Monday, September 1, 2008

Can Mom Palin Be V-P?

On Sally Quinn's ignorant statement that a mother can't serve as V-P.
I think it's important to get this out. When Sarah was pregnant (last March), she was asked if a pregnant woman could campaign for V-P, and she said she saw no reason why she couldn't. (Long before she got the nod.)

Yes, she is SuperWoman, but she is who she is. She has a tremendous support system in her extended family. All the kids, including the seven-year-old (Piper), are high achievers. She believes there is nothing significant -- aside from pro football -- that a man does that a woman can't do. That was supposed to the liberals' line, but as we see, they don't believe it.

One of the liberals' current lines is that she is shrill. That is a codeword for her having a female voice. "Inexperienced" means she's a woman.

Fred Thompson's line: "You don't get experience sitting on the Senate floor. And you don't get experience appearing on the Sunday talk shows.'


Before the media revealed it, I know Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter was pregnant. As one of the tens of millions of American families that has experienced something similar, my initial feeling was not shock. Instead, it was one of love -- for the Palins, yes, but for all families.

In many ways the story about Sarah's daughter Bristol being pregnant is a non-story. Two of my daughters (out of five) were pregnant and had children before they got married (my grandchildren Frank and Michael). It's "America 2008."

I think the young woman (Bristol) who's pregnant is terrific. After the barn door closes, all you can say is: "What can I do to help?"

In a very short time, the American public has learned to love the Palin Family. They are reflective of all that's good and decent about our country. Let's wish them all well -- and let's get on with the business of winning this election.

I am pro-life. Yet I have friends, -- quite a few -- who are pro-choice. They are NOT evil people. I think their definition of life is deficient, but I the ones I know aren't morally carefless or "bad" individuals.

I am also pro-letting-Americans-make-their-own-choices, even ones that might involve life and death. In fact, that's something they will do with or without my permission. All is ask is that such choices be informed ones, thoughtful ones.

When Mike Huckabee, whom I like a lot, said that Jamie Spears's teen pregnancy was a "tragedy," I begged to differ. (Admittely, Mike immediately said that he was not one of those who would "line up" to "stand in judgment" of Britney's younger sister.

(More later on why I disagreed with Mike's use of the word "tragedy," one of the most misused terms in our world.) Please bookmark this site and return often.

A good place to go to get facts separated from fictions is: The editor at that site is Tracy, who also blogs at:


Ted said...

This is a plus. As Mark Steyn points out in his recent best seller, America Alone, if our western civilization is demographically to survive in the increasingly “hostile to the west” islamic world — and not end up like the sinking European populations — these are the precise people (the Bristol Palins’) we should thank for increasing their progeny.

Jack-The-Ripper said...

It Has Nothing To Do With Her Running For The VP For The Republicans Whom I've Trusted Over The Democrats On Occasions Whenever The Means Are Necessary And Now Is One Of Those Times,This Is Not About Governor Palin's Pregnant Daughter Its About The Democrats Cowardice That Has Been Prevalent For Quiet Some Time Now,They're Scared Of Her And They Should Be.

With All The Baggage That Mr Obama Liking Ass Carries Around And More To Be Spewed I'm Sure You Would Think That They Had Enough On Their Agenda Than The Concern Of Their Opponent's VP Pick.

The Plan Is For MSNBC,NBC,CNN,ABC,& CBS To Spread Constant Negative Attention Over The News Networks So She Will Be Forced To Step Down,In Concern More For Senator McCain's Undo,And Need For This Type Of Publicity,And I Hope And Pray That She Does Not Let The Nazi Party Of The Night Of The Long Knives Lay Claim At Her Door Step.

Mike said...

I agree that this is a family issue and should be kept private.

However, I have trouble believing that if Chelsea Clinton had become pregnant while Bill Clinton was President that the Republicans would not have been screaming about what kind of terrible parents Bill and Hilary Clinton must be for this to happen.