Monday, September 8, 2008

McCain, Palin Qualified, Obama UNQUALIFIED

Sarah Palin is the political "hurricane" from Alaska, and American politics will never be the same. She's the kind of national leader that comes along about once in a century -- and the Democrats believe they're finished if they and their media minions don't destroy her. They will not -- and cannot -- succeed. In the words of national columnist Jack Kelly, "Journalists last week cast aside the mask of objectivity to reveal they are so deeply in the tank for Mr. Obama [that] most have grown gills." ( Most MSM types hate Sarah Palin. Most Americans love her -- for obvious reasons.

John McCain, Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, and America's favorite "special needs" child, Trig Paxson Palin. Unlike the American flags at the Obama Invesco Field nomination, the ones you see were NOT thrown in the trash.

If you scroll down to the post two Fridays ago, you'll see that this blog BROKE the story that John McCain would name Sarah Palin as his running mate. Frankly, I beat the MSM by 8 hours, since my story appeared at 2:30 a.m. I've explained how I knew it would happen and why I took the "risk" ("I hope I'm right," I said) of going with it. On that Fateful Friday, I had more blog visitors in ONE DAY than I'd had -- combined -- in the previous year.

I sincerely believe that on this blog and my others (stevemaloneygop and hillarysupportersformccain) you're going to find the very best insight and analysis about the McCain-Palin team and their opponents. I've been advocating for 18 months that Sarah Palin get a place on the ticket.

As this week unfolds, I'll be posting about many topics, including: (1) Why the MSM HATES Sarah Palin -- mainly because she's a normal American with tremendous capacity to upset Obama's apple cart; (2) Why voter intimidation by Obama thugs in the Black community is a national disgrace; and, (3) Why the McCain-Palin team has a chance to produce some dramatic -- and highly positive -- changes in American popular culture (briefly, Sarah is the kind of decent, caring person who can help turn around the "sliming of American society." )

Is Sarah Palin qualified for the nation's highest offices? To determine the answer, please read the following opinion piece from the Miami Herald:

The following Herald piece is titled, "Candidate Obama is not qualified"
Now that Barack Obama has selected Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate and John McCain has tapped Sarah Palin as his, we know five definitive things about all four distinguished candidates:Three are qualified to be vice president; two as president;and one for neither position.
One: Obama picked Biden because of what he is not: white and experienced.
Two: McCain picked Palin because of who is he not: a woman.
Three: Biden is more qualified to be president than either Obama or McCain.
Four: Palin is more qualified to be vice president or president than Obama.
Five: Biden has been a senator for 35 years, chairman of the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations committees. McCain spent four years as a U.S. House member and the past 22 years as a senator, also chairing the Senate Commerce Committee.
Palin was a city council member and chairwoman for four years, mayor for six years, ethics commissioner for four years and governor for two years. Combined she has 16 years of experience.
Obama has been a state senator in Illinois for seven years and a U.S. senator for the past 3 ½ years, two of which have been spent running for president.
If anyone doesn't belong in the Oval Office, it is Barack Obama.
DON GREGORIOS, Fort Lauderdale

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