Wednesday, September 24, 2008

America's Economy? Basically, It's Fine

thanks to Mike Devine ("Gamecock" on Red State for acquainting me with the material below.) Recently, John McCain said America's economic "fundamentals are good." Of course, Barack Obama and his horde of know-nothings immediately rushed out with a commercial indicating that McCain must be clueless because he was not presenting the kind of hysterical message we were hearing on CNN and MSNBC.

As the article by Max Boot (an excerpt below) shows, what McCain said was factually (key word) correct. Of course, in the world of BHO and David Axelrod, little matters like truth count for nothing -- and demagoguery counts for everything.

Here's the link to Boot's profoundly important essay that appeared in the LA Times.,0,96527.storyThe following is an excerpt from the article:

"What the pessimists ignore is that the fundamentals of the U.S. economy remain strong. Indeed, the World Economic Forum has ranked the United States as the world's most competitive economy for the last two years. (The new survey comes out next month.) Its statistics show that per-capita gross domestic product in the U.S. consistently has grown faster than in other developed economies since 1980.

Looking deeper at the causes of American competitiveness shows that we score especially strongly not only in domestic market size (No. 1 in the world) but also in such areas as time required to start a business (No. 3), venture capital availability (No. 1), the cost of firing an employee (No. 1), ownership of personal computers (No. 2), university/industry research collaboration (No. 1) and quality of scientific research institutions (No. 2).

"The availability of venture capital might be affected temporarily by the market turmoil, and we should worry if Democrats gain control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue in November because they might exacerbate what the survey found to be the two most "problematic" issues for doing business in the U.S. -- high tax rates and cumbersome tax regulations. [Note: Of course Obama wants to raise taxes and increase regulation.]

"But whatever happens in the next few months, most of the other advantages that have been powering the U.S. economy forward for decades will remain unchanged.

"So too will another vital statistic: population growth. According to federal statistics, the fertility rate in the U.S., where each woman has on average 2.1 children, is now the highest among major industrialized economies. We are above replacement level while Europe, Japan and other industrialized economies have long been beneath it.

That means that, even as our major competitors have to cope with graying populations, declining productivity and increasing pension costs, our population will remain relatively youthful and vibrant, notwithstanding the retirement of the baby boomers. This advantage is enhanced by our ability to attract and integrate hardworking immigrants from around the world."

Barack Obama, meet Max Boot.

Max Boot is a contributing editor to Opinion and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Hartey said...

(please excuse the spaces between end of sentences & periods, exclamations, etc. Havin a problem using my blackberry to post) WOW!! I'm speechless. I noticed you never went back & corrected all your 100% false posts. Like obama dropping Biden as VP !! Yeah
, that really happened ! Let me guess , your blog post made them backtrack
& choose to keep biden ?!! Unreal !!! & your post about just how right
Mccain was about our economy !! I wonder why you never addressed that again in any newer posts , now that you've been
proven to be more wrong than you've probably ever been in your entire life !! You people are being ridiculous
. That is, Hilary feminists who will vote for ANYONE as long as its not the MAN who beat your female candidate
. Yet, you'll push for someone who is a complete anathema to everything Hilary believes in (I bet you'd have loved mccain once he started tearing down roe v wade !! & now its all about Sarah Palin , who couldn't be more opposite than Hilary if she tried ! This shows your radical feminist agenda for what it is . I love how you same people have bashed Bush for years , only to openly campaign for his republican fill-in!! I could go on & on. Oh yeah , & although the people visiting this site may be legit "Hilary for mccain" people , its pretty clear you've all been HAD by a republican lackey
. This guy , on a Hilary site , is pushing nothing but republican ideas & Sarah palin . On both sides of this blog, posts & comments
, I am ashamed to be a democrat , especially one who always supported feminist causes . & I have to say one last thing : I LOVE when I hear you guys say the election was stolen from Hilary !! Its unbelievable to me that you can really believe that , when Hilary HERSELF said before the Florida & Michigan votes that
THEY DIDN'T COUNT ANYWAYS !! She spoke the truth cause she didn't realize she'd NEED those uncontested states in order to claim a victory. But once she realized she needed those votes, you all cried foul!! I would say again it makes me ashamed to be a democrat in the same party w people like that, but screw that, you should be ashamed of YOURSELVES. Not because you don't support the president, or because of your outright lies, etc etc... But because you have all sold out your beliefs to relieve your bitterness. Every dem in the field knew those states weren't gonna count, which is why none of them campaigned there!! HELLO, ANYBODY HOME?!! How is it different for you to vote for Sarah palin cause she's a woman, & for David duke to vote for a candidate because he's white?!! You are basing your vote & anger solely on gender!! if that's how you operate, don't let the democratic party door hit ya in the ass on your way out. I & most others don't want people like that claiming to speak for us or with us. You should all be ashamed of your reverse prejudice.