...
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aviva dove-viebahn said...

I fail to understand how someone who supported Hillary (which I did) refuses to support the Democratic party post-Hillary no matter how disappointed one is about the primary. Whomever is president next will be able to choose the next Supreme Court justice, which should be the most important issue at stake. I don't want to live in a country were McCain, who to me seems just like Bush, is allowed to make such a crucial appointment. It doesn't matter how you feel about Obama, we should all continue to vote Democratic and lobby for those issues we feel are important.