Saturday, September 6, 2008


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The Washington Beltway crowd's two worst nightmares, John McCain & Sarah Palin

"PUMA," a major force in American politics, has launched a fierce counter-attack against Obama's slimeball tactics used against Gov. Sarah Heath Palin and her family. Scroll down for "PUMA" Daniella's important statement about Obama's sexism.

If you're a PUMA or not, please click on the link following to see the new commercial entitled "Alaska Maverick": You can find it either at or

How can you help an American hero, John McCain, and an American heroine, Sarah Palin?

You can do so acting on the following: *FIND A MEETING NEAR YOU. Contact a McCain state office and ask them for a nearby event (location and time). Here's the section of the McCain website where you'll find the numbers: If you can't find what you need at that site, please call information to get the number for the nearest John McCain office.

Bulletin: Sarah Palin will be appearing in Lancaster, PA, and Philadelphia soon! More information to come later!

You can also find important information about volunteering at Kathy Morrison's sites, including: and Also, there is good information available at Please sign up as a member of NoBamaMission and at

PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ALONG TO EVERYONE ON YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY LISTS! Tens of thousands of people are volunteering after the speeches by Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain. It may take some time for McCain-Palin people to get back to you, but they will.

Daniella is one of several hundred national and state PUMA ("Party Unity My . . . Butt") leaders who are condemning Obama's tactics as sexist and immoral. Here's what she said:

"I can't understand folks who make leaders the driving force in their lives, either. PUMAs were supporting Hillary so vociferously because she, like 18 million votes, were cast aside like old lunch meat so the DNC leaders could "un-Constitutionally/un-democratically" SELECT OBAMA. PUMAs are doing what we can within this Constitutional Republic to PUNISH the LAWBREAKERS the only we available to us. That was by keeping them OUT of the White House. Governor Palin, because she is a GREAT, capable, qualified, brilliant, strong LEADER (I could go on and on), gave us another reason to vote for McCain. And that is because SHE DESERVES to be VP and then hopefully the President of the United States one day. Why? Because she is the epitome of the American Dream... of what Women CAN BE in America and because SHE PUTS COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION BEFORE PARTY. THAT is all we've asked from the Democratic Party who threw off their "covers" and revealed themselves as marxist, racist, sexist, anti-Constitution, anti-American pieces of caca."


Diamond Tiger said...

Stephen -

Please put links to PUMA sites in your posts. We PUMAs may not have the inside scoop on everything - but we do have information about Gumby that isn't being reported in the MSM and Americans need to read it, hear it and KNOW it.

Mahalo, (thank you)

silvercat said...

I was a Hillary supporter because SHE is a brilliant, courageous, experienced, pro-choice, pro-environment DEMOCRAT with economic and health care policies that I thought would really change this country around. She has the respect and experience around the world to bring honor back to our country and has the strength and smarts to take care of the debacle that is the Iraq war.

It’s been a hard struggle to overcome my utter disappointment that Hillary will not be my choice for president this term. As a woman I am so proud of the struggles she’s conquered, her amazing leadership, and the positive effects she has brought to this election and this country.

As disappointed and angry as I feel though, I am not going to SHOOT MYSELF IN THE FOOT to find relief. Sarah Palin is NO Hillary Clinton. In fact, she could easily be called the Anti-Hillary. She is an anti-choice, pro-gun, pro-war, anti-environmentalist, with very little experience, who is under investigation for abuse of power and is willing to put her 17 yr old daughter in the most horrendous spotlight for her own personal gain! (Go ahead and blame the press but she knew what she was doing or do you believe that she was that naïve and is that what makes a good VP?)

Please do not lose sight of why we supported Hillary. We believed that her ideas and values not only had meaning but that they would pull this country out of the endless failures of the Republican party. We supported Hillary because she is a great woman capable of doing great things for America not because we wanted to get ANY woman into the White House. I understand your anger at the Democratic Party but voting for a Republican for that reason alone is not the right response. Our candidate may not have been allowed to run in this race but supporting the guys that stand against everything we supported her for is simply cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Don’t let your anger at Obama blind you to the fact that John McCain and Sarah Palin are part of the same machine that brought you the last eight years. It is John McCain that infuriates me for thinking that I’m going to vote for him just because his running mate has the same plumbing as me. Does he think women are that stupid? He picked Sarah Palin to stir up the Culture Wars again and to deflect attention from his non-message of the same old thing. John McCain’s first presidential decision was picking Sarah Palin. It was not only divisive – absolutely NOT what this country needs right now - but it was also completely reckless. If something happens to him, and the chances are rather high, the Anti-Hillary is not who we want running the country.

Think about what is best for this country! It is the values and ideas of Hillary Clinton that we need to bring back to this country (if you need a refresher go to not the party that goes to great lengths to denounce and degrade big chunks of the American public – you know, the ones that don’t live in small towns and have real liberal values like equality for all humans, support of the needy, protection for our planet, health and education reform, real tax relief for the poor and middle class, and peace. PLEASE, THINK ABOUT WHAT IS BEST FOR AMERICA.

Clintons4mccain said...


Radio host Caplis tells the 20,000 person crowd-"It just seems funny to hear Barack Obama say that he's for equal opportunity for women," Caplis said. "Tell that to Hillary Clinton."

Hatred is the most powerful emotion in politics. At present, American liberals are not fighting for an Obama presidency. I suspect that most have only the haziest idea of what it would mean for their country. The slogans that move their hearts and stir their souls are directed against their enemies: Bush, the neo-cons, the religious right.

In this, American liberals are no different from the politically committed the world over. David Cameron knew that he would never be Prime Minister until he had killed the urgent hatred of the Conservative party in liberal England. A measure of his success is that hardly anyone now is caught up by the once ubiquitous feeling that no compromise is too great if it stops the Tories regaining power. Hate can sell better than hope.

When a hate campaign goes wrong, however, disaster follows. And everything that could go wrong with the campaign against Palin did. American liberals forgot that the public did not know her. By the time she spoke at the Republican convention, journalists had so lowered expectations that a run-of-the-mill speech would have been enough to win the evening.

As it was, her family appeared on stage without a goitre or a club foot between them, and Palin made a fighting speech that appealed over the heads of reporters to the public we claim to represent.

'I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion,' she said as she deftly detached journalists from their readers and viewers. 'I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this country.'

Any women who can turn their back on another deserves the karma they create.