Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Democrats: Horror Stories, Intimidation, Anger

I've been printing one e-mail after another from Democrats who are disgusted with the fraud, sexism, and left-wing idiocy of their former political "home." In fact, the Democratic Party has become the haven for the corrupt, the socialistic, and the unpatriotic. That has been happening for years, of course, but Democrats are starting to notice, and the implications for the Party are not good.

Here's how Latonia, a Hillary Supporter, puts it:

"I don't understand why Republicans aren't trying to figure out how to come together and beat nobama. It seems that both parties have serious flaws. As soon as this election is over - I am going Independent - no party loyalties for me."

Also, consider the following messages from two long-time Democrats, both arden feminists. They're none too happy with Howard Dean, Donna Brazille, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and the Party's other "worthies." How is this showing up in the real world of politics? You can see the results in today's Zogby Poll, which I discuss on another blog.

Here's what Frances said in response to a friend who told her Hillary was caving in to the demands of King Barack:

"Your message suggests that "the fix is in." Why else would Obama go from 'We don't need catharsis' to a rapidly suspicious turn around--welcoming HRC's name being placed on the First Ballot at Convention, as if he had thought of it? By [Hillary's[ actively campaigning for him I can't help but consider her an abused woman standing by 'the man' after he bloodied her nose and blacked her eyes. If her arm has been twisted to make the motion to nominate BHO by acclamation, I will never vote Democratic again.

Frances adds: "[Hillary] may be a long suffering, loyalist Democrat, giving in to the bully boys. I am not. I will not, and I her 18 million Democrats will not vote by acclamation. The stolen delegates are like zombie stalkers and will haunt the party for decades to come. Her campaign was not out-organized. It was out-defrauded."

Frances' friend Ann, another former solid Democrat, responded this way: "Frances, you go girl. More than 18 million Dems and many more Independents (& all the Republicans) know you speak the truth."

It's important to know that it's not only Democratic women who are angry at what they increasingly see as their former Party. Consider the following e-mail I received from Fred B., a Democrat in north-central PA:

"Hi. My name is Fred B., and I'ms from [north central] Pa. I want to get involved in the campaign for McCain, and was wondering who I would have to talk to. I'm a Democrat and have worked previously for Democrats. That doesn't matter does it? Let me know what I can do."

I told him his Party affiliation didn't matter -- and it doesn't. Increasingly, I'm getting e-mails from across the country sent by people like Fred. They are the keys to McCain's good performance in the polls. It's critical that Republicans and Independents greet such people with open arms.

My friends, we are building a mighty coalition. Increasingly, there is a scent in the air that smells like victory!

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