Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin: Lipstick, Pit-Bull

Sarah Palin is dominating the print and electronic media, and McCain-Palin bloggers (500 strong) are beginning to dominate the Web.

Sarah Palin: "You know the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Lipstick!"

[If you ever wondered (but why?) what I look like (hint: NOT Brad Pitt) and sound like (more like BHO than Sarah Palin), the link following is me appearing on KDKA Web TV in Pittsburgh. I am debating two women liberals regarding Gov. Palin. At one point I say, "I think I'm the only one here who takes women seriously." I also suggested they were watching entirely too much "Nick at Night." Note: I have five daughters, four of whom voted for Hillary Clinton -- along with my wife -- in the Democratic Primaries but all of whom are now backing McCain-Palin.]
Thanks to the 140,000-plus people who have visitied my blogs in the past eight days. My main blog is: I also have a very popular blog established in April that appeals mainly to people who supported Hillary Clinton and are now behind McCain-Palin: Finally, there's my Pennsylvania-specific blog: I hope you'll visit all of them frequently.
I was the blogger who broke the story that McCain would choose Sarah Palin as his running -- at 2:30 a.m. two Fridays ago.
Bulletin: Cristi Adkins, a media star in her own right, provided me the following first-hand report of today's (Wednesday's) McCain-Palin rally in Fairfax, Virginia:
"Went to a Sarah Palin and John McCain rally today in Fairfax. It was excellent work, and a crowd of at '20,000' reported by the volunteer there. The energy was spectacular.The crowd went wild when Cindy McCan came on stage -- and even wilder when they announced John McCain's name."
"What happened when they announced Gov. Palin? You could hear the cheering for MILES, and I do not exaggerate.
There was no more room at the event, and people were literally listening to her in the street, sidewalk and on the corners of parking lots.This was incredibly energizing and inspiring. To see someone so brutally attacked and humiliated go right back out there and fight again . . . "
"Fight and INSPIRE."


veggiedude said...

Is Gavin Newsom, the Mayor of San Francisco is more qualified than Governor Palin?

Newsom rules over a city that has more than 80,000 more people than the whole state of Alaska. And he has done it longer than she has.

Truth is, a Senator is higher job than a Governor. That's why Arnold will probably be one when he is done in his present job as "Governator".

Sodor said...

No one who supported Hillary because of the issues she believed in could with any concious vote for a McCain/Palin ticket that represents everything Hillary is against.

Anyone who supported Hillary solely because she was a woman and therefore can't possibly vote for a black man who agrees with Hillary's positions 95% is about as shallow as they come and they deserve what wrath they will bring down with President McCain.
Unfortunately it will be the rest of us who will suffer.

McCain has sold his soul to the right wing and caved in on all major issues including adding Palin. Palin has tried to ban books from libraries, feels she is on mission from God.

Well Sarah, I talked with God all the time and she knows nothing of this mission.

Paul said...

Yes, it is a grand pick, and I think a small number of us in the blogosphere and constant lobbying that helped in the pick.

It is truly the story and chapter that dimwit reports and media fail to see and report.

It is b/c of people like you.. and I :) and Adam, and and Mr Mahloney (sp?) and a few others that worked hard for this.

We should be proud!

In any case, I would appreciate if you can help (again maybe..) promote this petition:


Marianne said...

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