Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bill Clinton, Obama: Dark Hearts

Gov. Sarah Palin in red outline addresses huge crowd at Colorado Springs Airport.

Sarah Palin, Hillary, and Biden
On the meeting between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama: Are we really to believe that the substance of the two men's discussion was Bill's advice that Barack use the same Mud Machine on Sarah Palin previously employed successfully against Hillary Clinton. That would be too cynical even for Beltway politics -- wouldn't it? Joseph Conrad wrote a novel about people's descent into evil -- "The Heart of Darkness" -- and both men should read it.

If you want to click above on "Sarah Palin, Hillary, and Biden" you can read more about the real possibility that Hillary Clinton will replace Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. To use a mixed metaphor, check the tea leaves carefully (Biden's recent statements) -- and then see if something doesn't smell very fishy.

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