Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama's Hillary-Boating Cristi Adkins

Cristi Adkins is mad as hell at Barack Obama, and she isn't going to take it -- his narcissistic, thuggish, dishonest campaign -- anymore. She's mad because Obama-bot have hacked your computers, sent her hate-filled e-mails, and even threatened her life. She refuses to be intimidated.

[On Sunday, I'll reveal "Obama's VP Text-Message Scam." Was Obama really sending out 3 a.m. messages on his Biden choice? Of course not. He was deceiving people with an "information grab," gathering cell phone numbers from individuals he'll contact many times -- perhaps always at 3 a.m.]

Cristi is one of the most effective "Hillary Supporters", a woman who's working 14-hour-days to ensure the defeat on Nov. 4 of the man she calls "Hussein." She calls him that because she believes -- correctly -- that he has only a tangential connection to American values.

His history demonstrates that he's much more at home in Kenya than in mainstream America, which is too "bitter" for his rarified tastes.Obama and his sycophants despise what Cristi, a co-founder of Clintons4McCain and NobamaMission, is doing, and they've responded by initiating a campaign of hatred and innuendo against her.

Cristi is a mom (two teenagers and a three-year-old), a wife, a veteran (former MP), and a nurse. The father of her two teenagers just came home from a combat tour in Afghanistan. In short, she's the kind of American with whom Obama and his fellow elitists have nothing in common.

Why does she bug Obama so much? Mainly because she's frequent guest on shows hosted by people by Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, Jim Bohannon. She's even been on the "Daily Show." Right now, she's headed to Denver to "Just Say No Deal" to Barack H. Obama. She's a force in contemporary politics.

For that reason, she's been the target of absurd attacks by bloggers who serve as cheerleaders for BHO. Many of the people reading this blog. Were you aware that Obama PAYS his bloggers? Most of them get roughly $7 an hour, and some apparently receive much more. That would come as news to people who visit their sites and believe they're getting something approximating "straight talk." In fact, those bloggers are presenting all the "news" that fits with the Obama agenda.

In our own NoBama Mission Bloggers, a brainchild of Cristi Adkins and others in the NoBama Mission effort, we will have 200 blogs by the end of this day. How many of them are paid by anyone? A grand total of zero. They are all volunteers -- just like me, just like Cristi, just like the other tens of thousand of people who center their lives around the NoBama effort.

One thing Cristi is asked is why she works with non-Democrats. Well, DUH! She founded Clintons4McCain. She didn't found Clintons4Nobody, or Clintons4theheckuvait. If you're against Obama with us, you're among friends.The NoBama effort is perhaps the most diverse coalition in American history.

It consists of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and even a stray Libertarian or two. In that effort, there are liberals, moderates, and conservatives. There are no far-left crazies or America-haters, unlike Obama's own scary group.What binds our people of so many different views together is a commitment to the following statement: "Barack Obama is too inexperienced, too unqualified, too untrustworthy, and too dangerous to be POTUS."

Anyone who shares that view is welcome in our coalition.The hate campaign by Obama, his staffers, and his bought-and-paid for bloggers against Cristi is similar to the effort they waged against Hillary Clinton. Of course, she has been one of the more liberal members of the Clinton Administration and the U.S. Senate.

Many Black members of Congress backed her bid for the presidency. Those who did so are now being punished by Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Charlie Rangel, one of the most important members of the House and a Clinton backer, has NOT been invited to speak.

For her efforts on behalf of civil rights and liberal causes, Hillary Clinton was branded by Obama and his surrogates as a warmonger, a liar, and a racist. Geraldine Ferraro, also a long-time proponent of civil rights, was also labeled a racist, as was President Bill Clinton.

Given this background by Obama and his minions, it's no surprise that Cristi Adkins is under attack. Of course, she isn't being defamed for her statements about Obama, all of which are factual. Instead, they're trying to bleed her to death with a thousand pinpricks. She's accused of saying this (maybe) once, or of knowing this person or someone else, or of advocating this-or-that.

Does Cristi head right to the front-lines, where the chances of taking political shrapnel are the greatest? If you've ever seen her in action, you know she does. Also, she "pushs the envelope." She takes after "Hussein" in creative, imaginative ways. Most of these efforts work, and some don't, which is par for the course with risk-takers.

The main "charge" against Cristi is that she once was in a business venture that didn't work out. Big deal. There are probably 150 million Americans, including this one, who are in the same boat.

In fact, Cristi -- my friend and political ally -- is one of the single most effective spokeswomen in America against Obama. As long as that remains the case -- and it will through November 4 -- Obama and his meanspirited, robotic followers will try to destroy her.

In other words, they will try to "Hillary-boat" her, just as they did the junior Senator from New York.I have news for the man Cristi calls "Hussein." You will not succeed. You will not win this election. You are up against people who will not rest until John McCain send you back to the Chicago political machine that spawned you.

What can the readers of this piece do in support of Cristi Adkins, American? You can go to Clintons4McCain and NoBama Mission and sign up as members of those organizations. Many thousands of people have already done. Please do it for Cristi -- and do it for America. Now.

Note: Below is the link to the Jim Bohannen show on which Cristi Adkins appeared. It's very much worth listening to.,channel&filter=1

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