Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who Are Those "Hillary Supporters?"

One of the fascinating elements for me in working with the Hillary Supporters (for months now) is how much they fit into the category of "normal Americans," people who love their country and have a lot in common with their "normal American" Republican counterparts.

I've been impressed by the many Hillary Supporters -- in the millions -- that have disregarded Sen. Clinton's somewhat mystifying guidance that they should support Obama. She can't have meant what she said in the campaign if she now believes Obama is acceptable. Politicians who value Party over Country are out-of-touch with most Americans.

The other key discovery is how psychologically "invested" many people -- especially women -- are in Sen. Clinton. She represented their hopes and dreams, and her defeat came as a catastrophe. What helped me understand this situation was the defeat of my dear friend and political ally Diana Irey in her 2006 race against Cong. Jack Murtha. That one was hard to take.

My view of Sen. Clinton, whom I did not support and disagreed with on every major issue, is much different from that of a lot of people in Clintons4McCain and NoBama Mission. Hillary advocates collective responsibility ("it takes a village") and I believe any collective responsibility will not work unless it's preceded by individual responsibility ("it takes parents"). Frankly, we can't take care of others if we don't first take care (for the most part) of ourselves.

Recently, I've been suggesting (pleading?) with people NOT to hold Sen. Clinton to low standards -- basically, to keep them from rationalizing any questionable action she takes. I keep hearing she is being "forced" (by whom?) to take actions.

If you google "gun to her head," you will find untold thousands of links, all to Hillary Clinton. Where's the "gun?" Who's holding it? If one asks those questions, the responses range from anger to hurt feelings. So, they don't get asked.

Recently, I was criticized by two people (on a mailing that went out to 500 individuals) for bringing up the "Politico" piece on the leaked memos from the Clinton campaign. The two critics said it was "a bunch of men covering their butts," which it was in part. They also thought that questioning Hillary's leadership ("ready on day one") in the chaos that afflicted her campaign was improper, which it was not.

Many new political "stars" -- activists -- have emerged from the Clinton developments. One is Anne Franklin; another is Cristi Adkins (the darling of FOX News); and a third is Jean Avery, the Seattle "mom." There are many others --- and I mean many, not all of them American citizens.

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