Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama's Information Grab, Embarassing Videos

At videoboard, you can find out how to get great videos of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, and various other Democrats during the Primaries. They're the videos and images Obama doesn't want you to see.

Michelle: They can write all the "bring-us-together" speeches they want for Michelle Obama. But she will always be the angry woman in her 40s who "for the first time in [her] adult life [was] proud of [her] country" when her husband began winning presidential primaries. Michelle, please go visit America.

[Note: Scroll down a few paragraphs to see "Obama's Continuing Humiliation of Hillary." Scroll down beyond that to see an e-mail from a heartbroken -- and angry -- Hillary Supporters]

If you want a video widget for your blog, please go to the same site: There, you can copy and paste the code. Notice the VideoBoard widget on my sidebar. At the web site, you'll find links to many videos.

If you're looking for the shocking new piece on how the Obama campaign has gone after Criti Adkins, co-founder of Clintons4McCain and Nobama Mission, please scroll down to the previous column. It has drawn thousands of visitors, and I appreciate your interest in this story of the Obama Campaign's thuggery. If you want to support Cristi, please join Clintons4McCain and Nobama Mission.

As you may know, the Obama text-messages about the Biden announcement were a scam. They had nothing to do with informing people. They had everything to do with using surreptitious means to grab information -- esssentially to get individual's cell phone numbers. The "announcement" came several hours after the media had broken the news.

Hopefully, millions of people's cell phones will not be awakening them regularly at 3 a.m.

A great place to read about Sen. Obama's major problems telling the truth is: It's very worth visiting.


And the humliation of Sen. Clinton continues . . ."Please make sure as many people as possible see the material below. It's new -- and very revealing:

A friend says: I was just reading a post on ( ) which included this comment:
Surely it’s not just me, but what is taking so damn long for someone… anyone… to give a straight answer. On Obama’s plane in route to Chicago this morning. The Precious One was asked about Hillary’s name being placed in nomination. His response was weak… to say the least. The written quote given at the NYTimes Political blog, as well as other blogs and so-called-news sites, was not an accurate transcript; it left out a LOT. I’ve taken care of that here, in the interest of accuracy:

Obama Says: “uh ah I uh ah I’m letting our our uh our respective teams work out the details,” Mr. Obama said. “uh ah I I uh ah I don’t think uh we’re looking for catharsis. I think what we are uh looking for is uh energy and excitement uh about the prospects of changing this country, and and uh I think that people who supported a whole range of different candidates during the primaries are going to come out of that uuuuh convention feeling absolutely determined that we’ve got uuh to take the White House back.”

The above quote indicates to me that Obama struggles to give an answer which is what he assumes the questioner wants to hear while trying to word it in a way that avoids actually making any commitment while doing so.

Political games aside, Obama hates the Clintons -- and the feeling is mutual.

Roger Demands a Refund from Hillary
If Hillary Clinton releases those delegates [hers] before the end of the convention, I will consider that as fraud! We know he cannot get the nomination without that, and there was a hidden agenda from the start to just fleece Americans out of their money. I am demanding a full refund for every cent I contributed! I have sent her a letter to that effect. If she announces or in anyway releases her delegates, I expect a full refund! I am asking the same of Joe Biden also, seeing how he lied to me about Obama. FLAT OUT LIED!
-- Roger

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