Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hillary Clinton Rationalizing Bad Behavior

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"If we hold politicians to very low standards, they will live down to them." (My earlier assessment)

By endorsing Obama, Hillary Clinton is leaving many of her strongest supporters distraught. If you scroll down, I reprint a letter to Sen. Clinton from her once-staunch backer, Barbara in California. I'm exasperated by the tendency of some people who admire Sen. Clinton to excuse anything she does, no matter how harmful it may be.

One of my friends in the NoBama Mission Movement recently wrote the following excuse for what Sen. Clinton is being "forced" [sic] to do.

"Hillary is being forced to tell everyone to vote for BO while he is kicking back on vacation in Hawaii!!!" and are the dominant forces in the modern Democratic Party. Both of them despise Hilary Rodham Clinton. She knows that, to have a possible future as President, she has to satisfy those despicable groups. Is that the real explanation for the bad decisions she's made lately?

(Elizabeth Edwards posted on Daily Kos her statement about her husband's supposed "honesty" and the supposedly unfair treatment they received from media outlets (few) who were telling the truth about her husband.)

Here's how I responded to my friend who made the 'forced" statement:

As you know I respectfully disagree with you about Sen. Clinton and her recent behavior. No one can "force" her to do anything. She has the same freedom and responsibility as any other American.

If John McCain could not be forced to do unethical things while he was being tortured in a a Communist prison camp, others -- including HRC -- should have the courage to emulate him.

I realize that many Democrats, especially women, have a great deal of psychic energy tied up with the (flawed) candidacy of Sen. Clinton. Unfortunately, they've attempted to turn her into "St. Hillary," the leader who can do no wrong. We've learned lately, unfortunately, that she's not the person many of her supporters thought she was.

Look up on Google the phrase "gun to her head," and you'll find thousands of links. The popular phrase reflects the rationalization that the bad things HRC is doing are the result of pressure from the Democratic poobahs, such as Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, and Barack Obama.

Let's be honest, okay? Sen. Clinton and her husband are extremely wealthy individuals. Her Senate seat in New York is secure -- probably for as long as she lives. In her campaign, she made the point that Sen. Obama is not ready -- and may never be ready -- to be POTUS. Are we now to assume that she meant almost nothing she said about Obama in the primaries? If so, this leaves her with a severely diminished status.

Frankly, the rationalizations for HRC's extremely bad behavior drive me nuts. If she's incapable of real leadership and integrity, why on earth are people continuing not just to support -- and idolize -- her?

Here's the reprint of Babara from California letter to HRC:

The Honorable Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Mrs. Clinton, I am writing this letter to let you know I supported you throughout your campaign. I contributed to your cause when I had only a small amount of funds to offer. I left my daughter at home while I drove 30 miles one way night-after-night to telephone for your cause (our cause). I did this because my 3 year old daughter from China needed to understand that we recognize that women are important.

She needed to know that her life, whatever it may be, is equally as important as any male child and we celebrate that.[During the primaries,] she would run around the house shouting, “Go Hillary! Hillary is for girls!”

[But] I now hear you, the only one who can decide, will not place your request in writing for the Nomination as the Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party. That is beyond my comprehension.You promised you would not let me down. You promised you would stand with me…if I stood with you.

Now, at the end of the day, you are standing. However, you are not standing by me or my daughter but rather by Barack Obama. I will somehow let my daughter know [the situation] in the months ahead.

I am so ashamed of who you are at this moment. I cannot believe I feel this way.Now, I will not stand by you. I will not stand by Barack Obama. I will never stand by any Democrat that had a hand in this nomination.

I will fight to see all of these Democrats are sent on their way -- hopefully never again to grace the halls of my nation's Capital.

Barbara, California, USA

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TheGolem said...

Thank you Barbara. Very well said. You speak for me also. While she has hinted that she would not stop her name being placed in nomination she would only do it as a "catharsis" for her supporters, she says. It is not the answer any of us wanted. If she did it, she would have to mean it. To know Obama the way she must by now and still stand with him is a betrayal, just the way you said it. I appreciate your words and will link to your site. I'll also cross-post your remarks to PNEWS-L.
Hank Roth