Monday, September 1, 2008

Love and Prayers to Bristol Palin

The story about Sarah's daughter Bristol being pregnant is a non-story. Two of my daughters (out of five), were pregnant and had children before they got married. It's "America 2008." I think the young woman who's pregnant is terrific.

After the barn door closes, all you can say is: "What can I do to help?"

The American public has learned to love the Palin Family in a short time. They are reflective of all that is good and decent about our country. Let's wish them all well -- and let's get on with the business of winning this election.

steve maloney


Bonita said...

To the previous person's message, thank you for your compassion and positivity.... you are such a kind soul and more people in america need to be like you!

I am deeply saddened and angered with the malicious and negative comments geared towards Bristol. Although I am an independent and have more of a pro-choice stance. An infamous swing voter, if you will. My vote is to McCain and Palin for this year, because I see a politician such as Sarah Palin who is not disconnected from issues of real American life. She has integrity, even in the face of crisis... congratulations.

Also, I am deeply angered at the inconsiderate liberal press and hateful liberals for just $h!tt!ng on Bristol. It is very horrible that they are dragging this 17 year old young lady through the mud. Now it has gotten so vicious they made a fake blog with Levi Johnson and even exposed this young mans life in public.

Concerning Bristol. My prayers to her, honestly. I was pregnant as a teen, but I chose an abortion. It was one of the most painful choices since I had very negative and hateful people around me who did nothing but blame me and condemn me. I had my teenage friends gossip about me and abandon me. Teenage pregnancy is a lonely and dark place.

I feel Bristol Palins anxiety, self blame and stress, but the stress of the media is getting out of hand. My hopes that Sarah Palin and even Levi Johnson sues certain websites and other media for defamation of character.

In all honesty, if I had a mother/ family that was supportive financially and emotionally as Sarah Palin/ Palin Family, I would kept the baby. Bristol has a whole life ahead of her, she can still attend college and still have fun as a young woman. With the proper support a baby is not a "death sentence" like alot of people have been insinuating.

Sarah Palin's family life has nothing to do with her aptitude and talents. She was a governor that took on corruption within her own party and she's has a very high approval rating in the state. What impresses me is that she has been FORTHRIGHT-- not seen to much from politicians today.

Now, I see her under pressure and scrutiny to the lowest point that Obama supporters are dragging her own teenage daughter through the mud and she is handling it courageously.

Hats off to you Sarah Palin I know that you are not a politician that is all talk.

Bonita said...
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Courtney said...

Her daughter being pregnant a non-issue?

I am sure when your daughters had their children before marriage you were able to be there to help them and support them. That's the point!

She won't have the time! She would be too busy dealing with all of America.

The extreme selfishness of this woman is appalling.