Friday, August 29, 2008

Hero McCain Picks Heroine Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin with husband Todd and daughters Piper, Willow, and Bristol. In the past three months I've had nearly 8,000 "hits" on this site. Today, I will go over 10,000 -- in one day! Thanks to visitors. Keep returning, and you'll have the most relevant information about Sarah, who's a regular reader of my blogs. God bless you, Sarah! Much more to follow.

My political buddy Sharon Caliendo of Norman, OK, broke the Palin Story last night shortly before 3 a.m., and I took a chance on put it on my blogs then. Much more will be on here today and tomorrow about a thoroughly remarkable human being, Sarah Heath Palin.

If you want to have fun, go over to a truly ecstatic web site, Adam Brickley's at Adam has been in total managerial charge of the national Draft Palin for VP effort. Adam just turned 21 (!!!!!!!!!!!).

I'm so delighted that some (all?) of Sarah's children are able to participate in this historic moment. Piper (age 7 now?) is going to become a national media darling. I believe Sarah will make a great vice-president. I also believe she will make a great President of the United States. In my somewhat hyperbolic way, I called her "Mt. Rushmore Material." (But I don't think that's really hyperbole.)
Jack Kelly, national security analyst and columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade -- and a great buddy -- wrote the following piece about Gov. Sarah Heath Palin. Jack paid me the compliment of being the one who recommended Sarah to him. God bless the USA. If you want to have fun, go to and you will see the first case of Blog Ecstasy in recorded history.
"Who? When?
Republicans including, I imagine, Sen. McCain himself are asking these questions about his selection of a vice presidential candidate.Ideally, a presidential candidate wants a running mate who will help him or her win the election, and (maybe) to govern afterwards. But most will settle for a veep who isn't a drag on the ticket, as Dan Quayle was for the first President Bush.
Traditionally, a presidential nominee has chosen a running mate to balance the ticket
geographically, or to appease a faction of the party. The most successful example of this was when John F. Kennedy picked Lyndon Johnson, though neither liked the other, and LBJ joined the ticket only because he thought Kennedy would lose.Bill Clinton broke with this tradition when he chose another young (purported) moderate from a neighboring southern state. By picking Al Gore, he hoped to reinforce his campaign theme of generational change.
Which way will Sen. McCain go?
The potential running mates most often discussed have downsides nearly as great as their upsides. Gov. Tim Pawlenty helps only in Minnesota, and not enough, according to current polls, to make a difference there. Sen. McCain's friend Sen. Joe Lieberman would bring in some moderate Democrats, but could further antagonize conservatives already suspicious of Sen. McCain. Gov. Romney would have little appeal to working class whites unhappy with Sen. Obama, and evangelicals fret about that Mormon thing. A Huckabee nomination would irritate economic and foreign policy conservatives as much as it would please evangelicals.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is a rising star. But he's only 36, and he's been governor for less than a year.There is one potential running mate who has virtually no down side. Those conservatives who've heard of her were delighted to learn that McCain advance man Arthur Culvahouse was in Alaska recently, because they surmised he could only be there to discuss the vice presidential nomination with Gov. Sarah Palin.
At 44, Sarah Louise Heath Palin is both the youngest and the first female governor in Alaska's relatively brief history as a state. She's also the most popular governor in America, with an approval rating that has bounced around 90 percent.
This is due partly to her personal qualities. When she was leading her underdog Wasilla high school basketball team to the state championship in 1982, her teammates called her "Sarah Barracuda" because of her fierce competitiveness.Two years later, when she won the "Miss Wasilla" beauty pageant, she was also voted "Miss Congeniality" by the other contestants.Sarah Barracuda. Miss Congeniality.
Fire and nice.
A happily married mother of five who is still drop dead gorgeous. And smart to boot.But it's mostly because she's been a crackerjack governor, a strong fiscal conservative and a ferocious fighter of corruption, especially in her own party.Ms. Palin touches other conservative bases, some of which Sen. McCain has been accused of rounding.
Track, her eldest son, enlisted in the Army last Sept. 11. She's a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association who hunts, fishes and runs marathons. A regular churchgoer, she's staunchly pro-life. Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal said Sen. McCain should run against a corrupt, do-nothing Congress, a la Harry Truman.
If he should choose to do so, Gov. Palin would make an excellent partner "The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who have crossed Sarah," pollster Dave Dittman told the Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes.
Sen. Barack Obama's support has plunged recently among white women. Many Hillary Clinton supporters accuse him -- I think unfairly -- of being sexist. Having Sarah Palin on the ticket could help Sen. McCain appeal to these disgruntled Democrats.Running mates usually aren't named until the convention.
But if Sen. McCain should name Gov. Palin earlier, it would give America more time to get to know this extraordinary woman. And because she's at least a dozen feature stories waiting to be written, she could help him dominate the news between now and the conventions.Another reason for selecting Sarah Palin early would be to force Barack Obama to make a mistake.
He'd have to rule out choosing someone like Virginia Sen. Jim Webb as his running mate, for fear of exacerbating charges of sexism. And if he chose a woman other than Hillary, the impression Democrats are wimpy would be intensified.
Links to important Palin Material: is a review of the only biography available on Sarah that I published in April. And this one: is from July.


Mike's America said...

Picking Palin was BRILLIANT! We are all jazzed and energized today!

Interesting that Obama is already showing disrespect to women and those living in the less populated states with his elitist criticism of Palin.

Hugh Hewitt turns the tables on Obama: "When the Dems come after Palin for inexperience in foreign affairs, the reply will be obvious --the GOP vice-presidential nominee is as experienced as the Democratic presidential nominee but also has executive decision-making that Obama lacks.

Alyssa said...

You are falling for McCains tricks. There is nothing Heroic about it, he did that to try and increase his votes with Hillary supporters and please conservatives. If he wins he'll get her in the white house and treat her exactly how he described VPs in 04 as someone to go to funerals when the president is busy. It's unfortunate you are allowing GOP mind tricks to insult your intelligence.

Obama wasn't disrespecting her, she DOES have less experience and since she lives in a less populated state it IS considered less experience because there isn't as much to maintain and improve. GOP will never admit that.

I really feel sorry for those of you who have allowed them to trick you, try thinking on your own and doing your own research aside from McCains sleaze campaigns.

If McCain was clearly a better candidate he would be far ahead. Did you even listen to Hillary's speech at the DNC or did you just let it go in one ear and out the other. If anyone is using mind control it must be McCain because I can think and form opinions on my own. Unlike those of you who can only follow the McCain insults.
God forbid McCain gets sick or dies this is the woman he thinks is qualified to run our country yet Obama who has more experience isn't? McCain lost a lot of credibility with me. He'll just do anything to become president. I hope a woman who is simply on the ticket because she has a Vagina doesn't make history. It would insult womens rights and the people who fought for them.

I know I wrote a lot but I am seriously shocked that people can't see through this.

Mike said...

I could not possibly comment any better than the National Review's David Frum:

"Here's I fear the worst harm that may be done by this selection. The McCain campaign's slogan is "country first." It's a good slogan, and it aptly describes John McCain, one of the most self-sacrificing, gallant, and honorable men ever to seek the presidency.

But question: If it were your decision, and you were putting your country first, would you put an untested small-town mayor a heartbeat away from the presidency?"

The Times Observer said...

Great post. I think Palin will be a breath of fresh air. She has stood up to fellow Republicans and she doesn't seem to be the type to back down to anyone. I think she's what we need in Washington. It's going to be very interesting with her in the race.