Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shocker: Hillary to Replace Biden

Sarah Palin, America's most lovable "pit bull" -- lipstick no additional cost

The column below (yesterday's) about Hillary Clinton replacing Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket is accurate. The column below (yesterday's) about Hillary Clinton replacing Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket is accurate. The information is coming from very knowledgable and patriotic Americans -- who are very fearful what damage an Obama presidency would do to their country.

If Mrs. Clinton accepts the V-P offer -- and it appears she will -- the damage to our nation's political system would be enormous. On a lesser plane, it could destroy her reputation.

In regard to the "Hillary V-P story," I've heard from several HUNDRED people, including some in the national media. In fact, I have nothing additional to say to them. As time goes on, however, I'll have plenty more to say to you -- and to individuals in the media who do not spend all their waking moments being cheerleaders for a deeply flawed candidate, Barack H. Obama.

How are the "PUMAs" reacting? Most of them are horrified -- and outraged. They have moved on from the Democrats' soap-opera. They believe they're being manipulated. Most of them love Gov. Palin and strongly support McCain-Palin. They don't want Hillary Clinton to commit the biggest mistake of her political career. They are no longer inclined to engage in endless rationalizations for her behavior -- and that of her husband.

Many still revere the Clintons, but they fear they've lost their minds.

We (Clintons4McCain, NoBama Mission, and other coaltion groups) know (as opposed to "believe") that the campaign of rumor, innuendo, and hatred directed against Gov. Sarah Heath Palin is orchestrated by Barack H. Obama and his minion David Axelrod. It's carried on by various extremist groups, including and Daily Kos. The Obama Campaign tells them what falsehoods and innuendoes to print, and they do it. All of these groups are paid -- directly or indirectly -- by Obama, Inc.

What on earth is going on in America? Please understand that far-left Obama Democrats truly believe "there is no life beyond the Beltway." That is of course ridiculous, but they do indeed accept it as an article of faith.

Many of them have huge personal fortunes (Kerry, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kohl, Lautenberg, Rockefeller, Feinstein, Clinton, and Edwards in his day), and they're willing to spend whatever it takes to retain their places in Congress.

The Obama Democrats have as their role model Sen. Robert Byrd of WV, a nine-term Senator, one with 50-plus years of so-called "service." You ask, service toward whom? And the sad answer is "service to himself and his Party." Sen. Byrd, now wearing adult diapers, doddering about the Senate floor, and frequently breaking into tears, is the ideal. He's expected to run for re-election.

His epitaph might read, "He outlasted everyone else." What did he do for his country? Not much. .


A proud American said...

Well, I hope that in the America you're envisioning, there is still room for those of who:

1. Are not white (like me)
2. Pay our taxes
3. Got into excellent colleges without any connections (no Bushie Daddie connections, no whites only country club connections, etc) and with SAT scores in the 1400-1500s (so you can't make any 'affirmative action' bullshit accusations)

4. And will do everything we can to defeat a plan that involves

a) Racist ads against our first black Presidential candidate (you know the ones, that call him a "disrespectful boy?" Maybe the maker of that ad should spit out the tobaccy he's been chewin' and put away the shotgun he'd been keepin' to fire on 'illegals')

b) Lies Palin's about record on the Bridge to Nowhere, about her book censorship, about her support for making rape victims pay for their own rape kits (exams by the police) -- You don't have to believe the liberal press or any press about these aspects of Palin's record; just look at the public record, like the Wasilla town documents and the Anchorage News

Linux and Poker said...

Biden is a perfect politician - experienced, intelligent, wise. But that's it. When Palin came to stage, and "PalinMania" started, Biden became invisible. So rumors claim, that Biden will officially "resign because of health problems", and Obama will invite Hillary to join his fight against Palin. Because she, and no longer McCain, is Obama's biggest problem now.

Helen said...

I'm reading these comments and I'm a little confused. I thought this was a Hillary Supporters for McCain site? Instead, it's bashing McCain? I agree, though, excepting a nomination at that late date would kill her career. I'm all for Hillary... but Palin is my gal now.