Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Story Broke Here

"Biden is a windbag. Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air."

"On the Palin story, the media dropped the ball."

If you want to read an absolute knock-out piece about the woman they called "Sarah Barracuda" in her days as a state championship basketball player, check the following on Gov. Palin:

I had a short post up at 2:30 a.m. that said I had information (from Sharon and one other) that Gov. Palin and her two teen-age daughters and perhaps others had flown from Anchorage to Dayton, where she would be named today McCain's running mate. To my relief and joy, it happened exactly that way in Dayton.

Sarah Palin reads this blog regularly. I used to get hits from her home town and the state capital of Juneau when she was there. When her son graduated from infantry training school at Ft. Benning, GA with Sarah and Todd present, I got my first hit from . . . Ft. Benning. You're always welcome Sarah!

Bookmark this site and return often! You're always welcome -- even if your name isn't . . . Sarah Palin.

The Palin-choice story came from people who put two-and-two together, and the media was still falling all over itself at 11 a.m. this morning. Charles Krauthammer said at 11 that McCain should choose Fred Thompson. Good God!

At that point, I said to my wife we already had enough old white guys (Biden, McCain) and we needed a woman, preferably Sarah . I went to sleep believing it was Sarah and woke up to her picture on the screen on FOX (and others?). I never bought the Campaign's decoy statement that, well everybody on the list was flying in (Romney, Pawlenty, Huckabee, the Easter Bunny, Peter Rabbit)

The national media -- a bunch of lazy oafs -- was mad because nobody told them first. Charles Cameron of FOX was the only one early this a.m. who did a process of elimination and came up with Sarah.

Then, the other people at FOX and CNN (and the idiots at MSNBC) dropped the ball. They thought it couldn't be Sarah because she wasn't on their list . . . and so how could he dare to nominate this (wonderful) woman they knew nothing about. Amazing.

When she gave the speech -- she had given others the media had ignored -- everyone else in the world knew immediately "how" McCain could select her. With the speech and that amazing family -- the working-class husband, the beautiful, unintimidated children -- Sarah blew everyone out of the water.

"Gee, where's she been?" Good question. Sometimes the very best things are right in front of us. She is Barack Obama's worst nightmare. She is an ethical person. She is extremely tough physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

She will beat Biden up very badly. He's a windbag, and she's a breath of fresh air.


The Times Observer said...

I have a question for you and your readers. Do you think that McCain picked Palin simply because she's a woman? Just so she can attract the Hillary supporters who are not happy that Obama got the nomination and women in general? I wrote an editorial about this on my blog and I would like to know what you and others think about this.

Pepper said...

Sarah is what we all need and gives us all true hope. Americans are tired of the same old elitist game being played by the same players in Washingtion. What I always see in the Beltway are career blowhards. Ivy college educated elitists who have no idea what a normal life is. Even Obama and Hillary are in that class.

I like Sarah am a 40 year old something mom. Went to a state school and have a BA, got married, had kids and am now active in their lives. I look at politics and all I see is a bunch of liars and game players. I want change too - but not the change the beltway wants for us. Less government, less of my money taken away. But at 40 what can I do?

Sarah felt the same way - and look what she did. That is the real hope of Sarah. Local politics watch out - I for one am sick of the games being played by the school board. And there are many of us out there. Change does happen at the bottom and she has truly inspired quite a few of us to get involved.

PS - when you talk about grassroots experience, I will take a past PTA president over a "community organizer" any time. Ever been in a power struggle in the PTA????

Miss G. said...

A true supporter of Hillary would not let this second-rate woman beat her to the White House.
If you really cared about Hillary, you would vote with your head and not your vagina. The republicans will make it impossible for Hillary to have any voice in Washington.

Claire said...
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Rebecca G said...

With McCain just a heartbeat away from death by cancer, there's a very likely possibility that his VP pick, Sarah Palin, would be president were he elected. Now, why should this strike terror into the very hearts of all Americans who believe in the moderate way? Here's just a few of the reasons why:


She sued to challenge the listing of polar bears as an endangered species, signed by Bush, because she feared it would cripple gas and oil development in prime polar bear habitat.


She doesn't believe global warming can be caused by humankind, in spite of even BUSH and the majority of Republicans admitting it is. (note to the fundamentalist right: It may say in the bible G*d will never again wipe out humanity, but it doesn't say anything about us wiping ourselves out) Is this what Republicans mean by her being against the status quo? Because it is, quite possibly, the largest issue currently affecting mankind that nearly everybody agrees on.


She's extremely anti-choice, opposing abortion even when pregnancy is the result of rape or incest or puts the mother's life in jeopardy. How does this make her a feminist, again? I'm pro-life (wouldn't think it reading "Pink" would ya'?), but I also believe that there's nothing a law or a nation can do to stop women who WANT to have an abortion from having it, and that the most a nation CAN do is a) insure it happens in a clean, safe environment so there isn't ANOTHER life at risk and b) implement programs that give women not only positive alternatives and support but also help PREVENT unwanted pregnancies in the first place. Sarah Palin has done nothing that I've seen that supports either one of these.

-And yet she supports the death penalty?

Which costs taxpayers millions of dollars every year because guess who has to pay for their appeals?


She left her native town of Wasilla (pop under 6000) deeply in debt because of a sporting arena that SHE mismanaged, which has raised taxes while cutting back on money available for education and town improvements.

-McCain and Palin met once before offering her the position of VP. If I were her, I'd feel insulted. It gives the impression he only picked her for being a woman.


Troopergate. And I thought she was against corruption?


She laughed ON THE AIR as a radiohost called one of her major opponents a "cancer" multiple times and a "bitch" and alluded to her weight then said she'd be happy to have them at her office any time. And in front of thousands of listeners.


She bought her seven-year-old daughter a cheerleader outfit. At a gas station. The day she was elected VP. And for some reason, that's almost the creepiest of it all. Future Sex Icons of America! Whoohoo! Talk about morals.

-As a woman who touts the moral ethics of the fundamentalist right, which believes a mother should stay at home to raise her children (and actually . . . oddly . . . I believe as well, if it can be afforded) she certainly spends a lot of her time at the office. Can we say hypocrite?


No speaking power whatsoever. I'm reminded of a PTA mom at a pep rally when I hear her speak, and I fully expect her to bring orange wedges and cookies to her first meeting with foreign dignitaries. Insert "Like yeah!" in between sentences, and you have a full fledge valley girl, like uhun!

-Think she's against big oil?

Think again.


She proudly cut the red tape on the third Walmart to go up in a city of less than 6,000 people. And she supports local and small business owners how? Read the article. May just be the second scariest of them all.

-And she has even less experience than Obama, mayor of a town of less than 6,000 people, governor of the third smallest state in the nation (population wise), and NONE of the experience of the lower 48 states. Obama, at least, served on the Senate (both State and Federal) which places him in the path to forge bonds with all the people he'll be working with as president. SHE has absolutely none of this. Even having an "executive" position doesn't give her a leg up, because you can hardly compare the governorship of Alaska with say, the governorship of Texas or Maryland or Idaho which, as before mentioned, places you in a state with access to other states instead of being an island cut off from the motherland. Looks like she hasn't had to negotiate much, and where she has, she's stubbornly refused to find a middle ground. What was that again Russia? Georgia?


*hits head on desk*

What was McCain THINKING?! I was previously contemplating, "Okay. Even if Obama looses and McCain wins, things won't be SO bad, because I don't think he's as conservative as the extreme right wants him to be or how the extreme left thinks he is, but with this . . . this . . . I just signed up to volunteer for the Obama campaign (when I'm not working) not just because I've realized I've started to like the guy, but because this woman scares the bajeezus out of every single value I hold most dear, and I seriously believe it would truly be a disaster to our country and our national security were she to somehow, some way, become President.

Rebecca G said...

And yes, I voted for Hillary. I still have her posters plastered in my living room window for all the world to see, but because of this (and the speech I saw Thursday night), There's an Obama/Biden sticker going up with them now. :)

Mike said...

Sarah Palin clinched it. "Hillary supporters" and "for McCain" is now an oxymoron.

hmpierson said...

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
Because her father is Janet Reno."

Now who would make such an ugly "joke?" Obama? A surrogate?

No, it was your hero, John McCain. You can do a google search, or just go to:

But why should that be a surprise? McCain frequently drops the C-bomb on his wife in public.

So all of you who are SO offended about that misogynist Obama, go vote for that great pro-life champion of women, John McCain. He'll be laughing at you all the way to the White House.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, there is a better choice than Obama and McCain. Consider Libertarian candidate Bob Barr. He will truly stand up for our rights and liberties.

Mike said...


I would certainly vote for Bob Barr long before I would vote for McCain/Palin. As people learn more and more about Sarah Palin, they will learn about what kind of person she really is and what kind of terrible mistake John McCain made in selecting her.

I hope more and more people take a serious look at Bob Barr's platform. I think they will be impressed with what they see.


The Times Observer said...

Wait a minute guys. I've been telling my readers this for years. If you're not going to vote for McCain, fine, but let it be a non-emotional choice. I really don't care what jokes McCain made or how he really wasn't close to death because of his cancer. (And that's just tasteless to mention by the way Rebecca G.)

Just read the facts on these candidates from non-partisan sources and don't listen to their speeches since they don't give specific details to their plans anyway.

Pharmmajor, I'm glad that you found a candidate like Bob Barr, but the fact is, he's not going to win the election. To my knowledge, he doesn't have the funding nor the support that McCain and Obama have, which is important if you want to win the election.